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We’ve been informed, much to our chagrin, that our very good friend LC Rurik is in a VA hospital in need of our prayers. Nothing life-threatening, from what we understand, but serious nonetheless.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Project your healing powers through the hands and minds of the health care professionals taking care of our friend in this his hour of need. Grant our friend strength to pull through to a speedy and full recovery.

In the name of your Son, Jesus Christ,



  1. 1
    AyUaxe says:

    May His healing hands be quick and thorough and bring comfort and health to Rurik. Amen

  2. 2
    MaxMomFl says:

    Prayers for gladness and health going forth.

  3. 3
    LC Fmwoods01 says:

    LC RURIK, hurry and finish up with those VA Nurses, we need you back here in the trenches. Get well soon my friend, give us a shout and let us know how cute those nurses are. Insist on a daily sponge bath and remember, sometimes a slap is worth it.

    Your friend

  4. 4
    LC TerribleTroy, Imperial Centurion says:

    Where is He? DOES he have close support available? I am very fond of Rurik, please advise if there is anything he needs.

    GET WELL SIR! :em04:

  5. 5
    Ogrrre says:

    I don’t have much (if any) influence with the Big Guy, but Rurik I’ll put in a good word and a request for you for what ever good it’ll do.

  6. 6
    LC Gunsniper says:

    You have my thoughts and prayers, LC Rurik.

  7. 7
    LC Subotai Bahadur says:

    I don’t think Rurik is chasing VA nurses. The VA is one of the models for Obama/MengeleCare, and I don’t think that they would have cute nurses because that might revive your will to live. In any case Rurik, get well and rejoin us here on the battlelines, and over at that other place where we are taking on Dan Rather who has just called for the Federal government to take over the media in order to save a “free press” from the evil bloggers.

    [I figure that last will raise his blood pressure enough to get him to come out of the hospital! :em93: ]

    LC Subotai Bahadur

  8. 8

    Rurik my friend, prayers are being sent. Get well man, we need you here.

  9. 9
    LC Anniee451 says:

    Oh my gosh, Rurik! That’s horrible – I join you in praying for a full and speedy recovery.

  10. 10
    LC Anniee451 says:

    Have I missed any updates on caveman’s wife? I hate to ask, but I think about her every day.

  11. 11
  12. 12
    UK Soldier says:

    My prayers are with you, brother.


  13. 13
    Darth Bacon says:

    Rurik, old buddy.

    I’m not worried for you- you’re so tough, your own guts couldn’t kill you if they wanted to.


  14. 14
    LC Aggie Sith, a goddess, only different.... says:

    Rurik, my friend, I pray for a speedy recovery, and if there is anything you need, just send a note, dear.

    *Hugs and Kisses*

  15. 15
    L.C. Mope, Imperial Offsetter says:

    I hope you feel better soon. Anyone have his number? All I got is an address. IM it to me.

    I’m doing some churchin’ for you Rurik.

  16. 16

    Rurik, Deine gesundt unsere erste wunche ist,, bis balde besser,,,er, bis besser bald,, (ohcrap, lose the bald jokes,,)

    Whadevah, Buddy, have mercy on them sweet cheeks that come within’ range, some of us know your strategies include ambushes!

    ‘Wanna borry my fake arm? ‘Sure you’d know how to use it! :em93: :em93: :em69:

  17. 17

    Heavenly Father, Creator and Healer, help Rurik in recovering from this illness. It is in Your power to clear his body of all ailments. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  18. 18
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    Rurik…you have been a wonderful friend and correspondent. Get well, those VA hospitals can drive you crazy. My prayers for you, my friend, God love you.

  19. 19
    LC Fmwoods01 says:

    In regards to L.C. Mope, Imperial Offsetter’s comment @ :
    MOPE I’ve got his cell number, you got mine.


  20. 20
    Radical Redneck says:

    Nuclear powered prayers my friend. HE is watching over you.

    Get better buddy! :em69:

  21. 21

    Rurik, get yourself well ya hear? Keep those nurses on their toes. Cuss em out in Russian just to keep em confused. :em01:

    Prayers going up for ya dear. :em69:

    Thanks for giving me a heads up Woods. Nice to talk to ya again hun!:em93:

  22. 22
    1stCavRVN11B says:

    In regards to LC Mrs. M-ITT™-Imperial Sniper’s comment @ :

    This is my first post here, but I’ve lurked off and on for quite some time. Great site and my kind of patriots.

    Anyway, Rurik is a good friend of many years. I talked with him this evening on his room phone and told him of all the post and comments of wishing him well. He asked me to convey to you all his deepest appreciation. The Docs have confirmed that he had a minor stroke. There seems to be a blockage of some sort in the temporal lobe. Prognosis is for a substanial recovery. He initially was to be hospitalized for 2-3 days, but as of today they are saying it may be a bit longer. The goal post keep moving. Seems they’re trying to stablize his blood pressure. Of course if you know Rurik then you know the hospital is one of the last places he would like to be. He had a standoff with the staff over being told he must be pushed around in a wheelchair for test. After the “skirmish” he finally conceded. LOL you’ll have to rag him about that later. It also seems some of the VA nursing staff knew his MD Specialist father who practiced there years back. That is good, but after finding that out the nurse proceeded to stab him in the stomach with a big needle of heperin (sp?). He didn’t like that too much either. Rurick is in good spirits and looks forward to returning soon.

    With friends like everyone here pulling in favors, I’m sure he’s going to be much better. Thanks to you all.



  23. 23
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    Rurik…I’ve been thinking about you and praying for you over the entire day. Being at a hospital makes you think of such things, all my friends here with sick loved ones, my present travails over the last two months and counting. Here you are, looking after your mother, and now this. You are one hell of a man, my friend. And I do miss your e-mails………

  24. 24
    L.C. Mope, Imperial Offsetter says:


    Thank you for the update. I, like everyone else, very much appreciate it. What a relief.

    LC HJ Caveman82952-

    Don’t think I’ve slacked off with my prayers for Mary. I hope she comes home soon.

    Terrible Troy-

    Give me a call or an e-mail.

  25. 25
    Elephant Man says:

    The VA is one of the models for Obama/MengeleCare, and I don’t think that they would have cute nurses because that might revive your will to live.


    Rurik! Get well and at least picture something like this in your mind to speed your recovery!

  26. 26
    Imperial Librarian Azygos says:

    Prayers for you Rurik.

    1st cav, thanks for the update. And welcome.

  27. 27
    LCrightismightNY says:

    My prayers and good wishes for your speedy recovery!

  28. 28
    harleycowboy says:

    Amen and amen.

  29. 29
    Radical Redneck says:

    Rurik! Get well and at least picture something like this in your mind to speed your recovery!

    As opposed to this?

    Hope you are feeling better! I continue to pray to the Big Guy :em69:

  30. 30
    LC hilljohnny says:

    strokes, i know what your going through. be patient Rurik, it takes time for the brain to rewire around the damaged parts and it is an up and down process. some days will be better than others but there will be bad days too. pay attention to what your body is telling you.
    god bless and keep you safe.

  31. 31

    Prayers have been going out since I heard about this. They will keep going until my inbox is full of your e-mails again. Take care brother, we need you.

    1st Cav, thanks for the update, please keep ’em coming, and if you could e-mail me please (addy is on the side bar.)

  32. 32
    Draven32 says:

    Based on years of experience…

    I’ll pray for him BECAUSE he is in the VA hospital.

  33. 33
    Ten-Ten says:


    Godspeed my friend. Prayers have been sent.

  34. 34
    Prophet says:


    You’re so tough, the Boogeyman checks under his bed for YOU at night.

    Prayers sent, mon ami!

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