What? Is He Still Alive

I suppose he is, since he’s typing and it would be prodigious hard to type if you were dead.

I’m also keenly aware of the fact that I have been neglecting my duties and I can offer nothing more than my apologies for it, worthless as they are. Why? Because… I don’t know… Disaster after disaster hitting our beloved country as the Teleprompter Marxist in Chief drives stake after stake into the heart of our sacred republic with nobody doing anything to stop it combined with prices on everything going up, as well all of you know, the continued insecurity about my personal employment future that I still know nothing about etc. etc. etc.

Still, now is the time for all good men…

And I suppose I’m not one of those. The muse has left me. She’ll return, I’m sure, but in the meantime I’ve left all of you wondering what the Hell happened to me and I’ve not done a good job of letting you know, and that’s a British Understatement. I apologize.

I guess that I’m mildly shocked. I always thought that Americans, an honorable group of people to whom I belong through Providence, wouldn’t put up with this kind of shit for more than five minutes, but I guess I was wrong. Back where I come from, an obvious poseur like the Teleprompter in Chief might have lasted for quite a while because the people over there just haven’t got what it takes, but I never thought that it could happen over here. I always thought that the love of liberty, stronger here than anywhere else on Earth since this nation was built upon that very notion would not tolerate a fascist bastard like the Obamessiah for more than the blink of an eye.

This is a nation that was built upon the blood and sacrifice of ignorant farmers standing up to the most powerful military nation on Earth after all, and they stood up and won.

It is kind of hard to imagine a nation like that meekly submitting to an inexperienced clown with a G-d complex but here we are.

We’d have been better off with King George. At least his subjects had balls and weren’t lining up to hand them in.

We have become a nation of cowards, and I suppose we deserve what we’re about to get because of it.

And that’s depressing as all Hell. Lucifer ain’t in it. Washington would weep to see what we’ve become, and Franklin would add to “a Republic, if you can keep it…” the words “but obviously you can’t, you fat, complacent, baaing sheep.”



  1. 51

    LC HJ Caveman82952 @ 49: Hear, hear! Good stuff!
    And, to BiW. The same my friend.

  2. 52
    StillWater says:

    Here’s a *muse-awakener* (ok, so it got me good & pissed!) Be very careful with your redneck teeepartyin’…..


    DISCLAIMER: I don’t know whether the translation is accurate and the vid is obviously chopped, so the context is questionable. According to Tangle, it was posted in Feb. but who knows when the speech may actually have been made.

    All I could think was “please, please let this be a hoax.” :em98:

    Anyone here have the time to research this? My work schedule is *bonkers* right now………..

  3. 53
    LC BogVojnyj says:

    I have one thing to say in the face of all this. This fight is NOT over, not by a long shot. We’re the heirs of the Founding Fathers and the original American Patriots. They lived through Valley Forge, the desperate months of the Revolutionary War, and the knowledge that they were traitors to the English Crown and thus would be executed if caught.

    If you think we should lie down and cry in our beer just cause the left was able to get a raging socialist in power- get out of my way, and may your chains rest lightly upon you. 2010 and 2012 are just around the corner, there’s time to fight back.

    A patriot realizes that sometimes liberty can only be achieved through mayhem. Ogabe will not succeed in his quest to turn everyone in the US into a disarmed, submissive drone and impose his worker’s paradise on the United States.

    Cry havoc with a clenched fist of demented doom!!

  4. 54

    “Cry HAVOC! And let slip the dogs of WAR!” NOW I start to hear the Rott I know! And what kind of dogs do you use in war? Poodles? ROTTWEILERS!!!!!

  5. 55
    Ogrrre says:

    Jaybear @ 36:

    I’m beginning to believe that we will soon see a modern version of the Boston Massacre, where a pushed to the edge mob WILL get violent and will get fired upon in return….I believe it’s only a matter of time, and wouldn’t be surprised if the action is instigated by powers inside our government.

    It wouldn’t surprise me, either, Jaybear. So, it may be wise for some of the LCs to hold a flanking position at some of these later rallies, especially if the MSM, the Commucrats in the Administration or in Congress, or the Moonbats in the usual Commie blogsites like Dummie Underground become more vitriolic and threatening. That way, if agitators start some shit and law enforcement officers forget their oaths and start firing on citizens expressing their first amendment rights, we can exercise our second amendment rights and roll them up.

  6. 56
    LC Fmwoods01 says:

    LC cmblake6, Imperial Black Ops Technician @:

    “Cry HAVOC! And let slip the dogs of WAR!” NOW I start to hear the Rott I know! And what kind of dogs do you use in war? Poodles? ROTTWEILERS!!!!!

    There you go, pickin’ on the poodles again. And speaking of dogs, welcome back DOG!. I fear it is the calm before the storm that has gotten spirits “tired” and muses AWOL. Only when the parapets are manned and TAPS sounds are we allowed to rest……not until then shall we let our guard down or surrender in defeat.

    We’re the heirs of the Founding Fathers and the original American Patriots.

    Profound in it’s simplicity. These 12 words should bring the muse back to ride herd on this Brigade of Patriots and remind us all that freedom ain’t free.


  7. 57

    Always darkest before the dawn. Maybe America needed a dose of someone as fucked up as obama to remember what it realy stands for.

    Oh and heres Winnie.

    If you’re going through hell, keep going.
    Winston Churchill

    It would be a nice poke in the Obamanations eye to have a few Winstons at every demo, after all he had to call the Whhhhhaaaaaaaambulance to remove Churchills bust from the white house.

  8. 58

    We will not go quietly into the night. Well, I may be quiet, *AHEM*, but I will not be alone. I’m getting entirely too old for this shit, but I still recall my abilities. Don’t ask. But stand I will, should such be required.

  9. 59

    LC Fmwoods01 sez:

    There you go, pickin’ on the poodles again.

    Okay, fine. The real Poodle is actually one hell of a dog. A lot of people don’t know that. These foo-foos bred as pets are not the honest to Bob SHEEPDOGS they were intended to be. If you’ve got one of THOSE, they are actually one hell of a dog. I’ve known both sorts. I’ll guarantee my life to my Chow/Shepherd, or my old Rott. Damn I wish he hadn’t wanted to go play with the local kids so badly. Tore down the fence so he could go play. Fuzz remains, Frodo was a victim of the local pussy judge. I hate her so much.

  10. 60
    Denise says:

    I haven’t given up, either. I come from a long line of survivors. Doing my genealogical research, I find branches of my family tree that have survived the Trail of Tears, the battles for Scottish Independence, shipwrecks, and the Crusades. In fact, I’ve got ancestors that fought for Scotland and England, so there’s no qualms about fighting here. Sir Mugley and I have an extensive collection of swords and daggers if push comes to shove. When I shove, my hands won’t be empty. I pray that time will never come, and that mature leadership will come to the fore before Bambi destroys our nation. I’m a patient woman (my daught can vouch for that!), but my patience is already wearing thin, and we’re not yet six months into this idiot’s run. Sir Mugley has been talking of moving to Texas, and that’s one place he swore he’d never return to after getting away from Wichita Falls. I just plan to keep on surviving, knowing I may have come up on the losing side (this time), but I’ll not be convinced it was the wrong one. Hang tough, Rotties!

  11. 61
    Draven32 says:

    A long time ago one of my direct ancestors pledged his life, fortune and sacred honor so this country could be free. I wont’s let his sacrifice (or his memory) be in vain.

  12. 62

    Well, as the militia ranks begin to swell, maybe we should have a good look at just what that is, what it’s for, and why an infringement by the gov’t is simply an attack on it’s self and it’s charges.

    What I come away with is:

    Militia volunteers are required to muster with their own clothes, kit, weapons and ammo.
    By depriving them by law of the ability to properly equip themselves, the law becomes a defective document.
    Not even good for buttwipes.

    Delve in, anyone. ‘See if I got that right.

    I’d bet my best boots, Draven, that your ancestor may have had dialog with one or more of these folks.

  13. 63
    LC Xealot says:

    The only thing I have to say about this militia business is a quote from Isoroku Yamamoto:

    “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

    As long as that remains true, I think we’ll be okay. If we lose that… we’re done as a free nation.

  14. 64
    Mike M says:

    Anyone who suffered through the Carter years – which were just four, by the way – can tell you there’s a silver lining to all of this.

    Just recall what followed.

    All it took to swing the pendulum back was watching Carter support every crackpot dictator on the planet, set up the North Korean regime with everything they needed to build nuclear weapons – as long as they promised not to, give away the Panama Canal Zone and facilitate events that culminated in the 444 Days of National Disgrace. I’m confident that zerObama can match that record with little effort.

    I just wonder what kind of vessel will be named for him. Does Kenya even have a navy?

  15. 65

    It looks like they do Mike,

    But for all their value, it may as well be a fishing fleet.

    Arrr, what am I thinking,, if they took ’em to sea , they’d either get lost, swamped or hijacked.

  16. 66
    Tailfin says:

    Mike M sez:

    I just wonder what kind of vessel will be named for him.

    I think the USN recently gained possession of a little boat with plexiglass windows, on which I think “U.S.S. Obama” would look simply smashing. Never mind those three bullet holes.

  17. 67
    LC Subotai Bahadur says:

    #64 Mike M

    Mike, I have a certain specialty in naval matters and undertook to answer your last two questions. After much research, I have located a picture of the KNS [Kenyan Navy Ship] BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA on builder’s sea trials on the Hudson River. Construction began on November 5, 2008 at the Saul Alinsky Shipyards in Chicago, and she was towed to the east coast [via the St. Lawrence Seaway] for trials and transfer to the Kenyan Navy.

    Construction was financed ultimately by the Stimulus bill, however there was an offset from the Kenyan government in the form of the originals of all the hospital records for both the Aga Khan Hospital, and the Mombasa Hospital for the month of August 1961 to be delivered to the White House directly. Said offset covers most of the cost of construction and fitting out, and as a gesture of goodwill, the cargo of the vessel [seen on the right in the picture] will be delivered along with the ship itself; which will give a major economic boost to Kenya’s GNP.



    NO, I am not a nice person.

    LC Subotai Bahadur

  18. 68
    LC Xealot says:

    Ronald Reagan proposed the “600 ship navy” complete with carriers, battleships, etc…

    I imagine, should Obama get his wish, we’d have the “6 ship navy” complete with a flotilla of unarmed ransom delivery ships.

  19. 69

    Howzabout that,, kenya really has a navy.

    ‘More like a fishing fleet for politicos,for fear of pirates, they don’t patrol open sea.

    No sense in losing equipment to a superior organization.

  20. 70
    anonymous hourly worker says:

    As a woman, I cannot physically overcome my enemies. Therefore, I have experience in waiting for an opportunity to arise.

    It’s all a waiting game, like I said before. A war of attrition. You may dominate me today. Tomorrow is another dawn and another opportunity to overcome you. Sooner or later you will make a mistake. Sooner or later you will let your guard down, you will fall asleep, you will turn your back to me. I am waiting.

    Save your energy for the fight to come. You need to rest, and grow stronger, and wait. The idiots will make an error in action or judgment, and your time for action will arise. Be rested. Be ready.

  21. 71
    BigDogg says:

    OT … but still important. Chimpbama just signed the “Serve America Act” into law … and so begins the building of his private army.

  22. 72

    anonymous hourly worker sez:

    As a woman, I cannot physically overcome my enemies. Therefore, I have experience in waiting for an opportunity to arise.

    au contraire my friend, one of the toughest meanest fastest black belts I ever knew was a woman….a real ass kicker, all 5′-1″ of her.

  23. 73
    anonymous hourly worker says:

    Uh, Jaybear, I was recently hit by a guy. One punch, knocked me out cold, broke my jaw in three places. It’s still wired together.

    I think I’ll forgo any physical fight with a guy.

    On the other hand, I now weigh as much as I did back in high school, and I look fabulous.

  24. 74

    anonymous hourly worker @:

    Some guy hit you?

    You know, if you were so inclined .. this guy might disappear and become worm food in 4 states .. not suggesting anything mind you, just speakin’ hypothetically ..

  25. 75

    anonymous hourly worker sez:

    Uh, Jaybear, I was recently hit by a guy. One punch, knocked me out cold, broke my jaw in three places. It’s still wired together.

    There’s no excuse for hitting a woman……bastard needs a good large dose of his own medicine.

    I’m so sorry that happened to you AHW

  26. 76
    BigDogg says:

    anonymous hourly worker sez:

    Uh, Jaybear, I was recently hit by a guy. One punch, knocked me out cold, broke my jaw in three places. It’s still wired together.
    I think I’ll forgo any physical fight with a guy.
    On the other hand, I now weigh as much as I did back in high school, and I look fabulous.

    Damn … WTF??? I hope the guy is either in jail, or lying unconscious at the feet of some male friends/relatives. If not … then what IC said @ 73.

  27. 77
    anonymous hourly worker says:

    He’s in the County lockup.
    He’s my soon-to-be ex-husband.
    It was quite the drama.

  28. 78
    LC Roguetek says:

    I’m going to say something that is probably not going to go over real well.

    you sit in a nice house( Which I dont have, and thanks to the democrats, I’ll probably -never- have one ) , and cry in your beer( I can’t -afford- beer)

    You go out shooting ( I’m scraping to afford just to have -any- ammo ), in your nice car that’s less that 10, probably less than 5 years old (mines about 20 years old, and on it’s last legs.).and have to decide which gun in your collection to shoot.(I’ve got -2-…and I’ll part with them when I’m dead. )

    I’m scraping by on pennies, I’m currently having my -4th- day of potatos in a row ( as in nothing -but- potatos, I cant afford anything else atm. emergency vet bill -suck-)

    I had to hock my GPS unit to get to work.
    I’m living in a trailor that would make a slum look good.

    I’m surviving on roughly 10k/ year.

    I know that my situation is unlikely to improve, and in fact, might actually get worse.

    Dont Mean Nothin.

    Ok, yeah, we took a realy hard shot in the teeth. Get up, and keep trucking. I keep going, I keep talking, I keep telling people what’s being done to them by obama’s ‘government’.

    I network, I agitate, I talk, I -show- people how they’re getting fucked. I dont give up. Ever. For any reason.

    I’ll give up when I’m killed, and not a moment before. and even then, they better put a -really big- rock on top of my coffin, because I’ll -still- be trying to claw my way out, and back to the fight.

    Now, if you want to call -yourself- a coward, you go right ahead.

    But you called -us- a ‘nation of cowards’ and that ‘us’ includes me.

    I’ll ask you once, nicely, to take that back.

    With Respect,


  29. 79

    Imperator! We tried to find you a “Welcome Back” cake, but all they had left at the store was this leftover birthday cake… At least the delivery girl was nice enough to dress up for the occasion.
    :em93: :em93:


  30. 80

    B.C., Imperial Torturer™ @:

    Some guys get all the luck. I turned 44 7 days ago and I could just see the hideous visual of Madeline Albright covered in pork fat and oatmeal .. shudder ..

  31. 81
    Vapig says:

    This is a nation that was built upon the blood and sacrifice of ignorant farmers standing up to the most powerful military nation on Earth after all, and they stood up and won.

    Hey! Don’t give up the ghost just yet. We put up with King George for YEARS before we lost it! King Obammy obviously can’t control his little self and he’ll be overreaching to the extent we’ll lose it again.

    The Tea Parties are a start and that’s the first time in MY life that I’ve EVER seen conservatives gather together to protest anything! They aren’t just protesting a man – they are protesting the whole filthy mess that is the bastard child of both party’s.

    Another thing is the dozen-or-so states that have passed resolutions reaffirming the 10th Amendment and their states rights. Just remember that we Americans do a slow burn, but once we make up our minds, we don’t give up until we finish the job. No matter what that job is.

    So, fear not, Dear Emperor! We may surprise you yet!

  32. 82
    LC Old Dog says:

    Crap, my family been doing this for generations. Started on this continent at a place called Kings Mountain

    I could not get the link to show!

  33. 83
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    I am waiting for the left to overplay their hand………in the meantime, should society become unruly, I have stocked, given my means, ways to defend those I choose, and to simply survive. Vandals and rioters can be shot to death in the street, left there like coyotes hanging on a fence.

  34. 84
    dramboozie says:

    I come here to the Rott to get charged, to feel a part of “real hope” . I am glad I am not alone and that I may be on the same watch lists with all of you guys. I would be proud to be on that list. I salute all my fellow “extremists”…. :em04:

  35. 85
    Sir Fresh Sign says:

    i read an interesting comment on SFGate today with respect to the unfolding controversy over Harman and Feinstein. It posited that the reason these two dems are under attack is to weaken the two strongest Dem supporters of Israel, because of Obama’s impending plans to toss Israel to the wolves.

  36. 86
    annoyinglittletwerp says:

    In case it wasn’t mentioned already: Today is Yom HaShoah-Holocaust Remembrance Day.
    Even during my off/on years as a Christian-I’m finally making a permanent return to Judaism- the existence of the Holocaust was a stark reminder that to some I would ALWAYS be Jewish..

    Never Forget. Never Forgive. NEVER AGAIN.

  37. 87
  38. 88
    Delftsman3 says:

    Sire,Remember the VRWC Credo: Illegitimi non carborundum

    It may not be real Latin but the sentiment is valid nonetheless.

    ~note to DHS~ :em96: yes I am a veteran and a member of the VRWC. Bite me!!! :em96:

  39. 89

    Delftsman3 @:

    Explain what that means in English please?

  40. 90
    LC Old Dog says:

    LC Cheapshot911, Dept. of Redneck Tech @:
    Not currently Sir, although I did when younger. I bet I could get that plate in AZ!

  41. 91
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    anonymous hourly worker I was enraged to read of your ordeal. That hits home deep and personal. They’re always sorry as hell, after they kill you or are in jail. I remember one cop friend of mine. “We, as in four of us, enjoyed apprehending that bastard. And God, did he resist mightily! But this time he wasn’t fighting a gal half his size, he took on eight hundred pounds of cop.”
    He went to jail, via the hospital.
    Yes, you could say the truncheon fell, repeatedly. Like the asshole here in town, methed out of his skull, beat the shit out of his wife on the main drag here, broke her arm. The cops tasered his ass. I’ve met him, will not speak to him. He’s twenty years younger than me but I wouild be spoiling for a fight. If somebody did that to my daughter you folks probably wouldn’t hear from me for a while, for one of us would be in the hospital, guaranteed. Both my sisters had abusive husbands. I tried to catch one, but his buddy had a gun so I left. Then my sister came to my house and the equation changed….something about a twelve gauge.
    I hate abusers, passionately. I’ve never struck my wife or daughter and never will. I know my temper can get a bit wild at times. As when some asshole threatened my wife and I went apeshit ballistic, literally out of control, scaring my wife too. It never happened again……nobody threatened her. Maybe word got around, I don’t know.
    Sounds to me like this guy needs to be tenderized…with a baseball bat.

  42. 92

    AHW, you are in SoCal, yes, as in Bakersfield if I remember right?

    If that’s the case, Misha, you have my permission (as does anyone here who has it) to give AHW my contact info. Those who know me here know I take an especially dark view towards so called ‘men’ who abuse women or kids, or animals for that matter. Dude gets out and so much as thinks about being an annoyance, and .. well .. you get the idea.

    I know this much .. I have 400 years of Norwegian and German ancestry which tells me that if someone even thought about trying that against my wife and daughter and they’d discover what outer darkness means. And that’s a fact, not just a promise. Sometimes victory isn’t so much winning as making sure your enemy loses far worse than you do.

  43. 93
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    Bakersfield? I’m fifty miles northwest of Fresno, so about one-eighty……. I remember your story, Intellectual Conservative, something about broken limbs, etc. I share your sentiments, to the letter. And to do this to a Rottie, yet. That ain’t healthy, nossir, it sure ain’t. AHR…..if you ever need a place to run to, you are welcome here in my home. It ain’t much, it ain’t fancy, but it is comfortable. And you better like cats..
    Teh management has my contact info.

  44. 94

    Caveman, I’m in Huntington Beach. So, if AHW is in SoCal, then she’ll have at least two people who would assist with ‘pest control’ should the need arise.

  45. 95
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    Well, you are certainly closer. But if an silent sanctuary was needed, my wife and I could provide one, just a quiet, small farming town. I showed her this thread. She ain’t bad with a .45 either, and hates abusers as much as I do. It would be hard for me to get there, however…. And the police here are personal friends of mine, including the chief, along with the heads of city government. We Rotties got to look out for each other.

  46. 96

    LC HJ Caveman82952 @:

    Hell my wife is a substitute schoolteacher who always has to get in the last word … slightly prickly personality .. and I showed her this thread and she just shook her head and said nothing … then came back to me and said ‘Dont you dare go to Bakersfield and clean house because if you did we wouldn’t see you for 20 years’ .. I replied ‘You assume I’d get caught’ … yes … she knows me .. :em93:

  47. 97
    LC Old Dog says:

    Iffen AHW needs to get out of state we are down here in Southern AZ about 8 hours away from Barkersfield. We got a spare room with a waterbed, two big dogs, lots of boom-booms and two bad attitudes towards abusers!

    Come on down for a while! :em93:

    Hell, we will come pick you up if needs be. And I hope he gets in the way!

  48. 98
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    True, IC, so true. But if some guy broke into my , or your home intent on creating mayhem, well, the only guy going anyplace would be the perp. I remember a friend, she had nothing, nada, jack shit, two little kids, no money, no car and no place to go. Many of us helped her. I offered two couches, all the food she, they rather, could eat and access to laundry, food, tube, computer and such. And I wouldn’t take a dime. As for your better half, IC…it’s not like you didn’t stir up a little shit before, something about remodeling a guys face. :em01: My wife knows me too, says I’m just a two hundred pound Teddy Bear, which is true. She also says I have a temper when infuriated. It’s like I told her, though, damn near all the fights I ever got in involved a third party. A friend in need, or a friend with a big mouth, etc. God, was I pissed at him, my ribs and face hurt for a week.

  49. 99
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    As an afterthought…if anyone doubts the value of this site, our beliefs or our intentions, I invite them to reread the last dozen comments…….I have noted we tend to walk the talk far more than most.
    I am most grateful and also reassured as well.

  50. 100
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    IC, I sent you an email.

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