Did You Feel It?

You know, the Earth shifting under your feet as I dragged this monstrocity across the terrafirma and planted it in its new location.  If some of your china crashed to the floor in the move, I apologize.  If your Luscious Linda or your Ludicrous Larry blow up dolls sprung a leak, it is because I had to use them as cushions so I didn’t scratch the rest of the furniture. 😆

But it isn’t as if I didn’t warn you this was coming.

Most of you probably didn’t feel a thing, or haven’t noticed that something is very different here.  Some of you have had the wrong URL in your favorites and bookmarks, or you just clicked on an incorrect link and ended up at this page. If you are still ending up at that page when you use your bookmarks and favorites,  then you need to go and edit them with the correct URL:


Nothing more, nothing less.  No trailing “/2009”, just what you see above.

Short, simple, sweet.  Heck, if you are manually typing the addy into your address bar, you can even leave off the “http://” part.   Plus, you will NEVER need to use the “www.” part because the server will strip it out anyways.  (don’t believe me?  G’wan, try it.  I’ll wait here…

Now I am sure some of you are asking why I didn’t do this originally and/or why I changed it now.

Back when I started separating this site into yearly archives, I did so because by the end of a year the database would get to be so big that the site would slow down to a crawl.  There is no way you can jam five or six years of the Rott onto one database and expect the TRS-80 computer that Hosting Matters must use as a server here to handle that kind of load.  So I opted to split it up.

When I first started spliting things up into years, I had to deal with the habits of the different search engines.  Robot crawling wasn’t as instant as it is now, so you might have to wait months for a ‘bot to index your site after you changed its URL.  So I decided the smartest thing to do was to keep the site in its permanent physical location on the server and just redirect the traffic to it.  That way the ‘bots would already have the location of everything and there wouldn’t have to be any waiting for the different search engines to get around to re-indexing.

Well, things are different now.  We are in the world of instant gratification.  I can move a site and Google will re-index it in minutes, not weeks.  So there is no reason to redirect traffic from the root to the “current” year.  We also don’t have to go through the same lecture every year about checking your links and bookmarks.

So why did I change now?

I mentioned this server is about as old as a TRS-80, maybe even a Commodore 64.  It is about as tired as my first Casio digital watch.  The redirect was starting to act up on it and it seemed to miss, hiccup, and sputter in an attempt to redirect.  As a matter of fact, when I tried to remove the redirect a little while ago, it threw the entire server into an “Error 500 Server Failure”.  Perhaps it is an error in cPanel, I dunno.  But at any rate, I needed to stop trying to rely on it.

So I have moved the “current” site into the “root” where you would normally find a website.  At the end of the year, I will “move” it back into its “/2009” slot and replace it here with the new “current version”.  You won’t have to raise a finger to do a thing, and we won’t have to harrangue at you to go check your links and bookmarks again.

It is a win-win for everyone.

Ho-kay.  Now I will bow outta here and leave you all alone.  I have already gotten my dose of indigestion earlier.  I am at my monthly limits.

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