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Commenting Test Will Conclude Friday

For the past two days, I have employed a new self-hosted comment system here on the Rott.  The reason for doing this is that the next major upgrade of WordPress will be degrading the self-hosted comments in favor of a third-party service such as FaceCrack or Disqus.

Since we aren’t trying to use FaceCrack or Disqus here, I have been experimenting with self-hosted comments.  So basically, I am using the Rott as a temporary sandbox.

Check the comments out.  Kick the tires.  Run it through its paces, then let me know what you think.

At the end of the day this will be Misha’s decision, and running this test will help him reach that decision.

I will keep this post and the beta comments up and running for the next 24 hours.  I will  then let it revert back to what you are all used to.

Minor Disturbance in the Force

Our thanks to those who let us know that the site went “dark” with a 500 error there for a bit. What those errors mean is that some local code shat the bed, which is exactly what happened here.

Thankfully, our Imperial Tech Wiz was on the case to fix it and we’re back up. Much thanks and praise to him for that!

Thing is, it appears that the comments apps for site hosted comments appear to be drying up, with everybody moving to FarceBorg/Disqus, and the old apps never being updated at all as a result (which is what caused the latest interruption).

Obviously, SuckerBorg’s FarcePlant censor network will never be an option, but we may have to face a choice in the future. Let us know if you have an opinion on the subject. Personally, we’d go for a much more limited comments functionality if it meant keeping out of the Borg, if such a thing is an option, but for now the pipes seem to be piping and the pumps seem to be working again.

Once again, thanks Deej!


In the Meantime…

And on a completely different subject much closer to home, our LCs in the Carolinas and thereabouts remain in our prayers.

Stay safe and get through this one in one piece!


Oh, How We Laughed

Nobody does it better than the Chicago Tribune.

Prime Minister Theresa May and colleagues in Britain’s government reconfirm the quality and effectiveness of her nation’s police and intelligence work.

Sorry, but that one had us in stitches for so long that we had to take a twenty minute break before continuing.
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More Kibble

Breaking: Russian Super Spy Assassin GRU Sekrit Poison Murderers Contact Media

As professional hitmen from shadowy government murder agencies so often do. You can watch the whole thing here. Turns out that the two specially trained Spetznaz-level super murderers are a pair of fitness instructors who went to the media voluntarily because they’re scared. You know, as professional secret intelligence hitmen often are. According to them,

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17 years ago


Skripaling Into World War III

(A post which will undoubtedly reveal His Imperial Majesty as a RUSSIAN BOT!!!1!. Or somebody smarter than a potted plant). The increasingly ludicrous three-ringed circus that is the Skripal case and the ever more hysterical, unhinged, unsubstantiated claims from Theresa “I was for Brexit before I was against it” May and the incompetent Coterie of

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Yes, We’re Still Here

Just a quick “hello” from our ignoble self to let you know that we haven’t disappeared or forsworn intemperate blogging fore’er more. Just a lot busier than usual and weighed down by the usual crap, piles of bills and whatnot. As are we all from time to time, for such is mankind’s lot. We note

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The Cold War

One day in the 1970s, the officers of a Red Army reserve division in the backwaters of Siberia were summoned to hear a confidential presentation by a young major, who had come all the way from the General Staff in Moscow. What the major said astonished them. In Moscow’s view, the Soviet Union’s chief enemy was

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Theresa “Ravensbrück” May: “Genocide and Theft is Fine, as Long as it’s ‘Legal'”

The more we learn about Reichskanzlerin May, the more we’re convinced that she’s Angela “Luder” Merkel in drag. Recently, she announced, while kissing the arses of the genocidal regime in Zimbabwe II, er, South Africa, that she was absolutely fine with seizing farmland from whites “as long as it’s done in a legal way.” We

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