Homemade wrinkle cream, which copes with the fact that not even by professional means!

Homemade wrinkle cream, which copes with the fact that not even by professional means!
Many of the women have already come across that having bought very expensive and no matter how high-quality wrinkle combat cream seemed, according to the result, they did not receive absolutely no result. This is quite frequent phenomenon. Therefore, if you want to qualitatively and correctly carry out care, you should forget about such inefficient means, and cook the cream yourself!
What do you need for cooking?
1. Egg (yolk).
2. Almond oil (can oil apricot oil).
3. Sea food salt.
4. Chamomile. (decoction).
5. Honey (liquid).
6. Cosmetic vaseline (paraffin, sold in a pharmacy).
We begin to prepare.
Initially, you should cook the chamomile decoction. To do this, pour two tablespoons of dry flowers with a glass of boiling water and give well and cool. Prepare a saucepan and pour almond oil into it (50ml), put on a small fire. When the oil becomes slightly warm, add the yolk of one egg to it and shake well. Continue to heat until the yolk is mixed with oil, and the mixture will not be transparent. When the mixture became completely transparent, add 3 spoons of liquid meal to it (honey can be any, floral, acacia, field), and then add a quarter of a teaspoon of salt. Mix the mixture well and remove from the fire. After the mixture will cool down a little, but it will be still hot, add 100 grams of paraffin to it and start hit by a wedge or fork. Beat until the consistency acquires the image of a custard cream. To quickly and better achieve such an effect, it is worth using a mixer. As soon as the mixture begins to turn into a beautiful oil mass, add 3 spoons of chamomile beams there and continue to beat.
That's all, everything is ready. Store such a product is in a glass container, in the refrigerator at a temperature of from4 to 8 degrees. You can apply cream as an ordinary moisturizing cream, sutra after you werehed, or to achieve the maximum result, the cream should be applied with a tight layer as a mask and keep about an hour.
After two weeks of using this product, the skin will catch up, wrinkles are filled, the skin color will become more sunny. The cream does not contain any allergens, so absolutely safe is completely safe for everyone. It is possible not only for the skin of the face, but also for hands. sexedate

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