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But No, Nobody is Trying to Force Their Lifestyle On You…

Which is what we hear every time the Gay Nazi Lobby tries to ridicule the “paranoia of homophobes.”

We’re sure the Giffords don’t feel that they’ve had anything forced upon them at all (h/t Matt Walsh):

The New York State Division of Human Rights (DHR) has ruled that the Roman Catholic owners of an Albany-area farm violated the civil rights of a lesbian couple when they declined to host the couple’s same-sex “marriage” ceremony in 2012.

Robert and Cynthia Gifford, who own and operate Liberty Ridge Farm in Schaghticoke, were ordered by DHR Judge Migdalia Pares and Commissioner Helen Diane Foster to pay $10,000 in fines to the state and an additional $3,000 in damages to the lesbian couple, Jennie McCarthy and Melissa Erwin for “mental pain and suffering.”

Obviously freedom of association and property rights aren’t among the “human rights” that the New York State Gestapo of Enforced Conformity protects.

Additionally, the Giffords must provide sensitivity training to their staff, and prominently display a poster highlighting state anti-discrimination laws.

But they did manage to avoid having a scarlet “H” tattooed on their foreheads and they weren’t ordered to spend a fortnight in the pillory, so there is that.

“The entire interaction between the Complainants and the Giffords transpired during a two to three minute telephone conversation which, unknown to Mrs. Gifford, was being tape recorded,” Trainor said.

“After communicating the fact that they chose not to hold same-sex marriage ceremonies at the farm because to do so would violate the Giffords’ sincerely held beliefs (that God intended marriage to be between a man a woman only), Mrs. Gifford invited the couple to visit the farm to discuss handling their wedding reception, which the couple refused.”

Of course they did. The two obscenely obese dykes weren’t in the slightest interested in an actual wedding ceremony at the Giffords’ farm. All they were interested in was punishing the “other” for daring to not endorse, embrace and celebrate their lifestyle. That and a meal ticket, because meal tickets is something that the couple uses a lot of. A lot.

And so the Giffords joins a line of photographers, bakers and various and sundry other people who have been found guilty of insufficient adulation of Teh Ghey and punished by the strong arm of the state in the former land of the free. But nothing, absolutely nothing is being forced upon anyone, that’s just Crazy Talk.

Fuck you very, very much.

How about calling the nearest mosque and asking for them to officiate over your gay wedding, huh? And then sue them when they refuse. That would actually be funny, because they certainly wouldn’t be meekly turning the other cheek. But that would, of course, require courage, something that those hateful bullies of the Gay Gestapo are sorely lacking in.

And no, nobody need protest loudly that “none of MY gay friends would ever endorse such a thing”, because neither would any of ours. They’d probably be first in line to give the two hateful bulldykes a good thrashing, that’s not our point.

You see, it’s not “just” a couple of bullies bullying a perfectly innocent couple who have done them no harm, it’s a case of those bullies using the limitless resources and power of the state to do so and, what’s even worse, the state willingly acting as the muscle for those beastly bitches, violating every single ACTUAL right of the victims.

That’s what this country has come to and we, for one, have had quite enough of it. Further, we suspect that we aren’t the only one. The pot just hasn’t come to a full boil. Yet.

And that’s what pushes stunts like those past offensive into truly, criminally stupid territory.

You see, that’s how backlashes are created, and backlashes tend to be uncontrollable once they’re unleashed. They tend to go way above and beyond once the penned up anger and resentment is let loose, and nobody ends up looking good in the end. Particularly not the ones on the losing end. They end up looking much like a bunch of peasants run over by an armored battalion.

And that’s really too bad, because the gay equality movement is one that His Imperial Majesty has supported quite a bit and still supports in its original version, which was “just let us be us and leave us alone.” Not an unreasonable request at all, we tolerate things that are vastly more offensive than consenting adults liking their vice versa. It never made any sense to us, and it still doesn’t, to hate or even dislike somebody because they love somebody we don’t approve of, any more than it would make sense for us to hate our neighbor because he likes girls with hairy armpits. Not our problem and, more importantly, none of our gorram business.

Yes, we DO refuse to acknowledge gay unions as “marriages”, not the unions themselves, we have no problem acknowledging those, we’re very happy for any couple who finds love, but they will never be “marriages.” But that’s because His Imperial Majesty belongs to the old school of stubborn bastards who believe that words have meanings and that we ought to keep it that way. Much in the same way that you don’t, in our opinion, get to paint stripes on your horse and call it a zebra just because you like zebras better than horses. It’s still a damned horse.

But no bone of ours was ever broken by two consenting adults of the same sex loving one another, nor did their private act pick our wallet.

Except that’s not true any more, is it? Now that you’ve enrolled the “law” and the fascist state in your cause and they seem to be only too happy to play along. We’re sure the Giffords could have used that $13,000 of their own money for something else, not to mention the legal fees they wasted fighting your ridiculous suit.

So you hateful, vindictive swine really shouldn’t celebrate your victory, because it will end up being one very dearly paid for.

Just like the race baiter in chief and his racist administration has set race relations in this country back by at least half a century, you idiots and idiots like you are stirring up one pissed off bear who can and will eat you the fuck alive if you push it too hard. Nobody wants to see that happen, His Imperial Majesty included, because one shitload of innocent people will end up getting hurt as a result, but for every hostile action there is an equal and, more often than not, ten times more violent opposite reaction, so if it happens or, more accurately, when it happens the way things are going, you will only have yourselves to blame.

You inexcusably stupid fucking idiots.

We had come so far, so very, very far, but that wasn’t enough for you, was it?

You just had to go and destroy it all.

May G-d have mercy upon your souls.


Great Moments in Journaljizzm

We’ll just point you to Maetenloch, because he does a great job of dissecting the latest hit job performed by the Washington Compost on the reputation of Officer Darren Wilson, whom the media have already found guilty of cold-bloodedly gunning down a tiny choir boy who was on his knees, pleading for his life.

So, after the Prozi Propagandists of the Washington Compost got done digging and digging in an effort to find out how Officer Wilson got to be such a horrible, murderous person (because that’s already established fact, according to the “media”), what did they find?

That his mother got divorced twice, she once got sentenced to probation and he once worked for a department that had a bad rep. All of which must, must be Officer Wilson’s fault, of course.

(Just don’t ever as much as suggest that black kids growing up fatherless in a culture of crime and dependency thanks to Democrat Socialist policies might in the slightest influence on the poor tykes as they grow up, because RAYCISSSSSSSSSSS!!!!)

His service record, on the other hand? Spotless. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Not even the libel and slander merchants of the Compost could find one iota, even after devoting all of their considerable resources to digging up evidence for the prosecution.

His Imperial Majesty thinks it’s about time that the “free press” gets hauled up on charges and sued out of existence, their every last employee sentenced to a lifetime of hard labor with no parole, because frankly we’re getting sick and tired of this shit.

Is it legitimate journalism to look into a party to a conflict, a big news story? Certainly. If you look into BOTH parties.

But kindly note that whereas no detail of Officer Wilson’s life is too small for the Compost and their Prozi “journalist” partners in crime to blow out of proportions, it’s still VERBOTEN to mention that the “utterly innocent choir boy ‘child’, Michael Brown”, was a 6’4″, 300lb thug caught on tape committing assault and robbery, roughing up a little old man a third his size.

Nope. Can’t mention that. Irrelevant. Did you know that Officer Wilson once returned a library book three days late?

Three. Days. Late!

Burn him!!!

Think we’re exaggerating?

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: That choice of words was a regrettable mistake. In saying that the 18-year-old Michael Brown was “no angel” in the fifth paragraph of Monday’s front-page profile, The Times seems to suggest that this was, altogether, a bad kid.

That’s the New York Slimes apologizing for calling a 300lb, 6’4″ violent robber “no angel” and thus suggesting that he might be a “bad kid.”

Sure, heaven forbid anybody should suggest that somebody committing assault and robbery was a “bad kid”, that kind of shit is just unforgivable!

But slandering the reputation of an officer based on no evidence at all (as opposed to closed circuit camera footage which, even in the most Prozi of locales of our country, would be considered “evidence”), leaving said officer with no hopes of a fair and speedy trial if it comes to a trial, is perfectly OK.

But let’s don’t be beastly to the Germans.

Are background stories important in cases such as this one where we have a lot of he-said, she-said? They are, to be sure. But it would be at least halfway decent if such stories were, we don’t know, a bit fair and balanced in nature. But we can’t expect that in the Prozi States of America, just ask George Zimmerman and too many other examples to count.

As to the case itself? We don’t know, we weren’t there, and neither were you.

Although we do find it at least somewhat interesting that none of the allegations made by the anti-Wilson crowd have been borne out by facts. We mean, isn’t it interesting how not a single one of those shots to the back of Brown went through his actual back? How his “friend” stated unequivocally that Officer Wilson man-handled a thug twice his size with one arm stuck out of the window of his patrol car? Things like those?

It really doesn’t matter, does it?

The “press” and the criminal thugs running our government have made abundantly sure by now that we’ll never know the actual truth of what went down that night.

And if we do, against all odds, find the truth, the Prozi “media” have made a blood oath to make sure it never gets heard of again.

The land of the fee, the home of the slave.



UPDATE: Here’s the Prozi Media’s version of “fair and balanced”, a background piece on Michael Brown in the very same Washington Compost that went to any length short of suborning perjury, devoting considerable resources to slandering officer Wilson:

Brown loved music even as a young child. Ophelia Troupe, his art teacher for five years in elementary school, remembers a reserved, polite little boy — he’d always respond “yes ma’am” or “no ma’am.” He kept to himself but lit up when she’d play her son’s beats — which make up the backbone of hip-hop and rap songs — in class as a reward if the students behaved.

Pardon us, but we just threw up in our mouth. That’s just a very, very short excerpt of the Compost’s hagiography, but we warn you ahead of time: Reading the whole thing might give you diabetes and it’s certain to make you wonder why they didn’t just phone the Vatican right away and suggest that Brown be canonized this very instant.

Jim He’s Dead……..

Not really, but there has been some signs of rigor mortis. Well it has been a wild ride this last year, but things are looking up. I’ve completely escaped the Hell Hole of Travis County for residency and work. I’m rebuilding slowly from a life torn asunder by unpleasant (meaning just plain shitty) and unexpected events of my own and some other’s doings. We’re talking losing it all, where one’s entire holdings of those physical items fit nicely into a car. Books and my clothing I had, but no electronics and in my case, a nice DVD library as well g.o.n.e. Yet the good L_rd had other things in mind for my journey through life and it IS good.

What did this poor excuse for a human get one may wonder? An awesome, kind, loving, business owning, MIT educated lady that treats me like a King, 5 acres of land (all entirely paid for mind you) in Hays County, far out in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, where we can shoot our fine collection of boom sticks while sitting on the porch. Employment that doesn’t involve ANY commute on other than two-lane country roads replete with beautiful scenery and wild life, about 25 minutes away. Just horrid eh? By the way she can out-cook the vast majority of those calling themselves “chefs” out there. Truth be told we do have our minor differences, she’s a large “L” libertarian and rather liberal on some social issues, but we’ve agreed to disagree there, in other words a non-issue. G-d has given me a priceless gift, a second chance at a happy, fulfilling life.

I only need an easy way to resume posting on these pages due to a lack of access to a real keyboard, an iPad just isn’t all that suitable for writing very easy at t’all, but that is being rectified soon.

Life does go on and those changes the Big Guy throws at us, while sometimes painful for awhile can ultimately be a very good thing. I’m living proof of that. Time to feed the chickens, so I’m signing off for now.

May you all be blessed by He who runs this show.

Your humble correspondent, JB.

And Caliph al-Bama Golfed On

Any questions?

Any questions?

Worthless piece of shit.


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