You Gotta Love Capitalism, Even If It’s Foolish

Of course, I know it’s rather well into the wee morning hours (the fickle farkin’ writing-muse) , but the circadian rhythms are completely lost on this middle-aged  body of late. In addition to a fine mis-adventure yesterday, that regardless, was a real blast. my sleep cycle is a disaster zone (hey, can I get federal funding for that, mebbe ADA?).  No I’m not saying a damn thing about what, who or where that adventure arose or occurred. Being a rather careful observer of my surroundings, there appears to be a stampede-trend on cashing in on the Teh One’s election. Not that I’m all for a free economy, meaning companies can do what they want, but that being said, the pure foolishness of trying to “‘cash-in’ on chimeras will guarantee providing stock for your local dollar store and yard-sales in due course.  We’ve seen Obama victory hats, Obama look-alike used car commercials (from the ‘trendy’ section of Dallas, I might add), Montel Williams hosting TV ads (no relation to the brilliant Walter Williams) for this:  Obama Historic Commemorative Plates (SPEW WARNING)  for the mere price of $19.99 (plus S&H) you can have a ‘collectible’ crappy Chinese-made stoneware plate worth about $2 at Wal-Mart, with the visage of the Lawn-Jockey-In-Waiting imprinted on it with the inscription of the brilliant and fresh statement that “Change Has Come” beneath the well-retouched portrait, but wait…. you also get a “free” presidential coin for an even better deal. It’s a shame, no one can tell us exactly what change has or will come.

Of course, my Sith brain tells me that feminine hygiene products, geriatric supplies, adult toys (think vibrating ears), toilet paper, soap-on-a-rope (very popular with the LBGT folks)  and Bog knows what our wonderful free-market capitalist society will think of next.  Not that I’m in the least bit against, trying to earn a dollar on whatever some silly marketing execs and CEOs decide to sell and dupes are willing to pay for. It’s just that I can’t visualize it being a long-term investment market. Let’s say around the end of January, I’ll wager the ‘demand’ for these products will drop off and your local Big Lots or Dollar General stores will have them at bargain prices. I suppose the most disgusting product thus far, is the plate, offered at $19.99, I do suppose it could be a substitute for syrup of Ipecac. Just load it up and when the patient sees the countenance on the plate, nature will take it’s course. Likewise it seems that it could be a pricey alternative to pooper-scoopers, and I’m sure some Right Wing Death Beast will parley that into a nice shop job, much more precious that the cheap-ass stoneware plate that they’re hawking.  I did find it disturbing nauseating that Montel Williams is saturating the television commercials with cheesy colored U.S. coins in various denomination with Teh One’s visage looking down his nose and sharing space with George Washington and JFK.

Regardless, it’s a beautiful system we have of free-market trade when companies spend millions to produce products that don’t have any real value, only potential value as a mockery of something that hasn’t and won’t occur with the hopes the suckers buyers are willing to part with their hard-earned dollars to obtain. Old P. T. Barnum was right. A much better investment would be lottery tickets, that is, if congress leaves you ANY disposable income.

As I see it, they might want to consider hemorrhoid cream in that name brand, as following January 20th, we’ll all need it. Or perhaps, Lawn-Jockeys with hope and change may return to fashionable lawn statements.  Sorry that would be racists no? Please… hurt me again with that characterization.

The better view of this whole projectile-vomiting issue, is that capitalism is alive and well in Amercia today. Just don’t bet your retirement on an increased market value of a jug-eared, ward heel’s ability to actually do anything worth commemorating other than to buy an election by throwing any and all aspersions about his past acquaintances or actual record under the bus.

Unlike the History Channel show recently with a full-tilt socialist “economist” (that no one has heard of) blames the credit and housing crisis on unfettered free-markets, carefully deflecting the near-criminal aspects of execs and pressure from congress to move in that direction. Not unsuspected, he blames congress’ deregulation of the financial markets as the culprit. His ‘obvious’ solution is a massively regulated financial system, overseen by the gubmint to prevent a ’29 depression from happening again.

I wonder if they’re considering bailouts already for plate and ball-cap manufacturers that hitched their wagons to the smoke and mirrors of a Hafrican Ward-Heel from Chicago. After all, W and congress both seem perfectly willing to help out bidness practices that no sane person would use. Why not?

Pardon me while I make another contribution to the porcelain bus.

F.E.T.E.  Sorry BC, it’s only appropriate here.



  1. 101

    Not a problem. Do I have some issues, on occasion, with what the Church teaches? Yes. Does that mean I simply say ‘forget it’ and quit? No. But, on the whole, I look at what the Church does and is, and it matches my mindset.

    One thing that was said to me, before I joined the Church .. which I didn’t have a good answer for:

    ‘Lets assume that everything about Joseph Smith, the Golden Plates etc for just a moment is completely false. Youre living a family centered, God centered life, without drugs or alcohol. Youre not exactly losing anything, are you? In fact you gain far more than any imagined loss’

  2. 102

    Emperor Misha I @ 91: Spot-The-Fuck-On, Sire. Absolutely spot the fuck on. I do not care if your suntan is built in, can you do the job. I want someone that can do what they were hired to do, that is the extent of it. When it comes to business, can this employee perform? If they can’t, they’re fired for incompetence. Period.

  3. 103

    Intellectual Conservative, Imperial Kulak @ 106: Indeed.

  4. 104
    Deathknyte says:

    You feel that Obama is “barely qualified” and that conjures up references to lawn jockeys? Just say he is unqualified. Call him stupid. Call him out of his league. But a lawn jockey?

    After reading dj’s link I have to agree with him, obama is not fit to aspire to lawn jockey status.

  5. 105

    I hate quoting myself to clarify, but it nagged at me the way I said it:
    LC cmblake6, Imperial Black Ops Technician sez:

    I’d have jumped on that shit as fast or faster than an avowed demoncrap. We never said it, he brought it up.

    Note the term demoncrap vs democrat. As I remember the basic good ol’ boy from the south, there is a huge difference between those hard core socialists and those who simply care for the unfortunate. Please consider that difference in the statement. Osamabama wasn’t dealt that card to play, so he had to pull it out of his sleeve. Think.

  6. 106
    LC Aggie Sith says:

    Hmm….a clip for DJ:

    I could not find one for McCain dated before this one, one of McCain using race as a weapon, that is.

  7. 107
    LC Rurik says:

    TerribleTroy sez:

    Im thinking th whole lawn jockey thing doesnt have as much to do with race as to Obama being just barely qualified for that particular position.

    And that barely qualified is only in the legal sense. In terms of job performance skills he wouldn’t seem to measure up to even…. a clog dancer. :em01: :em95:

  8. 108

    Deej, I refuse to voluntarily hamstring myself in this particular cultural battle. When race stops mattering when the ‘person of indiscriminant racial background’ a conservative, then, and ONLY then will I consider confirming to the Left’s edicts on what is and is not correct thoughtspeech. Until then, police your own with half the vigor invested in policing us, and you just might make some progress.

  9. 109
    YGBSM says:

    Speaking of capitalism and lawn jockeys~~~~> “Change is coming to your yard”

  10. 110
    LC Xystus says:

    cmblake6 sez:

    My eclecticism, derived from having been dead, tells me in my heart of hearts that almost all religions have SOME truth.

    I remembered that your avatar (Frank Fazetta?) belonged to an avowed eclectic, but I didn’t recall the “having been dead” part. Are you ever gonna tell us more about this?

  11. 111

    9 Apr, 1979. Coming back across Ft Bragg from Southern Pines toward Pope. Somewhere in excess of 140 mph, wiped out on some sand in a curve. Woke up 4 days later to the tale of what had happened(since I remembered nothing from 15 minutes before until that time). Briefed that I had been stone flat-line dead, they’d had to start me up 5 different times before it took.
    Don’t remember “tea with Grandma on the golden streets” or any such, all I knew was that I knew something about life, living, the truth of the personal energy field of this machine we call life that I didn’t know before. There were no words for it, just a gut knowledge. As I’ve said in various places, I know God is real. I know that good and evil are true quantities. I know there is much truth to many religions, all truth to no religion. Your relationship, your melding to the truth of the universe is your relationship to that truth. If you must go with one belief system to try to focus that unity, you really can’t go wrong with Christianity. Good as any, better than most.
    On the other hand, our enemy is just that. The embodiment of wrong. Of evil. Allah is just another name for Satan, or whatever other anti entity you may know of.. That which his “prophet”(piss be upon him) has commanded is nothing but wrong. Absolutely out of line with what an entity of love and good would do.
    I could probably write a book about what is in my thoughts here. But I won’t. I can’t. All I know is that I know.
    Oh, and after that point, as I gathered my shit back together, I changed my military job. Went from aircraft maintenance to a job involving killing bad people personally, for the good of humanity.

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