Crap and Tax Passes House Vote, Narrowly

The Waxman-Malarkey Bill, as we’re sure you know, passed yesterday 219-212.

A 1,300 page abomination which will add taxes, hike energy prices (and, consequently, prices on everything made by energy-requiring processes which is a long-winded way of saying “EVERYTHING”) and chase American jobs overseas. The jobs that aren’t just simply shut down and lost, that is.

In the middle of a deep recession with the unemployment percentage approaching double digits, no less.

Gee thanks, fiddy-tooers.

We want to extend our earnest thanks to the 44 Democrats who crossed party lines and voted for sanity. Sadly, it wasn’t enough. Unfortunately, the reason that it wasn’t enough and that you have now earned the ire of your party with nothing to show for it is the defection of 8 RINO turncoats:

Mary Bono Mack (CA)
Mike Castle (DE)
Steven Kirk (IL)
John McHugh (NY)
Leonard Lance (NJ)
Frank LoBiondo (NJ)
Dave Reichert (WA) and
Chris Smith (NJ)

These despicable Benedict Arnolds didn’t even have to vote according to party principles, all they’d have had to do was abstain for the Malarkey Bill to be dead on arrival.

Instead they betrayed not only their own constituents but ALL of us by voting in favor of pushing us one step further towards Euro-style socialist misery.

Come 2010, those worthless socialist pricks need to be out of a job. Preferably by having their arses kicked in the primaries, but if that’s not possible, just vote for their Democrat opponent. It’s not like they’re doing America any good in the seats they occupy anyway.

It’s time to teach those fucks a lesson in actions and consequences.


  1. 51
    Eyas says:

    LuckyLeo sez:

    With all due respect, have you read the U.S. Constitution?

    Oh, once or twice.

    Anyway, I understand your response. I probably shouldn’t have given the short version.

    Here’s the long version I posted on another site, it was in response to people talking about revolution or whatever other steps to take in response to the Cap & Trade debacle Friday (and increasing socialism & tyranny generally).

    [[My post immediately prior to what follows quoted the Declaration of Independence: “… when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their DUTY, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.”]]

    Unfortunately, none of this is so simple. Not without a plan.

    I don’t mean a plan for effecting a revolution – peaceful or otherwise; I mean a plan for our future government. Even if our current government were “thrown off”, what would replace it, and how could the people ensure that the same usurpations and corruptions do not again undo it. It is not as simple as starting from scratch with only the Constitution as guide. (we already tried that … remember?)

    If term limits are necessary, do we wait for the full amendment process while trying to re-institute a federal government?

    Shall we revisit all Supreme Court decisions since Marbury v Madison? What will we do about the ambiguity within the Constitution itself regarding the proper place of the Supreme Court and inferior courts?

    Further, there are centuries of social, commercial, and technical advances that would be undone — most, no doubt, for the better; but some for the worse. Could certain developments in America that the majority not only accepts, but relies upon, be kept in place while undoing those things which have perverted the U.S. Constitution and the principles of this nation’s founding? Should they be kept in place? This is not so simple a question in the case of certain things which have become indispensible to the American economy and way of life, but which have always been accomplished through the power of the Federal Government — even though such power was never legitimate under the Constitution.

    What about the Interstate Highway system?

    What about, for example, food safety under the USDA? The USDA itself (and the entire Administrative State) is an abomination within the context of the U.S. Constitution. But, will it still be necessary (and expected by the citizenry) to be assured of food safety and purity under a more Constitutionally “pure” government? Do we need to re-read Sinclair’s The Jungle? Cobble together a new Constitutionally prohibited means of solving this definite and unavoidable problem?

    Do we need a Federal Government? Shouldn’t we revisit the Federalist/Anti-Federalist debate after witnessing how horribly the Federal Government has failed, and how ineffectual the Federalists’ promises against abuses have proved to be? Shall we Balkanize?

    Before wondering “what to do”; I advise everyone to think about what they want AFTER they “do” something. Heading into a revolution (peaceful or otherwise), or even into demonstrations without knowing EXACTLY what you would replace the flawed system with, makes about as much sense as voting for “change” without ever bothering to question the KIND of “change”. If you’d like to get rid of the government we have — I only beg you to think about what you want to replace it with BEFORE going and protesting anyone, anything, or anywhere.

    What is needed is a new Constitutional Convention — but not one open to all, and certainly not including ANYONE already holding political (or administrative) office. The best CONSERVATIVE/Libertarian thinkers in the nation must be tasked with the job of re-writing our Constitution. There may even be several versions. But, each version of a new Constitution must contain improved checks and balances, and more definitely articulated protections against usurpations of power. Those who want to “provide new guards” for the security of their unalienable rights would organize and back one or the other of these versions.

    This nation must be re-made. But, re-made in its own ORIGINAL image and with its own ORIGINAL founding principles more firmly defined and protected from abuse and corruption. We therefore need an improved U.S. Constitiution with improved protections for the rights and principles of the original. Our rights and founding principles must be re-affirmed, and stronger, better (and WRITTEN) guards provided for them.

    What we need is a RE-CONSTITUTION .

    If you disagree, I’m certainly willing to talk about that; but, I hope you’ll understand that I am IN NO WAY disparaging the U.S. Constitution, the rights it was designed to protect, or the principles it was intended to enshrine.

    Moreover, I agree with you that the Constitusion as written is perfectly clear and understandable. That doesn’t change the fact that it has been abused, misused, and corrupted. What I think is required is additional language which further clarifies the limits placed on government, and a system by which the People can halt and correct abuses without having to accept small abuse upon small abuse until revolution ultimately becomes necessary again.

    In lieu of a comprehensive re-write, at the very least certain amendments are necessary, especially term limits and a re-working of the power and position of the Supreme Court.

    Either way, I think whatever changes WE (conservatives) demand in our government need to be clear in our own heads, hashed out among ourselves, and placed in writing BEFORE worrying about what we’re going to do to get rid of the kind of abusive government we have now.

  2. 52
    LC Rurik says:

    @ hephaestus:

    My friend, I pray for your recovery too. I want you well and back in bickering mode.

  3. 53
    hephaestus says:

    @ LC Getalis, Imperial Czar of Pharmacology: Thanks Getalis! I’ll take this info to my Oncologist. Most days are okay, but the corticosteroids they give me to prevent nausea on the day after chemo cause a real “speed-like” rush and it feels like your skin is trying to crawl off your body. Restless leg syndrome seems to set in also, so sleeping for a couple days is almost impossible. I had them cut down the steroids but then the nausea became more problematic. It is always something. Hep

  4. 54
    LC Rurik says:

    @ LC Subotai Bahadur:

    If I may enter the “not a nice person” competition … In such circumstances I tend to favor a traditional Eastern European measure. This involves implanting vertically in the ground a stout pole or stake, extending about three to five feet above the surface, sharpened at one end. Hoist the miscreant vile critter up and place him with the sharpened stake in his nether entrance, and allow him to squirm dance his way down the pole. In the case of Babs and Nan, either entrance could be functional.

    Some might object that any such punishment is barred by the Constitutional provision against “cruel and unusual punishment”. Balderdash! Why should that be the only passage of the original Constitution to remain observed. The Constitution is dead 🙁 we have a living constitution.

  5. 55
    LC Subotai Bahadur says:

    #56 LC Rurik

    While I admit the effectiveness of Vlad Tepes’ methodology [and note that I have somewhere heard of a formal Muslim version of that form of execution. It was called, I believe gerboya, or some such. It involved a scaffold platform that had the entire platform capable of a vertical drop. The prisoner was secured straddling a hole in the center. In the center of that was a slightly sharpened pole]; I was thinking of something more Anglo-Saxon in origin since that is the culture that our Constitution and culture came from. Also there is somewhat of a formal procedure to the naval hanging process that lends gravitas.

    However, I think we can achieve a meeting of minds. Nothing in impalement would impede plasticization and display as I described. I am more than willing to accept Eastern European tradition with one priviso.

    Can we grease the pole with pig fat, just in case?

    LC Subotai Bahadur

  6. 56
    LC Rurik says:

    @ LC Subotai Bahadur:

    Impaling is slow, and messy, and I presume excruciating.
    In our day and age, I think your pig fat suggestion is a wonderful innovation. Reactionaries can also accept constructive change.

  7. 57
    LC PrimEviL says:

    “I am weary,more weary than any Dwarf has been; but show me a row of Orc-necks,
    and give me room to swing, and all weariness shall fall from me.”

    Gimli, son of Gloin, at the battle of Helm’s Deep.
    The day is coming when we must all be Sons of Gloin.

  8. 58
    LC Getalis, Imperial Czar of Pharmacology says:

    Eyas sez:

    What I think is required is additional language which further clarifies the limits placed on government, and a system by which the People can halt and correct abuses without having to accept small abuse upon small abuse until revolution ultimately becomes necessary again.

    How about a Bill of No Rights?

    1) You have no right to health care.

    2) You have no right to a job.

    3) You have no right to an education.

    4) You have no right to another man’s property.


  9. 59
    LC Getalis, Imperial Czar of Pharmacology says:

    hephaestus sez:

    Thanks Getalis! I’ll take this info to my Oncologist.

    No problemo. See if the Onc has some ondansetron (brand = Zofran™) samples laying around in his office. That way, you can try it out beforehand and perform an informed Cost-Benefit Analysis if the Rx copay is a bit on the high side.

    I’d like to add to this a resolution declaring all Rx drugs approved by the American FDA as of 201x be grandfathered into legality in Libertaria/Mishaville. Everything (save antibiotics and such) will be legally available OTC, including the “hard” drugs. Laws governing public intoxication will be structured along the lines of alcohol: drive a car while inebriated on *anything*, and you’re toast. Sell or divert the stuff to a minor, you’re toast. Show up for work half-baked, your boss will do as he pleases. After all, it’s *his* business.

    This will, over time, have the following effects:

    1) Reduced Healthcare Costs

    Know what you’re on, why you’re on it and how to take it? Walk into the drugstore, take a bottle off the shelf, walk to the front register and purchase it. Putting these medications back into the physical realm of the consumer will create an incentive to learn more about them, which will result in people taking a more pro-active role in their personal health. Over time, economies of scale will bring down the price of said medications. Additionally, drug companies will be less likely to pull the old “new salt form/enantiomer” trick when a branded product’s patent expires. If a drug company wishes to market some variation of an old product, it will be up to them to demonstrate improved efficacy to whatever extent the public requires in order to justify the higher cost. If the companies fail to do this, the new product will whither on the vine.

    2) More Informed Populace

    I touched on this earlier, but there’s something about having physical access to a product that increases one’s sense of control over it. If my drugs are all filled by mysterious men in white lab jackets, barricaded behind some counter which invokes federal penalties if jumped, I’m not going to feel as much of a kinship with those drugs. After all, they’re out of my reach. The men in white coats will take care of everything; I need only toss the things down my gaping maw according to the directions they put on the bottle. And no harm shall ever come to thee.

    Of course, when one has the personal responsibility of selecting the proper medication off the shelf, in the proper dosage form, strength, etc., one tends to take an active role in performing these tasks to the point of absolute certainty. These things aren’t magical- they’re chemical entities which, when taken in small amounts under specific circumstances- bring about desired changes in the structure and/or function of the human body. They need to be regarded as such; as it stands now, a third of the adult population shits their pants at the mere mention of the word “chemical”.

    3) Strategic Revenue Enhancement

    When denizens of Obamerica learn of this snazzy new nation with “legalized everything”, they will take it into account when determining their vacation plans. Overseas travel will likely be too expensive, but a nice little getaway in south-central North America can be reached (in most cases) by a few days’ driving. And tourist revenue is only the first byte of the apple. Those who remain in Obamerica are going to need the occasional pharmaceutically-mediated break from reality. Of course, there will be the inevitable bulk purchasers looking to set up a black market in Obamerica, but let the socialist swine worry about them.


  10. 60
    Eyas says:

    LC Getalis, Imperial Czar of Pharmacology sez:

    How about a Bill of No Rights?
    1) You have no right to health care.
    2) You have no right to a job.
    3) You have no right to an education.
    4) You have no right to another man’s property.

    Something along those lines. But, that list would be infinitely long. Perhaps just a definition of what is meant by a “right”, just for those who can never seem to fully grasp the concept.

    But, for some government actions, it might even be necessary in some cases to delineate those things that the gov’t definitely is NOT allowed to do (based on things that it has already done) — or holdings/opinions that the SCOTUS is NOT allowed to hand down. You would think that such things wouldn’t be necessary, but experience seems to show otherwise.

    For example,
    1. No Kelo
    2. No Roe v. Wade
    3. No Wickard v. Filburn
    4. No Lawrence v. Texas

    OR, No Marbury v. Madison and be done with it.

  11. 61
    LC hilljohnny says:

    almost on topic, the fourth of July is nearing and the Tea Parties are scheduled. check for a location near you.

  12. 62
    LC Xealot says:

    #1) This bill sucks like Monica in the White House.

    Things are rapidly coming to a head, and I swear this country seems to be on the verge of another civil war. When a nation is divided nearly 50-50 with sharp ideological divisions… it’s just a matter of time.

    #2) Just thought I’d report to my fellow rotties the unfortunate news. My house was robbed this weekend while I was away… which means I missed my chance to shoot and/or stab the fucking protoplasmic slime-infested crap munching shit-eating semen-sucking son-of-a-crackwhore illegitimate fart sucking fudge packing fuck-goblin(s) responsible. I’ll have to console myself with the mental image of bashing their faces in. Instead I have to deal with the police dragging their feet on the case. I doubt the homeowners insurance will bother compensating me on the claim — it is a Citizen’s policy, after all. Maybe a year from now they’ll buy me a slurpee and call it even.

    Oh, and since my neighbors say the goblins were People of Color ™, I’m sure they were just taking their fair share of wealth redistribution, like Obama promised them. I’m white, so my Big Screen TV should be redistributed to those in need. After all, who could live without a 40″ flat screen? Oh the shame!

  13. 63
    Eyas says:

    @ LC hilljohnny:
    Oh, it’s on topic. We’ve been over & over the scam that is AGW; and there’s been discussion of how this Cap & Trade legislation will inevitably CRUSH the U.S. economy. Now that it’s passed the house, the only two things to talk about are stopping it in the Senate, and how we respond to this legislation and the other acts of Obama and the the Dems in Congress.

    Regarding the Tea Parties: when will we get smart and start holding Tea Parties or other protests/demonstrations outside media buildings, instead of Statehouses and parks.

    If the stranglehold on Public Sentiment held by the media can be broken, the politicians who abuse this nation could be exposed for what they are. The emperor would be shown to have no clothes.

    After all, who is it who refuses to provide “media coverage” for all of the Tea Parties to date? Should we have more un-reported (and therefore, largely ineffectual) Tea Parties? Or daily marches outside the places where these Fuckers work?

  14. 64
    LC Subotai Bahadur says:

    #65 Eyas

    This may not flow as well as I intended. I just spent an hour writing one of my proofs that I am not only ‘not nice’ but also a wordy bastard. And Windows just went stupid and crashed, losing it all. I will attempt to reconstitute. This is an extension of your thoughts about the Tea Parties.

    Regarding the Tea Parties: when will we get smart and start holding Tea Parties or other protests/demonstrations outside media buildings, instead of Statehouses and parks.

    If the stranglehold on Public Sentiment held by the media can be broken, the politicians who abuse this nation could be exposed for what they are. The emperor would be shown to have no clothes.

    There are good reasons for the mass rally Tea Parties to be held in Statehouses and parks. First, there is room, second they are public property and so the enemy cannot ban free speech as readily. One of the early Tea Parties was held, if I remember correctly, outside CNN HQ. They managed to overlook it completely in their coverage or lack thereof. It would, however, still be a salutory lesson if they had to run the occasional gauntlet of irate citizens to get to work.

    There are, however, other tactics and venues that would also be effective. Our erstwhile Lords and Masters in Congress have to meet with the serfs occasionally or be derided in the next election [assuming we have such and the Iranian model, or the Honduran model favored by Buraq Hussein, are not adopted] as being woefully out of touch with the “grassroots”. You find Congress-critters all over the district or state they claim to represent at things like Kiwanis meetings, public functions, and most especially at district constituent meetings. These meeting are covered by the press, in case anything stupid happens and/or to puff up the rulers. This is mostly local coverage, and while local papers and broadcast media have wet dreams of joining the national “deciders of truth”; they have pages to fill and local coverage is important to elections [if they happen]. They will print what happens if it is noteworthy.

    Imagine if a dozen or two Tea Party supporters attended each district constituent meeting [or Kiwanis, Lions, etc.] and verbally pinned the Congress-critter to the wall by jumping his/her ass about their specific votes on TARP, Crap & Tax, and the fact that massive bills are being voted on with nobody having read them [“Tell me Congressman, if neither you nor your staff, nor anyone in Congress has read these bills; if indeed the bills are not even totally written when you vote, and you only vote the way that you are told —- WHY THE HELL ARE WE SENDING YOU TO DC AND PAYING YOU A QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR COUNTING SALARY, PERKS, ALLOWANCES, PLUS OPPORTUNITIES FOR PAYOFFS WHEN YOU JUST HIT THE BUTTON SOME ANONYMOUS POLITICAL HACK TELLS YOU TO INSTEAD OF REPRESENTING US?”]. There are only 4 options that would be left to the enemy:

    First, they could argue back. They are not used to having the peasants talk back. There is an excellent chance that something extremely stupid and self-harming will be said by him/her. In front of the media. If there are elections, this will not help them. You will be shaping the future battlefield, elections or no.

    Second, they can try to have the questioners removed for lese majeste. This does not look good to reporters. If they try that, usually they usually will end up calling the police. [If the Congress-critter or his staff try to forcibly remove you themselves, y’all have just hit the political and financial lotto.]. Stand your ground until the cops get there, then the individual in question should leave quietly. And the next person comes to bat. There is the possibility that thugs will be involved. COI [“the criminal conspiracy formerly known as ACORN”], the New Black Panther Party, etc. could be asked to threaten unruly serfs to keep them away, or to physically punish them afterwards. After all, it worked well for the NSDAP’s Sturm Abteilung in the 1920’s. If faced with physical intimidation, do as the tactical situation indicates. Once again, you will be shaping the battlefield, as even if there is a press blackout; word will spread.

    Third, they may try to limit attendance at these meetings. But the only filter that they could hope to get away with is keeping non-constituents out. And even that would not look good to either the press or online. Especially if there are out of district thugs.

    Finally, they can flat run away, and cancel public appearances. Imagine the fun that can be had with that. It has been done before. Tea Party people confronted a New York Congress-critter and he did just that. The battlefield is shaped in that race, if they play it right.

    The reason that there are Tea Parties, is to face up against that which is being forced on us against our will. That, to be anything but “sound and fury, signifying nothing” has to involve confronting those who are trying to force their will upon us. The reaction to that confrontation both determines the next step, and if done properly sets the stage for the next step.

    From the 1750’s to 1776, the actions of the British colonial government provoked reactions from amongst the colonists. Their counters to those reactions were further provocations. It took time for the cycle to build to the point where resistance was possible. And even then, by 1776 only 1/3 were active patriots, 1/3 wanted to just avoid the hassle, and the last 1/3 were comfortable in their chains. Events move faster today than they did then. Our time is shorter. May it be enough.

    LC Subotai Bahadur

  15. 65
    Draven32 says:

    And meanwhile, I still have no representative in the House of Representatives.

  16. 66
    Eyas says:

    LC Subotai Bahadur sez:

    There are good reasons for the mass rally Tea Parties to be held in Statehouses and parks. First, there is room, second they are public property and so the enemy cannot ban free speech as readily. One of the early Tea Parties was held, if I remember correctly, outside CNN HQ. They managed to overlook it completely

    Yeah, I guess I really didn’t think this one through. At times, I get frustrated and blurt out what seems at first blush to be a solution. And, God help me … I’m just not that bright.

    There are certain concepts & themes that I tend to harp on, and one of them is that our real enemies are not the politicians, they are the leftists in control of the media and academia (and, I think I’ll add most of the legal profession). I’m just grasping at straws for a way to break the media’s stranglehold on public sentiment in some way that doesn’t take generations to implement.

    There are, however, other tactics and venues that would also be effective.

    And I like your suggestions, and I (personally) need to get more involved in making them happen.

    Also, sorry I didn’t respond to this right away. As threads come & go, I have a tendency to forget to follow-up on things I’ve posted as the thread moves its way down the home page.

  17. 67
    LC Subotai Bahadur says:

    #68 Eyas

    No problem on the delay. Life happens. On the subject of Tea Parties, remember that July 4, there will be more. Be there, bring as many friends as you can. It is my sense that it is time to step it up a notch. If I can get up on the podium with my Liberty Tree flag, I intend to speak from the words of James Otis [*], one of the founders of the Sons of Liberty along with Sam Adams. He was quoted in the novel Johnny Tremain, and I intend to take up on his theme that there is a reason that they underwent all that they endured. A simple one. “That a Man can stand up!” And I will try to extend the point that we intend that our children and grandchildren be able to stand, unburdened by the taxes and chains being forged in DC. The Chekisti may not like that. [What do you want to bet that the new FIAT-Chrysler and Government Motors will each introduce a new model. A “Black Maria”. And they won’t give a shit about the carbon footprint.]

    [*] Otis is less well known, because he died shortly after the Revolution from the effects of the injuries inflicted during the pre-revolutionary period by pro-British thugs who beat him in the street. He suffered from various disabilities from the beating in 1769 until his death in 1783 and was unable to take an active part in the war. Said thugs were the Colonial equivalent of ACORN.

    We are not that far apart on defining the enemy. I tend to classify them as the regime, the political infrastructure supporting the regime [including the money people], Academe, the news media, and the entertainment media. Each must be dealt with appropriately. And all of that is complicated by the fact that we are in a period of transition wherein traditional electoral politics are no longer effective, because the enemy does not care for the rule of law, the Constitution, or the social contract. All that they care about is power and its permanent retention by any means. Vote counts are not to be trusted. Government thugs are waiting in the wings. And both Clausewitz and Mao have more bearing on the future than “Mr. Smith goes to Washington”.

    I suspect that the time that Buraq is going to do something irrevocable is close, and choices are going to have to be made.

    LC Subotai Bahadur

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