Fresh Meat

Now this has GOT to hurt

Piers Morgan opened his mouth.

Inserted his feet.

And was promptly smacked upside the head in EPIC fashion.


A Rottfest for Hog Hunters

Who wants to hunt feral hogs in Texas?

I’m planning a trip to the Alabama Creek WMA just southwest of Lufkin, Texas the weekend of January 16, and would love to have some Rotties attend.

Requirements: Texas hunting license (non-resident five day permit is $48) and Texas annual public land permit, also $48 bucks. Bring your own rifle, must be centerfire over .24 caliber. You must be wearing at least 400 square inches of Hunter Orange, with 144 square inches each on the chest and back with hunter orange headgear.

We’ll be hunting an area between a stand of old growth oaks (hogs love acorns) and a cultivated feed plot, with some open ground, overlooking a flooded area off the Netchez River. It’s prime hog country.

Hotel rooms in the Lufkin area run from sixty bucks a night and up.

I’m not making this easy because we only want serious hunters. Spouses and children are welcome at the normal Rottfest Texas home.

Veteran’s Day

I don’t need a photo album, or a uniform hanging in my closet, to remind me that I served. My aching joints and failing hearing do that quite well.

Lately though, I have needed some help reminding me why. Why did I do it? A man can be forgiven a little bitterness when he looks around and sees the nation that he served appear to commit suicide. And if they don’t care?

Don’t mean nothing. Not a thing.

But then you remember. And it does mean something. You do remember why. You remember that it was your turn to take up the torch that so many before you had carried.

So many, but yet so few. Only a handful of each generation were capable of it, and because you were one of those who could, it was your duty to do so.

Your Duty.

Your Honor.

Your Love.

That’s why we served, and why we would again. That’s why those who serve today do it. And those who will follow them tomorrow will do it.

“Here I am Lord, send me.”

And even if the nation that we served seems to have turned its back on the ideals for which we sacrificed, in what ever way we did sacrifice, we would do it again. Because we know that the real America, the heartland, is still what we have always loved. And always will be. We refuse to be gas-lighted. We see the true America.

And we honor her. And we honor those who who stood on the wall and kept the evil away from her.

To all of my fellow veterans; thank you. Thank you for the love you displayed by giving so much of yourself. Whether “peace time” or shooting war, each of you gave some of the best years of your life. Know that true American’s are grateful.

And yes, it was worth it. Don’t believe me?

Look at your children.

For those of you who did not serve, I want to leave you with a reminder that there are sacrifices our warriors make that many never think of, and will never know. Those of you who have deployed will feel the following only too well.

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My Beloved Corps

Over the years I have written many a post celebrating the Marine Corps’ birthday. Like Marines themselves they have been an odd assortment of the funny, the ribald, the eloquent, and the sentimental.

Today is the 240th birthday of the Corps and I find myself some what at a loss for words, except for one; love.

You see, once you strip away all of the ethos and pathos of the Corps’ legend and lore, dig down past a Marine’s bluster, ignore their mildly disturbing yet good natured psychosis, and get to their baser motivations, all you will see is love.

Maj. Gene Duncan USMC once said that your average civilian will never understand what drives a Marine to viciously kill with one hand while gently caressing with the other. To attempt to explain that complex dichotomy to someone who has never worn the Eagle, Globe and Anchor can be a laborious exercise in futility. Until you just tell them we do it out of love.

Love of country, tradition and Corps yes, but also love for each other and love for who we have left at home.

It is love for the Marine on his left and right that will make him savage in the assault and tenacious in the defense, for he knows that if he is not then his brothers will die. He knows that if he is weak and fails, then not only his brothers will suffer, but his loved ones at home will be at risk as well. Born out of that love is an aggressive brutality that is unleashed on his foe without hesitation or compunction. It is from that love that is born the courage that has won the admiration and respect of ally and enemy alike.

And it is the love for his own family that drives the humbling tenderness that a Marine can show the innocents of the world, whether on or off the battlefield.

My Corps is facing many challenges now. From an administration that has nothing but disdain for the very ethos that the Corps lives by, to a generational shift that no longer values the principles Marines have cherished, to a civilian population who wants the Devil Dogs put back on their leash, and like Kipling’s Tommy, kept away from respectable folk until once again the wolf is at the door, the Corps is under assault. It’s very culture is seen by many on the left as anachronistic at best, testosterone fueled, misogynistic, jingoistic excess at worst. And the Corps is expected by them to adapt to the social experimentation being forced on it for no other than reason to advance victimhood political agendas. The combat efficiency of the Corps be damned.

But Marines are Marines, from each generation to the next we are our own unique, eclectic, and yes just a little insane, band of miscreants. We continue to do what we do, and will continue to do so until our Republic has breathed its last. And we will do it because we love, deeply. Even those who despise us.

So to the grunts and the pogues, the boots and the salts, the long the short and the tall, Happy Birthday Marines! Carry on as you have for the past 240 years, and here’s to 240 more!

En pacem, en bellum, en fraternitatis, semper fidelis.

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