Video: Anti-American Democrats refuse to stand for Pledge of Allegiance!

This from Hot Air

Via the Weasel Zippers and Say Anything, behold the latest in blogospheric outrage: Democrats refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance! In this case, though, the context actually improves the story. This takes place in Albany, where the New York state Senate remains locked in a power struggle in an evenly divided chamber. Rather than an insult to American patriotism, the Democrats here engaged in an insult to the intelligence of New Yorkers:

Oh I know this is not a shock because after all Democrats (excessive piles of human excrement) Along with their supreme ruling idiot Negro leader Hussein is against almost everything America stands for like:

Freedom from excessive taxes
Right to defend ones life (gun rights )
Right to pursue life (abortion)
Prosper in a free market (cap profits of oil companies among others)
Freedom from excessive government (national socialist healthcare)
Right to defend borders

So they are like “screw the flag or some bullshit pledge of allegiance.”

More proof that these Democrat assholes just don’t give a fuck anymore.
They run the country and clearly believe that they are above us average folk and they are
like “what the fuck are y’all gonna do?”

We take our cues from the messiah and he doesn’t salute the flag either.


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    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    Oh Damn, that’s not good…..I hope your brother is ok, Dave. My prayers go with him…..

  2. 52
    Sir Fresh Sign says:

    Caveman it was a pleasure to meet you the other day.

  3. 53
    LC TerribleTroy, Imperial Centurion says:


    I can certainly understand the setiment behind the Island theory, and if it was a semi-realistic scenario I would even consider it….BUT…..I share the same last name as one of our prominent founding fathers….. and in consideration of that, I say I was borned in America and I’ll die in America.


    That sucks for your Bro and is a pain in the arse for you, hope all works out well your family.

    That there are some “progressives” that dont think Bama is left enough is a scary thing…Seems he pretty much crossed the line with the support of the ousted Honduran. I cant figure that shit out for the life of me…….

  4. 54


    my prayers are with your brother, I wish him full success with his heart surgery.

    but, I don’t get it… 85 year old Mom spent 2 weeks in intensive care with congestive heart problems in March. Every procedure done to her was covered and we paid nothing out of pocket, she continues to receive home medical care, including doctors visits…and yes we pay a 1800 dollar a year fee for that…. and she receives physical therapy every week (completely covered).
    My family is not wealthy by any means, we are doing alright but we don’t have the money to pay out of pocket for this kind of attention….but the plan that she has, which is also Blue Shield covers everything but the annual fee for home visits and care by her doctor. Would a nationalized health plan do that for a little 85 year old lady? my guess would be a big NO.

    My family and I will keep our existing plan thank you kindly.

    My best to your brother sir

  5. 55


    Perhaps your brother didn’t do his homework when he bought his insurance, like reading the fine print, and asking questions. He may also have opted for less of a deductible (which doesn’t always give you the same coverage).

    There’s also catastrophic insurance (insurance specially designed for such things as your brother is going through), which is CONSIDERABLY cheaper than regular insurance, but doesn’t provide for the everyday.

    When I had my kidney stone surgery (which was major surgery and a week in the hospital), Tricare and a supplement covered all but $1500.00 of a $50,000.00 bill.

    Regardless, hopefully he will get first-class service, as he would here in the states.

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    Ladylaw7777 says:

    I agree Troy, that you shouldn’t leave. But in the novel to which I alluded, Atlas Shrugged, the industrialists who disappeared only did so until the rest of the citizens realized they could not survive without them. Whereupon, they were given back the reins of power and allowed to continue making sure the engine of success got back to running properly. So the island idea isn’t that far fetched. It’s a darn shame, but we may be faced with the very real possibility. Those Germans who watched in horror as Hitler took over their country had a choice of staying there or leaving. It may come to that scenario.

  7. 57

    Take for example the recent presidential election according to Political Compass:

    And this is precisely why few here trust any of your links, Deej.

    Any graph that puts Obambi and Captain Gaffetastic on the right, and casts Cynthia “Don’t You Know Who I Am?” McKinney as a libertarian, ain’t worth shit in my book.

  8. 58
    Ten-Ten says:


    This taken from the Political Compass website:

    This chart was constructed on the basis of the speeches, public statements and , crucially, the voting records of each of the candidates.

    The Big Zero has been shown to have the single most Liberal voting record in Congress. There is a major disconnect here. They even say that the voting record is crucial. But he stays to the right?

    These also taken from their site:

    Obama’s background was as a mere community organiser. Well yes, but so was Jesus, while Pontius Pilate was a governor.

    No bias there, nosiree!

    And, the smoking gun, bloody knife and white Bronco:

    Perhaps the most breath-taking u-turn in the primaries belongs to Mike Gravel, a left-leaning Democrat and undoubted civil libertarian who has now put his lot in with the Libertarian Party. On the social scale this doesn’t represent much of a leap, but economically the mercurial Mr.Gravel, a long-standing champion of universal health care and a redistributive economy, has vaulted from social democracy to a radical neo-liberal platform well to the right of most Republicans.

    What kind of tortured logic would put self avowed leftist, Gravel, to the right of Alan Keyes, Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson?

    Figures don’t lie. Liars figure.

  9. 59

    It is coming time folks. Not much of a window left. I pray we need not, I pray we succeed should we.

  10. 60

    Ten-Ten references:

    Obama’s background was as a mere community organiser. Well yes, but so was Jesus, while Pontius Pilate was a governor.

    God I get tired of that comparison, Jesus was NOT a community organizer….preferring to remain as discreet as possible when he evangelized in said communities. That’s why so many of his sermons were given outside of towns, he did not want to call attention to himself and he did not want to organize anyone…..he wanted to save their souls.

    friggin’ leftist bastards…..what the hell do THEY know about the Savior of a religion that they hate and deny??? for even daring to compare that son of a bitch in the white house to Jesus you all deserve to burn for eternity.

  11. 61
    Eyas says:

    Why not cut to the chase and let’s have socialized food.

    I have a right to food, don’t I?

  12. 62
    lc purple raider says:

    It is the authoritarian who believes in no god.

    You know DJ, at times you almost seem like a human being, and then you spout nonsense like your chart and this claptrap, and any credibility you might have gets washed away like the tides.

    Shakes his head sadly…..

    Hope your brother makes it OK.

  13. 63
    Elephant Man says:

    Eyas sez:

    Why not cut to the chase and let’s have socialized food.

    I have a right to food, don’t I?

    Yes you do and these new food stamps will be issued to you shortly….

    Obama Bucks

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