Since it’s apparently, and long overdue if you ask us, all the rage for us former commie fuckheads to come clean about our past dalliances with our former “comrades” who’d now love nothing more than to shoot us right between the eyes for our heresy against the Communist/Socialist/Fascist/Progressive Utopia of Next Tuesday, we present a link to a long post by one of our fellow comrades, Mike Vanderboegh, a post in which he tries to atone for the wrongs he, like I, have done.

It’s well worth the read, it certainly made me choke up quite a few times, but that may be because I know how deep the guilt of treason, no matter how long ago, hurts.

Mind you, I never got near the levels that he or Horowitz achieved in their youthful alliance with the inhumane teachings of socialism, but that was merely because I never got the chance. I am deeply ashamed to admit that had I had the opportunity back then, I probably would have jumped at it. That’s the kind of True Believer™ that I was.

But as with sin, it’s not the actual act, it’s the willingness to commit it.

Read it, if you want to understand former leftist “heretics” like myself. Read it, if you want to understand how we never, ever will forgive ourselves for it no matter how much time passes. Read it, if you want to understand how we are more fanatic than even the most patriotic rightists alive when it comes to protect what we see as our personal salvation from the idiocy, mistakes and traitorous acts of our youth. We will not, we CANNOT backslide into that, because we will carry that guilt to our graves.

What we CAN do is to warn others. Warn them about the lure of the siren song of the leftism that we gave in to so long ago. Warn them about the shame of having done so, a shame that will never be washed away.

And use all that we have learned from having been among those leftist, tyrannical swine to destroy them until they are nothing but a bloody footnote in future history books.

Because they must be destroyed. It is, indeed, the only way to be sure.

Liberty and socialism cannot coexist.

And we traitors know that better than most.


By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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