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A Belated Thanksgiving Note

And a totally stolen one at that; I stumbled across this on Kevin Sorbo’s FB page. Yes, Hercules is a conservative Christian, who knew right? In any case, an interesting read as we wait for more details on the Colorado shooter and brace for the renewed assaults on our civil liberties that will surely follow.

Daniel Greenfield’s article: Being Thankful for the Left

Posted: 26 Nov 2015 10:03 AM PST

When we celebrate Thanksgiving, after being thankful for family and friends, for health and comfort, for food and shelter; we shouldn’t forget to be thankful for the left.
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This About Sums it Up, Yes

Shamelessly culturally appropriated (we hear this expression is all the rage with the “cool” kids these days) from Liberty’s Torch:




Via the Associated (with terrorists) Press:

MOSCOW (AP) — In a move raising the potential threat of a Russia-NATO conflict, Russia said Wednesday it will deploy long-range air defense missiles to its base in Syria and destroy any target that may threaten its warplanes following the downing of a Russian military jet by Turkey.

Told you so, Erdogan, you flaming fucktard. Shooting down a Russian plane presenting absolutely no threat to you because it allegedly and very briefly strayed over a thin appendix of barren Turkish ground isn’t about to win you any friends in Moscow and, we have to admit, for very good reasons too.

The incident was the first time in half a century that a NATO member shot down a Russian plane. If Russia responds by downing a Turkish plane, NATO member Turkey could proclaim itself under attack and ask the alliance for military assistance.

They could certainly ask, yes.

To which his Imperial Majesty would answer: “Oh, invoking NATO now are we, Erdo? Well isn’t that special? Let’s see. We seem to recall one time when your NATO ally, the U.S., found itself under attack. Where were you then? Yeah, that’s right. Playing footsie with Saddam and trying your damndest to foil our offensive by forcing us to redeploy our forces. So, you were saying?”

The situation is also alarming because the Russian and Turkish presidents both pose as strong leaders and would be reluctant to back down and seek a compromise.

Difference being that if Jerkogan refuses to back down, Turkey loses, but if Putin refuses to back down… Turkey loses.

Best keep them little birdies grounded for now, huh, Erdie?



This World Got Interesting Quick, Didn’t It?

We mean, after having been dragged (OK, mostly dragging ourself) back into watching the sickening, idiotic goings-on of the real world, we find that the Assnugget-in-Chief has officially abdicated any role in the Middle East and left it to Volodya Putin (masterful move there, champ! Now we can’t get involved even if we DO want to!) and the old continent is being swamped by pisslamic koranimals, eager to spread peace, joy and love the pisslamic way: Through murder and mayhem.

Of course, those of us with half a brain saw that last one coming at least 30 years ago, but European governments (or governments in general, for that matter), have never been known for being particularly burdened with intellect.

If you throw open the gates, no questions asked, no demands made, to hordes of primitive savages worshiping a subhumanly brutal ideology/”religion”, you’re bound to find yourself with a “surprise” some decades down the road. If you’re lucky.

We said that back then, and we were called racist, alarmist, fascist, Nazi and worse in no particular order. And now the borders are slamming shut all over Eunuchistan as the imbeciles belatedly realize that countries without borders pretty quickly cease to be countries at all, and when the situation turns into a free-for-all, it’s not the ones with most caring, sharing, “liberal” attitudes that end up on top. They end up quite spectacularly on the bottom. Of the heaps of bodies about to pile up over there.

So how’s that “multi-culti”, “open borders”, “let’s not judge”, “let’s not demand assimilation” open-minded “nuance” and “humanitarian” thing working out for you over there?

We guess we could say “we told you so, you fuckwits”, but there’s little consolation in that now.

Are we writing Europe off? Not at all. Some may be, based on the decadent softness of the last several decades over there, but we’ve seen this movie before and we know very well indeed just what lies buried underneath that thin veneer of “go along to get along”, “can’t we all be friends?” that has covered Europeans for quite a long time, and it isn’t pretty. Not even slightly.

First you have a sudden surge in popularity for the extremist movements and parties as the man on the street realizes that his world is coming down around his ears and the politicians aren’t going to do squat about it. It’s the only thing that politicians are good at (the only thing they’re good for is kindling), and it’s not like they have to do anything. They’re safe behind their walls in their mansions, heavily guarded from the consequences of their own inactions.

Or so they think. But at least they might get eaten last.

So the man on the street, finally and belatedly realizing that it doesn’t really matter a tiny little shag whether he has two parties or sixteen, none of them are likely to do anything to save his arse, nor are they even trying to come up with anything that might sound like a realistic solution, as a matter of fact they’re being extremely careful about not making any concrete statements that they might have to walk back later at all, starts looking around for somebody who is stating goals and plans, no matter what those goals and plans might imply.

And then some strange guy with a funny mustache shows up.

Yep, we’ve seen this one before, and we think we’re about to see it again. Only in color this time.

The surge in extreme nationalist support is already in full swing over there. All that’s needed now is a charismatic psychopath and it’s off to the races.

And again, make no mistake about this: The European, when cornered, is capable of the most heinous things. They were being mindlessly brutal before brutality was even a word and had already perfected the art millennia before when the first mooselimbs crawled out from underneath their desert rocks and started studying it. Ineptly, as they do everything else. Oh, they (the ragheads) might be capable of putting on quite a show when it comes to offing a few hundred or even thousands of victims in gory displays of barbarianism, we’ll give them that, but when it comes to true ruthless, systematic annihilation with robotic efficiency, it’s not in the desert hovels of a bunch of ululating fig farmers you’ll find it. You’ll find it further to the northwest. Much further.

“Oh, but they’re not like that anymore! Have you seen those effete, decadent, hedonistic pussies lately!”, I hear you cry out, o fictional person just made up by us for rhetorical purposes.

Why don’t we step into a time machine, the two of us, and make a little hop back to, say, Germany of the 20s. They weren’t exactly the epitome of Teutonic brutal warlike efficiency that you seem to think they’ve ever been until they “forgot all about that” in 1945. They were, if anything, even more conflict averse and decadent than they are today. Remember, they weren’t merely sick of war and not interested in it, they were bloody terrified of it, having just come out of the worst one the world had ever seen, and that went double for the rest of Europe.

Now fast forward a couple of decades, shall we?

Remember what we said about “veneer?” It’s thinner than you thought, and underneath it lies something truly terrifying. It just takes a bit of effort to let it out, and the pisslamic koranimals are digging as hard as they can.

Give it a bit of time and Satan himself will be putting up border patrols and barbed wire fences because he’ll be running out of space in Hell for all of the new muslim arrivals.

Oh yes, things are getting interesting alright.

And then the dumbarse Ottomans went ahead and shot down one of Putin’s planes.

Wrapped your turban a little bit too tight this morning, Erdogan? Just what the fuck do you think is going to happen here? Think the Russians, especially with Putin who can’t very well afford to lose face with his internal issues going on, are just going to sit down and take that one? Why don’t you ask Grozny? Bring a shovel while you’re at it. We hear they’re still clearing out the rubble and could use a hand.

One piece of advice, you clusterfucked casbah cunt: Get your groveling shoes on and dig out those knee pads if you want to live another ten years, because we have a feeling that shit is about to get really real. What? You’re looking to the U.S. for support, being a NATO ally and all?

Two things here: There’s the minor detail about us still feeling the Turkish dagger sticking between our ribs from Gulf War II, so we don’t expect that there’ll be much crying over here if Ankara becomes the Disney World of Bombed out Lunar Landscapes, and then there’s the much bigger detail that we’re currently “governed” by Princess Twinkletoes, who will only enter a war if he’s sure that we can lose it. But we’re sure that he’ll see to it that you get your very own hashtag campaign on Twitter.

It sure will be nice to see the name Constantinople on a map again, though.



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