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SJW’s make fools of themselves..again.

I know I know they always do it’s their nature. But this is something special…and different.

The Twattersphere™ is in a knickerknot uproar over HBO’s announcement of their new series “Confederate”, where the South won the Civil War.

Screams of “racist” and “old white men” and “A Trump fantasy” have been heard. Again, nothing new. For me however, I look at that new series and smile. See…these entitled, stupid ignorant halfassed millennials never picked up a book. Never read any history.

Dont know that, were it not for a sudden change in tactics, Peenemunde would never have been bombed. The British scientists sneered at the idea of an atomic bomb, calling it “silly water”. They and others laughed at the concept of such a device even existing.

Then the V1′s and V2′s visited London. Thousands died.

The reality came home…Germany had a delivery system..all they needed was the warhead.

One detonation.


A village.

A demonstration strike on an uninhabited region.

An ultimatum.

“We have the atomic bomb. Surrender. NOW.”

Those of us older, wiser, hardened and educated in the vagaries of Lady Fate, are in no doubt that, had the above occurred, this planet would have screamed for centuries from the nightmare that was the Third Reich.

This world would be a graveyard…testament to the homicidal insanity of the Master Race.

There are times I ask myself if God above is not beside himself with grief over our stupidity and arrogance..our inability to learn from the evil that sleeps in the soul of Mankind.

That precarious line..that thread..between what was…and what could very well have been.

If the South had held the Mississippi.

If Stonewall Jackson had lived. One or two crucial battles..and yes, the South would have won. Where that destiny would have led, to what consequences for the United States and for the world that followed….no one can say.

But it could have happened. If one believes in the theory of alternate universes and alternate realities..maybe it did.

Alternate history teaches us a harsh, relentless lesson. One learned by the courageous Rotties who have seen combat, by the Emperor’s family who lived under the jackbooted murderous thugs of the SS.

Those who forget the past are doomed to relive it.

Those who forget the lessons of the past….are doomed.

Keep On Beclowning Yourselves, Mostly Socialist Media

This is, after all, How We Got Trump™ (or, more importantly, how we dodged the 200MT nuclear device that was Felonia von Pantsuit).

So now the latest “colluuuuuuuuuusion” narrative is how Donald Trump Jr. was aiding and abetting an enemy of the United States by, wait for it, talking to a Russian who claimed to have some dirt on Felonia von Pantsuit which, coincidentally, it turned out that the Russian didn’t have, she just wanted to get close to Jr. to try to sell her own stuff.

The world has truly gone mad.

First off, we must have missed the part where Russia was officially declared an enemy of the United States of America. That’s the sort of thing we think ought to merit at least a brief headline, yet we can’t recall seeing one. Pretty important, though.

Second of all, his “colluuuuuding” and “aiding and abetting” considered, in toto, of the following: Somebody offered some dirt on his dad’s opponent and he decided to listen and, by the way, got nothing.

You know, like every candidate in the history of elections ever. Somebody offers dirt on your opponent, you listen, and doing so doesn’t make you a “colluder” or an “aider and abetter”. Not doing so, on the other hand, makes you a drooling idiot.

Keep digging, ProziMedia and NeverTrumpers (a distinction without a difference at this point), you’re hilarious!


CNN, the Biggest Name in Doxxing

Listen, His Imperial Majesty has long cautioned the ProgNazi Left against pushing their bullshit terroristic attacks upon people who don’t agree with them. We’ve said, time and time again, that if they keep doing it, sooner or later they’re going to push it too far, and then they’ll realize that they chose… poorly.

We’ve been saying this not out of a deep abiding concern for the well-being of the Prozis sure to be killed, injured, maimed and mutilated in the ensuing mayhem, but because no conflict in the history of mankind has ever had all of the damage limited to the deserving side of said conflict. In the end, everybody ends up dirty. Besides, as cosmically offensive as the fascist Prozi tards are, we really do believe that they have a Constitutional right to hold deeply moronic, offensive and twat-brained opinions and, on top of that, where would we be for material if we didn’t have them to mock endlessly?

We’re also far from the only one to caution the Prozis against their jihad against normal people. Many, many more widely read pundits, writers, thinkers and whatnot have been saying the exact same thing, over and over again: Listen, you twunts, if you keep this up you’re going to get hurt. Badly. And you’re not the ones extensively trained in violence and the proper, effective use of heavy weaponry.

And so, on the 4th of July, no less, CNN decided to crank the Doomsday Clock a bit closer to midnight.

We’re sure you all already know most of the story, but for completion’s sake, let’s start with the beginning:

Some rando (that’s how the kids describe posters on the Internet sometimes) posted this gif:

Now, clearly, to anybody with an IQ high enough to operate a can opener (that is to say, anybody with an IQ high enough that “journalism school” wasn’t the ONLY option for continued education), the above is a satirical comment on the extremely, ultra bad few weeks CNN had just had, having had to fire numerous star employees over fake stories, watching their ratings plummet, being exposed as lying shits in undercover videos made by the absolutely awesome James O’Keefe’s Veritas Project and so on and so on.

CNN has been on a single-minded crusade to undermine and destroy the current president since even before he was sworn in, that’s a fact, and yet they keep getting brutally pwned, as the kids say, by reality and The Donald. You may not think the gif above particularly funny or artistic, but you can’t possibly rationally disagree that it’s anything more than a giant “neener” to the pompous prickgobblers at CNN.

Unless you’re one of them, of course. They had a complete meltdown because of it. For days they couldn’t stop talking about how this was a clear call to violence against journalists, how it was literally Hitler and worse than the Holocaust and how it was a direct threat to the “sacred role” of media, whatever the actual fuck that might be.

No mention, of course, of all of their own actual encouragement to violence against Republicans which ultimately resulted in Rep. Scalise and others getting sent to ICU after being gunned down by one of CNNs regular viewers. Doesn’t fit Teh Narrative™, you know.

And then they went to phase II, which was to sic their crack investigative team on the task of finding out who the anonymous rando original poster actually was. Of course, Internet “anonymity” being what it is, they succeeded. Upon which they started trying to get in contact with him, presumably for “comment.” We obviously don’t know exactly how they did so, but it’s really not hard to guess. Voicemails, emails, texts etc., all of them obviously including the guy’s actual name.

The guy, naturally, having seen what happens to people who get a CNN lynch mob sicced on them (anybody remember Justine Sacco? That particular witch hunt was, by the way, led by the same CNN pus bag, Andrew Kaczynski in charge of this one), immediately deleted pretty much everything he’d ever posted that might be considered offensive and contacted CNN to give them a groveling, panicked, tearful “apology” that was even less convincing than the ones we’ve seen beaten and tortured out of Americans captured by savages abroad.

But never mind, CNN had gotten its pound of flesh and then… the mistake. They decided to crow about it:

After posting his apology, “HanA**holeSolo” called CNN’s KFile and confirmed his identity. In the interview, “HanA**holeSolo” sounded nervous about his identity being revealed and asked to not be named out of fear for his personal safety and for the public embarrassment it would bring to him and his family.

CNN is not publishing “HanA**holeSolo’s” name because he is a private citizen who has issued an extensive statement of apology, showed his remorse by saying he has taken down all his offending posts, and because he said he is not going to repeat this ugly behavior on social media again. In addition, he said his statement could serve as an example to others not to do the same.

CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.[Emphasis ours - Emp.M.]

The kid (CNN is now claiming that he’s not a kid but an adult, wait, a middle-aged adult, but anybody taking anything they’re saying seriously at this point are really off their meds. Ultimately, his age doesn’t matter anyway) was clearly terrified and CNN, being the magnanimous, benevolent rulers and arbiters of what may and may not be said on the Internetz, having detailed the extent of his self-abasing groveling and kissing of their filthy feet, graciously decided that he’d paid enough penance for giving them the sadz.

Unless, of course, he were to transgress against their Most Holy Selves in some undefined future, in which case…

CNN is also now claiming that they didn’t threaten anybody. That it was, indeed, the rando poster himself who contacted them to apologize before they’d even spoken to him.

Which is likely true, actually. Certified mail, voicemails, emails, texts etc., whatever might have been the case, do not count as “speaking with”, they’re attempts to get a hold of somebody so you can speak with them. But, again, unless you’re at least seven evolutionary steps below paramecia, you know full well what receiving such a communication means. Once again: Remember Justine Sacco?

That was the threat, right there, followed by the one in the article quoted above in the last line. We’ll give them one thing: No, there wasn’t an implied threat. The threat was quite direct, unambiguous and to the point: You keep your nose clean from now on, kid, or we’ll destroy you, capice?


All of this they did on the 4th of July. It’s as if they’re deliberately trying to get themselves buried in a shitstorm of truly epic proportions.

Speaking of shitstorms, as they asked, so did they receive. 4chan and the various and sundry other armies of Weaponized Autists out there are on this thing like a ginormous swarm of very angry, very determined and highly effective wasps with huge stingers. Because if there is ONE thing that the various memelords, shitposters and autists out there cannot, will not ever forgive, it’s doxxing. And if there is one thing they don’t know how to do, it’s to stop something they’ve started until the target of their ire is a smoking pile of worthless rubble. Never underestimate the powers of Weaponized Autism. Shia la Beefhead sure won’t. Shia who? Our point exactly.

As of this writing, their Twatter feed is a pretty much unreadable endless storm of memes. Highly hilarious, but not of very much use to them, we’re sure. And we’re also sure that any employees of CNN who have anything even remotely embarrassing in their pasts are sleeping very uneasily these days. If not, they should be. Not because of fear of violence, far from it, that’s only in their fevered masturbatory fantasies where they’re brave warriors of truth, but because those embarrassing “secrets” may very well not be secret for much longer.

One bad doxx deserves another, as one might say. Think on it, CNN swine.

Finally, there’s the legal angle. We’re not a legal eagle, but Senator Ted Cruz most certainly is, and he was on Twatter wondering if CNN might just have committed multiple felonies in coercing a third party. All we can say is that we feel bad for the head of CNN’s legal department right now. Imagine him coming in after a nice 4th of July weekend to find THAT pile of shit that the Einsteins of the company he works for dumped on his desk. There simply aren’t enough pharmaceuticals in the world to cope with that.

CNN: You’ve spent months hyperventilating about how every single criticism of you and your fellow presstitutes is “encouraging violence” against journaljizzmers. You are, of course, entirely wrong about that.

But if you really want an example of the kind of thing that DOES encourage just that, you just provided the world with one.

Congratulations, we suppose.


Happy Birthday, You Lovely Old Broad!


Things are hectic around the Imperial Palace, finances are awfully, uncomfortably tight and boy do we need a vacation BUT…

There is nothing on Earth we’d rather be than an American, and nowhere we’d rather be than right the bloody hell here, in America!

Happy birthday, America, from this most grateful of all of your adopted children.

Let’s keep on making you great again!


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