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So Now… We’re an “Easter Worshipper?”

At least that’s what Christians are suddenly called, unanimously, by the Prozi nomenklatura when talking about the islamist massacre in Sri Lanka, murdering 290 Christians attending Easter services.

You won’t find the word “Christian” anywhere, only this strange, mythological beast, “Easter worshipper”. We weren’t aware that anybody worships Easter, but there you have it.

Also notably absent in the coverage of this the latest muslim mass murder of innocents: Any reference to islam. The closest they get is “religious extremist”, leaving everybody wondering whether Militant Methodists were behind it. Or perhaps the Amish Liberation Front of Sri Lanka?

And, of course, what will be entirely absent in about a day or two is any coverage whatsoever of this brutal atrocity.

Just doesn’t fit the narrative, don’t you know?

Let’s get back to talking about how poor Ilhan is getting mean voicemails, shall we?

We don’t know why she’s so upset.

It’s just some people saying something, after all.


John 3:16

He Might Have, But Would We Have Noticed the Difference?

“If Mitt Romney spent the same energy fighting Barack Obama as he does fighting Donald Trump, he could have won the race,” Trump wrote on Twitter, adding “(maybe)!”

He shared a clip of Romney appearing to be emotional as he lost the election in 2012.

Trump was responding to Romney’s assertion on Twitter that he was “sickened” by the revelations in the Mueller report of the “dishonesty and misdirection” by the president.

He’s barely been there for three months, and he’s already looking like he’s going to outdo McStain in the discipline of backstabbing.

We’re beginning more and more to suspect that Mittens McRomneyCare was only in the race to make sure that nobody who was interested in winning might accidentally unseat Teh Won.

And we’re deeply ashamed that we held our nose and pulled that lever back then.


The Joys of Nationalized Healthcare

The Brits are at it again, this time poisoning confused children with untested drugs.

Staff quit NHS clinic over ethics and safety fears

The only NHS gender clinic for children is risking a “live experiment” by sending hundreds for life-changing medical intervention without sufficient evidence of its long-term effects, experts have warned.

The Times has spoken to five clinicians who resigned from the service because of concerns over the treatment of vulnerable children who come to the clinic presenting as transgender.


The NHS specialists warned that vulnerable children and teenagers had been sent down the path towards transition before experts had time to assess the causes of their gender confusion.

An Oxford professor has also raised concerns about the safety of drug therapies used by the clinic, saying the treatments were “supported by low-quality evidence, or in many cases no evidence at all”.

The number of young people referred to the clinic in north London has soared. In 2010 there were 94 referrals. By last year there were 2,519. The youngest was aged three. The five clinicians are among at least 18 clinical staff who have resigned over the past three years.

You know who also liked to experiment on children, using untried and untested methods?

Josef Mengele

This guy, that’s who.


More Kibble

You Thought We Were Kidding, Right?

We weren’t: Perhaps most controversial is a proposal in Domus, the architecture magazine, by Tom Wilkinson, for the fallen spire to be replaced with an Islamic minaret, to memorialise Algerians who protested the French government in the 1960s. “These victims of the state could be memorialised by replacing [the spire] with – why not? –

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He is Risen


Keep at it, Prozis, Don’t Let Common Sense Stop You!

We implore you! For all that’s good and holy, keep digging that hole of yours deeper. We’re sure that you, dear LCs, have all been just as amused as yours truly at the hilarious antics of the Prozis, having had their collusion prize snatched away from them so brutally, responding with their usual level of

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In All Fairness, it’s the Only Thing She Knows

Rancid Talib (D-Gaza Strip) is now calling for hunger strikes to abolish ICE. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D., Mich.) urged her supporters to join her in a hunger strike to push for action to “shut down” U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), arguing the radical push to abolish ICE can’t be achieved by Congress. Once a

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Don’t Tell Us You Didn’t See This One Coming

Via the Imperial Firearms Advisor: Conservative French politicians expressed concern Thursday about the prospect of modern architecture being added to Notre-Dame cathedral after the government invited design proposals for a new roof and spire. Politicians from France’s right-wing Republicans and far-right National Rally (RN) party called on the government to restore the cathedral exactly as

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Idiotarians on Parade

So apparently the band at the White House was playing show tunes, and this got Ace Reporter Maggie Haberman all verklempt: Now, if you don’t know who she is, you’re in good company with the other 99.9999999999999999999999999999% of the planet’s population who neither watch CNN nor read the NYT. Maggie, you’re as dumb as a

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