Seems most of the staff in these hereabouts have had a gross abandonment of the muse we all depend on to write our drivel by. I’m sure that in short order we’ll pass through the damned doldrums and return to our usual plethora of productions for our fine, Loyal Citizens here. For me, it’s been a miserable week on the overnight shift (short-staffed cuz the fuckin’ kids have no work ethic at ALL) and I’ve been reduced to the role of distant spectator for virtually ALL of my normal grist, let alone enough to pound the dang keyboard with. Alas, tonight is the last and I’ll be looking forward to a nice long weekend with plenty of time to get caught up on the intertubinal info highway. Meanwhile I came across this very worthy video from Glenn Beck et. al. in response to Ogabe’s very own lying malignant narcissistic self-aggrandizment piece mini-documentary, The Road We’ve Traveled. Glenn put together a great montage of audio and video clips to remind us all where we’ve been for the last 3 years, the real road to hell we’ve traveled on.

It’s an easy 3 minute watch and be sure to share this one far and wide.

-Carry On

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