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Oh Well…

We have to admit that we’re at least mildly disappointed that the DNC (Prozi Party) failed to elect Keith “allahuakbar” Ellison as their new chairman.

We mean, with a frothing, racist anti-Semitic lunatic as the head of the party, the parallels between the Prozi Party and a certain other party that they resemble more and more with every passing week would be complete. They’d just have to adopt German as their official language.

Instead, they chose to make do with a mere frothing racist.

Still close.

We can offer German lessons, Prozis, we’ll even consider offering you a discount if you buy in bulk.

And for the sake of Roehm’s left nut, get a better tailor to outfit your stormtroopers. They’re positively embarrassing as it stands right now!

Hugo Boss is still around, you know.


Prozi Logic

Stolen shamelessly from this most excellent site.


Draw your own conclusions.


President Trump isnt going to the correspondence dinner

The press have:

Trashed him before, during and after the election.

Been activists for his political opponent.

Trashed, insulted, denigrated and abused his wife.

Laughed and sniggered at abuse hurled at his 10 year old son.

Spent every waking momemt trying to drag him down.

Published lies, smears, innuendo and abuse at his entire family.

Sneered and abused his daughter.

Only a snivelling, mewling coward attacks a 10 year old child.

And now they want to know why he wont attend their dinne???.

FUCK ME DEAD SUNSHINE, why the fuck do YOU think it is he doesnt want to be anywhere near a pack of gutless cowards who spew their bile and then hide behind their “Press” credentials?


Pedophile “Progressive” States that Pre-Teen Girls Have to Deal with Dicks in Their Faces

Hey, we all got to play by the same rules here, right? Right, Cucks?

So, by the new rules, Chris Cuomo is clearly a confirmed, certified, self-admitted pedophile.



So if a 12 year old girl has a problem with an adult male shoving his dick into her face, it’s not the fault of the pedophile predator, but the fault of her dad or her own fault?

Sounds about right for the Progressive child molesting monsters that we need to eradicate from the face of the planet.

For the Children. For real, this time.

You know, the more we hear “progressives” (Prozis) jump to the defense of actual pedophile predators, the more we have to wonder if we might have been a bit too quick to dismiss the whole “Pizzagate” thing.

Our bottom line is this. If this is how Prozis think, then they need to be exterminated. For the good of mankind.

And, in particular, for the good of defenseless children.

So smash the skull of a Prozi today. You needn’t feel bad about it. They’ve already declared, loudly, that nobody needs to feel bad about murdering anybody they proclaim to be “fascists” without any supporting and convincing evidence whatsoever. “Bash the fash”, and all that. Well, pardon us for thinking that it’s quite a bit more important to first wipe out animals who think that pre-teen girls just have to learn to embrace the dicks of mentally ill perverts.

Your rules, not ours.

Let the extermination camps blossom across our nation.

What? You fascists don’t like it now?

Should have thought about that sooner, shouldn’t you? You really didn’t expect there to be any backlash at all, did you?


Of course, Chris Cuomo earns quite a bit of money working for CNN, henceforth known as “the pedophile news network” so you now know that, if you get your news from them, you’re supporting little girls sucking the cocks of perverts.


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Go join Gab, where free speech is not a bannable offence. Twitter is more than welcome to go fuck itself with a ten foot perchpole laced with rusty barbed wire and the remains of Lena Dunham’s last panty liner. There is a wait time, after you sign up, in the meantime, enjoy this small revision

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Guy Tells Joke, Prozis Launch Concerted Offensive, “Fighting Right” Fold Like Cheap Lawn Chairs

So… Nothing’s really changed, has it? Didn’t really think so, we’ve seen pussies on the “right” being pussies for longer than we care to remember, but for a short while it looked like the pussies might have figured out the combination lock on the jar in which their mommies keep their testicles. Alas, it was

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Why the President and the people wont trust the media

President Trump, and the population at large, have had it with the media. Why? Before, during, and after the election, CNN, MSNBC and the rest of what we accurately call the Lamestream media™ acted and behaved like political activists instead of reporters. They chose to pick partisan sides in a highly charged, explosive political campaign.

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Time to put the dog…er…goanna out..

Here in Australia, we dont do small. We dont do harmless. And our staff know how to deal with a customer who didnt bother to book a table.

Put up..or shut the fuck up

I wonder if there’s an American version of this..if so I’d love to see it

Who Could Have Possibly Foreseen?

While the ProziMedia are furiously masturbating to every single unsourced allegation about President Trump and his staff’s alleged and so far utterly unproven “disturbing connections to and conversations with, GASP, RUSSIANS!!!1!!!”, there’s this story about Prozicrats employing IT personnel and then having to fire them because they were allegedly not quite kosher in their handling

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