Tips for passing Assassin's Creed: Unity - basic tasks # 14

Kill one guard who patrol the pier tip, and throw it into the water. Turn on the eagle eye to watch others. When there are no guards near and the goal turns - go and rob it or kill it and find it.

Then run beyond the green zone, it is desirable on the same route - flowing along the river.

Memory 2: Speculators

Additional goals:

Save Thomas Levestka
Do not raise alarm

Your goal is to eliminate Maria Lezesk, Templar. You have to get to the palace during the party and destroy it.

Jump on the street from the place where you start, and kill the gangsters attackers on the merchant. Later, help the buyer to drive a little further, protecting him from attacks - thanks to this, when you enter the palace, a firework will begin, which will help you to distract.

Climb on the right wing of the palace and follow it to the end. A window will open in the tower - enter the room and go on, and you will meet her husband Mary. Open the door to the launder and quickly kill three enemies in the corridor, jump out the window on the contrary. To the right of you, a little right, a window leading to the second floor with the main banquet room. Pass through them and quickly sit on the bench, first-focusing on the position of the guards, using the vision of the eagle.

From this position you should see the goal. Maria walks, so it's hard to say where it will be. If she goes to you, just wait and kill her when she passes. If she is in the main hall, mix with the crowd and destroy it when it passes by.

After completing the task, you must run. Unfortunately, only some windows will be opened - they are marked with red icons on the screen. Use smoke checkers to lose chase and get out of the palace.

Memory 3: Escape

Additional goals:

Keep closer to the balloon
Do not touch the earth

This is a pretty simple mission, it consists mainly of running on the roofs. At the beginning, after the scene, defeat several soldiers who attack you. Then cut all the marked ropes and run to the balloon - unfortunately, you will not be able to enter.

Run straight to the winch. You jump on the roof level. Now your task is just harassing the balloon. If you want to perform additional tasks, you can not go too far and you can't fall on the ground.

Do not worry about the guards, they will all shoot Eliz. Take care of running and planning your next jumps.

Meeting for lunch, execution, meeting board

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