Laying the smacketh down on his candy-ass…

To paraphrase from the WWE…If ya smelllllllll…what the BECK…is cookin’…

Seems to be a night for videos in the Empire…and since I seem to be the only Management™ type who hasn’t contributed lately (ahem)…here’s something that’ll warm the cockles of thine hearts: Glenn Beck opening a can of whoop-ass on poooooooor (not!) Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal.


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    MaxMomFl says:

    I learned a lot listening to GB on the radio over the years. Most importantly, I learned “nothin’ rhymes with program”.

  2. 52
    LC Xystus says:

    In a comment on the police/fire link that Natasha put up, I read these interesting words:

    Upon investigation… it turns out that we have an unalienable Right to Keep and Bear Arms enshrined in Common Law and our 1688 Bill of Rights! Yet Parliament and the Law (which are supposed to safeguard our Rights, Liberties, and Freedoms) have ILLEGALLY contravened them!

    What the HELL is going on in our Country???

    The way things are rapidly going, things aren’t going to end well here, and it’s going to be a lot sooner than some people expect.

    And no, I don’t wish for the inevitable upheaval that will be involved, quite the opposite, and far from it, in fact, as it is all so completely stupid and unnecessary. But we are fast running out of time to avoid catastrophe here, in my honest opinion, and the criminals and corrupt that have run our Society into the ground, have their snouts so deep in the trough, they can’t see the inevitable approaching them from over the rim.

  3. 53

    NR Pax @ 42:
    LC TerribleTroy, Imperial Centurion @ 43:
    Blackiswhite, Imperial Consigliere @ 49 & 50:
    Cricket @ 52:
    Just how hard was it to see that commie goat suckers evasion of the points presented?

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    Eyas says:


    I’ve said before, and many of you agreed, that the plan of the Democrats, Obama, and – especially – the Media, is to intentionally worsen the American economy and to then blame it on the “Failure of Capitalism”.

    Saw this editorial in the WSJ today (h/t

    The Socialist Solution to the Crisis
    Thatcherism and Reaganism have failed on a momentous scale.

    Now, granted, this is an opinion piece, and it is written by the President of the Party of European Socialists. Nevertheless, expect to see these views repeated ad infinitum in the MSM, and from the mouths of Communist politicians.

    Just as examples, the article contains these gems of wisdom:

    “The simplistic dictum of more markets and less government — championed by Reagan, Thatcher and their ideological heirs — has failed on a momentous scale.”

    “We must press for the strongest possible international agreement on climate change, and make it politically impossible for conservatives to argue that we cannot afford this.”

    “the world’s progressives are serious about making a solidaristic social model a reality for all.”

  5. 55
    LC Jon Imperial Hunter says:

    “the world’s progressives are serious about making a solidaristic social model a reality for all.”

    And we’re ever so much more serious about helping the ‘world’s progressives’ achieve a gaseous reality.

    Oh, excuse me, that would be a ‘gaseousistic state. Forget the ‘model’ nonsense. Physics already understands these transformations.

  6. 56
    LC SleepTech:SheepDog: One of More says:

    To all of you that are concerned about Muzzass.
    I REALLY do not give a flying fuck what (religion or nationality) he/she/it happens to fucking be…
    As I stated before, on general purpose, and personal beliefs, I think that the thing is a fucking blight on Humanity!!!

    I will NOT afford such a thing ANY Forebearance AT ALL of being HUMAN!!! or anything close to it!!!

    Pity”it” if you will, but “it” is what is driving America into the ‘Hole’!!

  7. 57
    LC SleepTech:SheepDog: One of More says:

    I’ll add to that. I STILL hate ANYTHING even remotely MOOSETURD!! :em96: :em12: :em96:
    No offence meant to you, Troy. I understand what you said.

  8. 58
    LC SleepTech:SheepDog: One of More says:

    LC Ted, When (and if ) I ever embarrass the right, I’l know that those fuckers were ‘Lefteards’ Dreamin’ that they were on the right side of OMG!!!!.
    If “I” embarass you, then YOU should do a ‘spot’ check as to just WHICH side of the FUCKING ‘fence’ YOU ARE ON!!!

  9. 59
    LC SleepTech:SheepDog: One of More says:

    As a side note, TED, If “I” ’embarrass’ you, You may be in the wrong place!!!
    If what I’ve posted is “Too Much!!! Then read what the Emporer has posted in the past!!!
    His “Love” for “Pislam” is Astounding!!!

  10. 60
    LC SleepTech:SheepDog: One of More says:

    BTW Ted, I don’t ‘work’ nights, I “AM” the Night!!!”

  11. 61
    LC SleepTech:SheepDog: One of More says:

    Allright Rotties, Ive posted a lot of shit!!

    So, Disect it!!

    If I embarrassed ‘All Y’all, I’ll Stop posting (commenting) here, Period!!!
    If Y’ALL like “mooseturds”, just let me know…

  12. 62
    LC SleepTech:SheepDog: One of More says:

    L.C. Ranger wrote:

    You know fuck head aka. muzzy, this is EXACTLY the problem with you fucking towelheads. You fucking (goat) cock suckers think you can do whatever you want whenever you want to whomever you want and that people have to let you because that pedophile prophet you hold oh so dear said so.

    Y’know. It’s not polite to mock someone’s faith. Maybe if you opened your mind a little bit and actually read some of the Holy Qu’ran you might learn something. I start every day by learning a new verse. Here’s one from a few days ago which I think is pertinent to this discussion. These are the words of the Prophet (pbuh).

    “Allah is all powerful, all mighty, and all knowing. He is ever-living. He is self-subsistent. He sees all and knows all. Specifically, he sees that L.C. Ranger is such a gormless motherfucker that he has to whistle when he goes to the toilet to remind himself which end to shit through.”

    See? And that’s God saying that.

    You’re a tool. I am a white, British, Catholic. My handle is ‘Muzzy’ because my real-life, meatworld surname is ‘Muswell’. It’s a nickname I’ve had since I was a kid.

    That was GLEN BECK’S show not the asshole ag’s.

    Yeah. And Glen Beck is a belligerant, asshole, carnival barker with no fucking manners and no idea of the difference between an interview and a lynching. You can make anyone look stupid on any subject if you never let them finish a Goddamn sentence.

    If the ag didn’t like what was going on nobody stapled his ass to the seat.

    Damn right! If you actually read my post for comprehension instead of reacting anaphylactically to my username and posting the first steaming load of contrarian bullshit that bubbled to the top of that bulbous little waterhead of yours, you’d see that I advised the A.G. walk off and find something more worthwhile to do with his time.

    He is a shitty ag, he knows it

    Again, yes. I agree! Did you miss the part where I said I thought Beck was right?

    and he couldn’t defend himself.

    Of course he couldn’t. Beck didn’t give him a fucking chance. He railroaded the guy without letting him state his case. That’s fine, if all you’re interested in is watching some hapless civil servant being smacked around like a pinata. If you want a deeper understanding of the issue, however, you….oh, hang on. Yeah. Wait. Sorry. I forgot. This was on FOX, wasn’t it? Never mind.

    And guess what? YOU DON’T OWN THE FUCKING WORLD!!!!!!! So fuck off you goat raping man wannabe and let the grownups talk.

    Yes. You’re right. I will retreat, my head bowed in shame, the better to allow the grownups to circle-jerk eachother off about how gosh-darned wonderful Glen Beck is for stating the absolute bleedin’ obvious. Let me know when you adults have cleaned yourselves up and gotten all that goat rape stuff out of your system. I’d hate to lower the tone.

    You absolute dickhead.

    Hey TED, I found a convo HERE during the same time period you accused me of being a “mooseturd” hater!!

    It’s above!!

    If “Muzzy” is a “Catlic”, then WHY is IT defending the MOTHERFUCKING Mooseturds???!!!!

    I’ve come to the conclusion, “TED”, of FUCK YOU!!!.!!! You ARE an EMBARRASEMENT of the RIGHT!!!!!

  13. 63
    Prophet says:

    LC Ted @:

    he believes all rights come from the government instead of the people giving their rights to the government

    We shouldn’t give the government anything. No, it should be explicitly written (and more importantly: enforced) that whatever government assumes is its rightful power is instead loaned to it from a vengeful and armed creditor, whose policies of repossession and lienholdership is vicious and unmerciful on a good day. Far too many useful idiots and liberals, but I repeat myself, think otherwise. This thinking is part and parcel of what is leading this beautiful republic to hell.

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