Ronaldus Maximus on Socialized Medicine

Found this video on Moonbattery,  Folks you gotta pass this around, this is a timeless message.



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    I just listened. Wow. I KNEW there was a reason I liked Reagan! :em93:

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    Sweet Merciful God! THAT man was a prophet. But look at the number of people who haven’t listened. I just woke up with this Obamacare on my mind, and I open my computer to find this. It’s a sign. This must be the line in the sand. If this fails, we need to beat those fuckers into the ground next year. If this passes, this must be the trigger for the revolution. ENOUGH!

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    In regards to LC Xealot’s comment @ :

    Its all in understanding the libspeak vocabulary. In this lexicon, a “VERY successful program” is one that creates a large federal burocracy, sucks up large amounts of tax dollars, taken from people who actually earn the money, and spending it in horribly ineffecient ways, ostensibly for those who don’t earn it. This must all be firmly rooted in the belief that “Fairness” requires you give it to the government to spend on “charity” rather than make such choices yourself, peon. Once you examine it through that cracked lens darkly, that otherwise insanely innane DJ “Assertion O’ Truthiness” makes perfect sense.

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    bloodyspartan says:


    Once again you are wrong. As my mom now has a supplemental called epic in NY plus the D protion I am now in the Catastophic portion of the coverage.

    Cost us 550 last month.

    Next month I have no idea what I will do. I could cost us 2000 or more.

    You going to pay the catastrophic portion or should I turn off the heat lights AC and TV on my MOM

    Before they fucked it up and gave us the D for Done for coverage. Epic paid all of it except 20.00 a month.

    Now every year we get nailed to the tune of several grand Yea great plan

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    Elephant Man says:

    While watching that clip I kept picturing in my mind’s eye, DJ’s head spinning around and spewing vomit like Linda Blair in The Exorcist.

    The power of Reagan compels you!

    The power of Reagan compels you!


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