Henry Gates Rant In 1996 On “Racist White Institutions”


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    Obama, Gates, Wright…..

    Moe, Larry and Curly of the Racist Race Baiters?

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    Elephant Man says:

    Obama, Gates, Wright…..

    Moe, Larry and Curly of the Racist Race Baiters?

    Who’s going to be Shemp?

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    LC hilljohnny says:

    Elephant Man sez:

    Who’s going to be Shemp?

    check to see if Kerry is busy.

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    MaxMomFl says:

    Taken from my argument presented to an English woman who claims that the “real” definition of racism is “an invention of white people to keep blacks down after the civil war”.

    “That entire statement (or racism conspiracy theory) is indefensible. There is no racism rule book or strategy in place. The laws, attitudes, ideas, words, and actions committed by racists of all ethnicities were done as the result of the foolish hatred in the heart of individuals. I think you are subscribing to a historical revisionist definition of racism that incorporates a view of “corporate racism” as the one true definition when, in fact, it’s a very dubious and suspect definition.

    The idea of “institutionalized racism” which seems to be what you are espousing, is itself a recent (1960s) term that is a strategy of historical manipulation in order to achieve certain goals (quotas,etc) in a post-civil rights era coined by the Black Panthers. It is a charming idea, in a way, to take the blame for racism away from individuals and place it on entities. However, it is a ludicrous concept, as intuitions can only be “racist” if it is specifically written in their documents.”

    She went on to espouse that “inter-racial” destroys societies. My reply:

    “Interracial DOES NOT destroy societies. You have it completely backwards. The balkinization, segregation, and (consequently) deterioration of nations comes from those unwilling to join together as a cohesive society. Why do you think there are ethic wars all over the place? Because racist people can’t stand each other and fight. Interracial is the OPPOSITE of this hateful destruction. Interracial is (ultimately) SOCIETAL STRENGTH.”

    She then emailed me an invitation to watch her channel and learn the “real meaning of racism”.


    Her basic thesis; “Blacks Cannot Be Racist”. Yes, I know, we’ve all heard it before.

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    LC Mrs. M-ITT™-Imperial Sniper sez:

    Obama, Gates, Wright…..
    Moe, Larry and Curly of the Racist Race Baiters?

    heyyyyyy…….let’s not lower the Stooges to the level of president hussein and his racist gangstas………

    …….i’m mortified……

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    Pengor says:

    The Gates thing shows that we have started to pick up speed on that downward slope to becoming a third world country. Don’t piss of the friends of national leaders like the cop did or you are in big trouble. Free speech, not hardly, don’t you dare disturb the peace of your own home. At least in a third world country you would hand the cop a couple of dollars and he would go away.

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    Tallulah says:

    Anyone who’s Irish should be ashamed of this whiner, Gates.*

    As a female, I can certainly understand the imperviousness of real bigotry: been on the short end of that stick. Nothing is more infuriating and frustrating. I’m also a feminist — in the sense of wanting an equal opportunity to compete in the fields I’m interested in. I could see the sense of affirmative action to get the ball rolling.

    But rigged results are just insulting. And the women who are in the fire departments only because they lowered the physical standards, should resign. They’re endangering lives. The same goes for anyone who gets to flunk a job test and is hired anyway to fill a quota. Not cool.

    It also perpetuates the idea that we’re inferior. That we can’t qualify on the merits. No one with any proper pride should be happy with that state of affairs.

    *Who is half Irish, genetically

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    harleycowboy says:

    If racism is the hatred of a race, is socialism a hatred of a society in his case, or is he just a plain ol’ racist?

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