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She doesnt get it and never will


A shocked Ms May responded: “We have come to an agreement at the proposal we’re putting to the European Union which absolutely delivers on the Brexit people voted for. They voted for us to take back control of our money, our law and our borders and that’s exactly what we will do.”

But thats President Trump’s entire point.

It was an act of sheer fucking lunacy to have ever given away YOUR NATIONAL SOVEREIGN RIGHTS in the first place you feckless, spineless, drooling IMBECILE.

Yep, You Guessed it, A Day Later, We’re All Going to Die!™ Over Something ELSE!

This constant dying is getting rather tiresome, if you ask us. Particularly since we were told that if we died, we’d wake up in Heaven, and here we are, waking up in our own bed with bills still needing to be paid.

Let’s just say this: Dying sure ain’t all that it’s been cracked up to be.

So what are we dying from NOW? Yesterday it was Brett Kavanaugh, now it’s Teh Death of NATO™, which apparently is coming about because the God-Emperor noted that it’s about time that the rest of NATO starts paying their membership dues.

So the God-Emperor wants Germany to quit making Putin filthy rich and start spending some money on their own military instead so we don’t have to shoulder the entire burden of protecting their ungrateful arses from Putin.

That sounds EXACTLY like something a Putin Puppet would say, doesn’t it?

Damn, poor Volodya sure got screwed on that whole “collusion” deal, didn’t he?

Let’s see what will Destroy Us All!!!™ tomorrow.


ADDENDUM: Some people are easily confused:

While Nord Stream 2 might indeed be problematic for NATO-EU unity, Trump’s friendly overtures to Putin raise their own issues, especially while Putin still occupies Crimea and a large amount of Ukraine, too. The Baltic States do not share Trump’s enthusiasm for a friendlier relationship from the man who’s been fomenting ethnic unrest as an excuse for military intervention along the Russian frontier. Barking at NATO while embracing the Russian strongman who has made clear that he wants the old empire back is not just confusing, it’s downright alarming.

A minor correction: Putin does not “occupy” Crimea anymore than Israel “occupies” well, Israel. It is part of Russia now. Whether it should be part of Russia or not is very much open to debate (in some other post in the future, perhaps), but whether it is or not is not.

The rest is just nonsense, Ed. We hardly consider bitching Germany out for trading with Russia while encouraging them to cut off billions of dollars of trade with Russia “embracing a Russian strongman”. Unless by “embrace” you mean “bear hug”, of course. Russia is very much dependent on her sales of energy, and billions of dollars (or Euros or Deutschmarks) is no trifling matter to her. It’s also hardly strange that the President is putting this out in the open prior to the meeting, as a matter of fact it’s pretty damn obvious what he’s doing there to anybody with a brain. In that clip above that he tweeted out, he simultaneously lashes out at trade with Russia and kicks NATO in the shin for being a bunch of whiny, entitled pussies who shouldn’t bank too heavily on our continued funding of their failed welfare programs.

Translation: “I don’t like the status quo and I’m nobody’s fool. Shit has to change, and I’m prepared to hurt anybody that needs hurting if necessary to bring about some change, ally or foe.” In other words, he’s going to Helsinki with a clear message that he means business, and he’s not just going as a spokesman for NATO either. Because if he went as a spokesman for NATO, it would be virtually guaranteed that nothing would come of that meeting.

As we said: Not confusing at all.

Well THAT Didn’t Take Long

Oh dear, we’re all going to die.

Except we’re already dead, aren’t we? Not sure about you lot, but we think the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord already did us in. Or was it the tax cut that caused us to breathe our last? We’re so confused.

We remember before the pick was announced, quite a while ago, actually, Don Surber wrote a satire of the inevitable hysterical Prozi hyperbolic editorials that were bound to appear no matter WHO got picked, and he did so in a very helpful [insert name here] format so the darling little Prozis would only have to paste the name in. Such a thoughtful lad, he was.

But of course, reality once again beat out satire:

The jokes just keep writing themselves with these twerps, don’t they?


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