Aw Fuck It, It’s Just a Worthless Hole In the Ground Now

The patriotic fervor after 9/11 apparently had a pretty limited shelf life. “Never Forget” my ass cuz never is here.

Even without the name, the symbolism of the Freedom Tower as an American response to the Sept. 11 terror attacks was hard to miss.

Bureaucratic delays, infighting, political bickering, multi-cultural diversity, yep.

The original architect designed a twisting form he wanted to imitate the Statue of Liberty, with a spire that rose to the deliberate height of 1,776 feet to recognize the year of American independence. Politicians called the tower proof of the country’s triumph over terrorism.

The same politicians who used the Freedom Tower for a quick photo op to show that they were Hawks; just a quick diversion on the way to getting Code Pinko their gallery passes so they could scream “murderer” at the top of their lungs while those actually prosecuting the Long War were testifying before their sell out cronies in the whorehouses of the Potomac.

Former Gov. George Pataki said visitors to the iconic skyscraper “will know our determination to overcome evil” in a 2003 speech that first gave the Freedom Tower its name.

Short lived determination that it was. Now we need to negotiate with the “moderate” evil ones.

The tower—still under construction with a projected completion date of 2013—no longer has the same architect, design or footprint on the 16-acre site. And this week, the owners of ground zero publicly parted ways with the Freedom Tower name, saying it would be more practical to market the tallest building in New York as the former north tower’s name, One World Trade Center.

Maybe the clue bereft ass hats missed the news a few years back, but that building no longer exists. I guess they were too busy watching American Idiot that week.

Critics called the name drop an unpatriotic shedding of symbolism by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Some newspaper editorials blasted the agency for years of missed deadlines and changing plans for the site.

“When you’ve broken your promises on everything else to do with redeveloping ground zero, it’s no big deal to discard the name by which the public has come to know the iconic skyscraper at the heart of the plan,” the New York Daily News wrote on Friday.

No big deal indeed. We’ve already broken the promise to “never forget” when we elected a Muslim apostate usurper who would shrivel and die if he had to use the word “victory” in the same tele-prompter gigabyte as “war on terror”. Oh I forgot, “Overseas Contingency Operation”. Here’s some nuanced name change for ya Bambi, “Domestic Leech Culling.” Look for it in a theater near you.

But others privately repeated fears that have plagued the building as negotiations with major corporations to take up space in the tower came and went: that the 102-story Freedom Tower’s name could make it more susceptible to future attacks than a symbol of defiance against it.

By that reasoning we should have scrapped the 7th Fleet after that unpleasant Sunday morning breakfast in 1941. How dare we rebuild, it might upset the bad guys.

“The fact is, more than 3 billion dollars of public money is invested in that building and, as a public agency, we have the responsibility to make sure it is completed and that we utilize the best strategy to make certain it is fully occupied,” the agency said in a statement Friday.

Agency chairman Anthony Coscia was more critical in remarks Thursday, when the Port Authority announced its first corporate lease at the tower with a Chinese business center.

“As we market the building, we will ensure the building is presented in the best possible way,” he said. One World Trade Center is “easiest for people to identify with, and frankly, we’ve gotten a very interested and warm reception to it.”

From whom, may I ask? Never mind, I don’t think I wanna know.

Coscia had expressed concerns about the Freedom Tower three years earlier, saying he would never ask Port Authority employees to move into the tallest, most symbolic skyscraper being built at the site because they had survived 1993 and 2001 terrorist attacks and would find it too emotionally difficult to return.

Spare me the pop psychology mental frailty of the wussified emotionally fragile New Yawkers already. Hell, I though that every New Yawker was some sort of a bad ass who chewed nails and pissed vinegar. Guess it’s all just a bunch of tough talk to hide the shriveled clitorises they dare to call male genitalia. “But I don’ wanna work in the mean ol’  building. My pussy hurts because bad men went boo!”

Pataki—who named the Freedom Tower in his 2003 speech and continued to refer to it in rebuilding speeches as a symbol of America’s ability to come back after Sept. 11, took offense at the loss of the Freedom Tower moniker and its replacement.

“Where One and Two World Trade Center once stood, there will be a memorial with two voids to honor the heroes we lost. In my view, those addresses should never be used again,” he said.

The Daily News and New York Post published editorials backing the former governor. But The New York Times on Saturday wrote that Pataki’s name for the building became “its burden,” and said the Port Authority was “quietly and sensibly” using another name to market the tower to high-profile commercial tenants.

The New York Slimes backs stripping the tower of a name mean to be a defiance to world wide islamo-fascism. I’m totally shocked, just shocked I tell ya. You could’ve knocked me over with a fucking brick.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg—who said Friday he prefers the name Freedom Tower—said the building’s true name may be left to the public.

“One of the things is we call things what we want to call them. So Avenue of Americas is a good example. It’s Sixth Avenue to most people,” the mayor said. “If they name this One World Trade Center, people will still call it the Freedom Tower.”

Yeah, it’s only a name after all. I got an idea Bloomturd, you cock juggling thunder cunt. How about we just bulldoze the whole fucking thing and build a cocksucking Mosque. Be better suited to you and your fellow New Yawkers attitude towards 9/11 anyways.


  1. 1
    mindy1 says:

    :em98: why am I NOT surprised-although the way the gov’t is in NY, calling it the freedom tower may have been an oxymoron anyway

  2. 2
    LC FORGER says:

    Anything less than rebuilding the Twin Towers back EXACTLY as they were, no matter what you wanna call it, is a failure.


    Never Forget, Never forgive, Never Again.

  3. 3
    SeniorD says:

    It’s really very simple. New York City, recipient of several millions of dollars when John Lindsey was residing in Gracie Mansion, and Manhattan Borough is more liberal that all of Europe combined. Caliph Hussein al-Chicago and RINO Michael Bloomberg want to take credit for building yet another target for the Caliph’s friends currently living in caves somewhere in Pakistan. All the next wave if jihadis need do is use the GPS program from the last batch to find their target.

    Why can’t this country have a do-over for the last Presidential Election and get rid of this obscene, rank amateur before he kills somebody with his incompetence?

  4. 4
    lc purple raider says:

    Personally, I don’t care what the building is called.

    One World Trade Center, fine.

    One Freedom Center, fine.

    Build it high, build it wide, build it mother-fucking tough.

    Make it a gleaming example of free-market capitalism.

    And put a fucking bullseye over Turtle Bay, with little arrows leading to it.

    Saying, Muzzies, you missed, this is the real target.

    And hopefully, you’ll catch the Marxist pResident, too.

  5. 5
    VonZorch Imperial Researcher says:

    LC Forger
    Damn right. I’ve always thought the best way to piss in the murdering moonbats faces was to put waht they destroyed right back up, maybe a little taller and certainly more robust.

  6. 6
    NR Pax says:

    you cock juggling thunder cunt.

    Ah, Blade 3. Source of some good one-liners.

    And let’s not forget the “History of Freedom” museum that a group tried to put in place at the site.

    NYC should have just built the tower, called it Freedom Tower and patted the protesters on their little pumpkin heads.

  7. 7
    mithglin says:

    Shit I saw this coming years ago. On my son’s first visit to GZ in 2005 the place looked like a tourist attraction. After we went into the pit to pay our respects to his father we came up and saw a group of truthers by the subway station. It pissed me off so bad. I listened to their drivel from the back of the crowd for about 2 minutes and said in a very loud voice “YOU ARE SO FULL OF SHIT”. Well, every head there got a serious case of whip lash and my son and I calmly walk down to the subway. The truth of the matter is that those who have forgotten are the slime bag liberals who’s opinions I don’t give a shit about anway. The good people in Florida haven’t forgotten. Their sorrow is just as fresh today as it ever was. I just got my motorcycle painted as a memorial for my husband and the veterans that I owe so much to. The gentleman who painted it for me said that everyone who saw it got goosebumps and most had tears in their eyes before they left. I took it out to a local restruant for the first time last Wednesday and the response was overwhelming. I got many hugs and words of encouragement. There are many people who still remember and will never forget. The fucnozzles in DC and NY will never understand, not now not ever.

    Dorothy Bogdan

  8. 8
    RedneckProgrammer says:

    Hail Rotts !!!

    The communists in charge are already using the language of surrender. They are in the process of destroying
    our financial system and rendering our armed forces useless. They will now use the violence in Mexico as a
    tool to disarm the citizens. They are screwing this country six ways from Sunday right in front of our faces.


  9. 9
    dasbow says:

    There was a fireman who came up with a wonderful idea after the attacks. He said we should rebuild the towers. Name one Mecca, the other Medina. Those two cities would exist only as long the new towers did.

  10. 10
    Cannon Fodder says:

    Those idiots make me laugh! They think that naming it Freedom Tower was provocative and want to call it by One World Trade Center? What the fuck? The names ONE and TWO World Trade Center were targets for years!!! What the hell makes them thing the name is gonna make a difference? But then again I believe even more now that conservatives are the only people that actually have functioning brains!

    It still amazes me that there are so many people that think we are in this war for oil and to spread democracy so we can control the world. Holy shit! The illuninati exists inside the US gubmint!

  11. 11
    SeniorD says:


    OutSTANDING suggestion!

  12. 12
    LC Xealot says:

    Seems symbolic enough to me. Lefty-types don’t care much for freedom, of course they wouldn’t want to name the building anything related to it. I bet if you called it the Karl Marx Tower of Progress, you’d have more support from New York.

  13. 13
    JonB says:

    Sounds like with all the changes going on with the design and the people working on it that we’ll be lucky if the building can stand on it’s own for a week.

  14. 14
    LC PrimEviL says:

    Those chickenshit pissant mudsucking cock-knockers can kiss my ass. It will always be
    FREEDOM TOWER in my mind, and the snivelers at the Spew Dork Slimes can
    choke on the turgid effluent of anti-American drivel that spews from that tottering bastion
    of liberal communist propaganda. May the shit-hole go bankrupt, and all of them
    spend the rest of their days sleeping in a cardboard box in an alley.

  15. 15
    Marinia says:

    Fuck it, let’s build an arms factory on the site instead. After all, we need JOBS in this fucking Banana Republic don’t we?

  16. 16

    NR Pax sez:

    NYC should have just built the tower, called it Freedom Tower and patted the protesters on their little pumpkin heads.

    Indeed. Fuck the left SO much.

  17. 17
    Vapig says:

    LC FORGER @:

    Well said and DITTO!!!

  18. 18
    Vapig says:

    The fucnozzles in DC and NY will never understand, not now not ever.

    Dorothy Bogdan

    For those who care, the Pentagon is actually in Virginia – and we care!

  19. 19
    LC Peter Bland says:

    Amazing how fast the cut-and-runners insert their yellow ideology into any and everything they get their slimy claws into. I hate them right down to their weaselly, turncoat guts.

    Speaking of which, a couple of US reporters have been abducted by the DPRK. If they are not back in our hands within the week, we should be invading that pestilential hellhole. Cue the Runaway Brigade to intervene and excuse the behavior of the last true communist gangster government.

    Wish we had ol’ Teddy Roosevelt in charge again.

  20. 20
    The Lone Haranguer says:

    They should build five towers, with the middle one jutting above the others like a giant finger. :em96:

  21. 21
    mayim says:

    Speaking as a NOO YAWKA (from Bed-Stuy, no less), I’ve been saying virtually since DAY ONE that we need to rebuild the towers, the same way they always were. I have no fucking clue why they couldn’t simply have done that. The DAY the cleanup of the rubble from the original WTC ended, they should have began rebuilding the WTC precisely as before (or, hell, possibly even a few stories TALLER, but otherwise identical). Maybe displace the two main towers so that the footprints of the original towers could be made into memorial parks, I donno. But there is absolutely no fucking reason why we shouldn’t have just rebuilt the whole goddamned WTC– including keeping the name ‘World Trade Center’. That, to me, would have been the BEST way to say “fuck you” to the terrorists.

    I can’t go for this whole “Freedom Tower” schtick. JUST REBUILD THE WTC ALREADY.

  22. 22
    LC BogVojnyj says:

    I’m sorry, but this is total bullshit. Go through with this renaming and we might as well turn in our balls and announce to the pisslamists that we are pathetic spineless cowards.

    The Lone Haranguer sez:

    They should build five towers, with the middle one jutting above the others like a giant finger.

    Damn straight! I liked that photoshop some guy made years ago depicting just that. I’m of the belief that we should have made a new WTC much bigger than the last one. Suck on that, goat-raping hirabi! :em99:

  23. 23
    LC Anniee451 says:

    Penn and Teller did a very good Bullshit! episode on the tower fiasco.

    I have to say, that Kumbaya moment ended for me the moment the NYC police and firefighters (or was it the fucking HazMat guys? I don’t remember now) started arguing over whose jurisdiction it was.

    And that happened within what, a month??

    Then there was the statue that was built immediately afterwards, in true Iwo Jima style…except instead of depicting the ACTUAL picture, they had to “PC” it out by making one of the firefighters black and one Asian…just for the fuck of it.

    I almost had renewed hope when Hillary and Richard Gere got booed off the stage, but…no. This is what people have become, or always were, or something.

  24. 24
    Cheryl says:

    Build them high, build them up to code in a way that says FUCK YOU! to our enemies and anyone else who has a problem with us.

    But of course, after eight years of bullshit haggling, nothing but a big hole and how appropriate. Meantime huge monstrosities of brick and glass are sprouting all over this hellhole of a city. No delay there. How about calling it “The Peoples’ Tower of Progress and Social Justice” to create an orgasmic response in Nanny Bloom-turd and his massa, Teh One? :em72: Think that would get it built faster?

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