Pro Evolution Soccer 5 - Tips # 1

Pro Evolution Soccer 5 will hold you through questions regarding attributes, formation and control. Each of the items mentioned was described in a fully comprehensive way. Everything is supported with a large part of the text. It was verified and verified, paying special attention as much as possible.

The form of the manual is intended for players owning basic information about football. If someone has problems with understanding the main questions, then he (or her) may have to take advantage of the tips placed in the game training menu.

The liberation of each of these settlements will also be rewarded with the glasses of prestige. You must take a look at the red stripe. In most cases, the take under the control of the two settlements should be enough to exemplate the whole province. Freed sectors are displayed in green. In addition, you will not be able to lose them in the future, so you do not need to worry about it.

Control over new provinces has its advantages. First of all, you will be much safer in these areas, but this does not mean that you can kill everyone who meet! Many of these sectors have a military base. Make sure you look carefully on these settlements. You can find a lot of armored vehicles, warships or even aircraft here. You will also be rewarded with new shelters (see the second chapter of this manual). Most of them are very useful, especially if you plan to conquer all the surroundings. You should also know that you will not need to control the province at the moment when it is unlocked. You can leave it for later. New provinces are opening every time you successfully complete one of the main mission of the campaign mode.

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