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Tim Poole on the current situation.

No editorial comment from me, I am in no position to speak.

Just listen to what he has to say.

Rotties, from your overseas brother, be safe, be careful. God keep you in the palm of His hand.

– LC Bren.

Meet PC Plod. Policing UK style

This is the kind of “community policing” that has become the face of this useless Chinese Lung Pox™ lockdown.

She was of course “counselled” that she was abusing her power and that she , in fact, had NO AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER to order people out of their own front garden.

“The virus doesnt stop at your garden”, yeah sweetie, and it looks like the blood stopped going to your brains.

Or this little gem

The ACS told the stores to continue to sell a full range of products, as the shops themselves had already been deemed essential, and there was no official definition of what could be sold within them. Such treat-based confusion is clearly widespread—Peterborough police posted a reprimand on their Facebook page after discovering a driver with a “non-essential” chocolate bar on the passenger seat.


Or this

Police have been told not to carry out blanket checks on cars or penalise people for travelling a “reasonable distance” for exercise, after complaints some forces had overreached their powers in attempting to curb the spread of coronavirus.

There was a comment I saw a while back on this debacle recently, saying that when this was over, people would remember how the police handled the public and this crisis. Oh, they will remember, all right.

They will remember that the so called “officers of the law” acted like a pack of self important, puffed up nanny state PRIZE FUCKWITS.

They will remember how members forgot they were public servants and decided that a little bit of power made them petty little dictators.

In years to come, when the police bitch and whine how the community distrusts them and its harder to do their jobs, leave them with this little snippet of wisdom.

If you ever want to know why they dont want to talk to you, dont trust you?



And just, like that, the DoJ was forced to drop the bullshit case against General Flynn that the crooked, corrupt, mendacious KGB, er, FBI cooked up.

Now, let’s see if any of the criminals responsible for the destruction of an innocent man will be made to pay for their numerous felonies.

No excitement without indictments.

Sadly, we don’t much believe that we’ll see any. The usual bullshit “mistakes were made” will be the end of it, and the swine responsible will get to keep their fat pensions, one and all.


Let’s Roll or Let’s Roll Over

As tempers are beginning to flare even more than usual across our fruited plains, with Americans being increasingly sick and tired of losing all of their liberties, livelihoods and just plain joys of life due to a Chinese lab experiment gone awfully wrong, it’s becoming increasingly clear that it’s shit or get off the pot time.

Of course, that’s a pretty hefty decision, so it is deserving of at least a modicum of pondering.

First of all, the status of our economy can most charitably be described as moribund at this point. 30 million Americans have lost their jobs, and those are just the ones we know of, our national debt is skyrocketing, businesses are closing down permanently because their owners just can’t keep them on life support anymore and our supply lines are beginning to creak rather noisily. Weeks ago we were concerned about running out of butt-wipes, now we’re beginning to worry about running out of food. Rationing of meat has already kicked in in some grocery chains and we can assure you that it will only get worse the longer this goes on.

And it will go on unless we get back to work and soon, preferably last week.

The only point of keeping it up at this point is to keep it up until the Chinese Lung Pox has been rendered moot, and that won’t happen for another year if it happens at all. You see, viruses don’t just “go away”, they “die out” when, and not one second before, enough people are immune that it can’t spread anymore. And immunity happens in one of only two ways: We either catch it and get better, or we all get vaccinated, and for the latter option we need a vaccine which we don’t have and may not even have in a year. Or ever.

Them’s the facts, and if there are anybody out there who thinks that this nation, or any other nation in the world for that matter, that can survive a year or more of this Covidiocy-induced slow motion suicide that we’re currently engaged in, we have some lovely ocean front property in Arizona we’d like to sell you. Cheap. While we still have something in the stores to buy with the money.

Which leaves us with Door #2: Getting out there and getting immune. This not only ends Chinese Lung Pox for good, it also makes sure that we won’t be fighting over the last strip of moldy bacon in the store come December. The three of us that still have an income to buy it with, that is. Now, obviously, this does not mean that we shouldn’t continue aggressively protecting the most vulnerable among us, as a matter of fact we should be considerably more aggressive in looking out for them and protecting them than we have been, but we are wildly optimistic enough that we think we can somehow figure out a way to walk and chew gum at the same time if we try really, really hard.

In the meantime the vast majority of us who, even if we get infected, will either have no symptoms at all or very mild ones, can be out there making sure that there’s still a country left when we’re done building immunity so everybody can come back out from hiding, which won’t take very long.

Yes, this means that people will get sick, particularly immediately after we get back to being free individuals, but that was ALWAYS going to be the case. Again: Viruses don’t “go away”, they get defeated by not having anybody left to spread to.

What somebody forgot to mention when everybody was talking about “flattening the curve” (a smart move as we didn’t know back then if we could handle the disease without crushing the healthcare sector, mainly because we didn’t know squat about Xi’s Revenge and better safe than sorry. We know now and yes, we can) was that just because you flatten the mound of sand in your driveway, it doesn’t mean that there is less sand in your driveway once you’re done. It just means that you won’t have to climb over it to get to your car.

We were always going to get sick, we just put it on hold for a bit. We filed for an extension on our Flu Returns so we could save up enough money to pay the bill. The bill didn’t get any smaller.

Or we can see if there is anything left of us when, or IF a vaccine shows up at some unspecified point in the distant future. Cold and starving while tens, if not hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens die of depression, suicide, untreated undiagnosed diseases and G-d knows what else.


Roll, or roll over?


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