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So, Er, Tell Us Again How We’re Supposed to “Work Within the System” to Change This Again?

It’s been fun (for values of “fun”) watching how the last shreds of the Republic have been burned to ashes, then pissed upon by the new Imperial Government in Washington DC, hasn’t it?

We mean, first we get the unelected Black Robed Tyrants deciding that when ObongoCare says “subsidies are only for states with ObamaExchanges”, it doesn’t actually mean “subsidies are only for states with ObamaExchanges”, but “subsidies are for all states.”

Why? Because the Supreme “Court” says so, that’s why. They alone know what the legislature really meant when they wrote a law, you see, and it is up to them to tell us unwashed serfs what that is, even when what they “meant” (as per a handful of unelected fascists) is exactly the opposite of what they wrote and passed as a law.

And there is fuck all you can do about it, peasant. Because those elite patricians of SCOTUS can’t be unelected and, more importantly, they’re the only “coequal” branch of governments whose diktats can’t be overruled. The other, not quite as “coequal”, branches don’t have that luxury. And their diktats, unlike mere laws passed by elected representatives of the people they rule over, stand forever, because whenever another case comes up, stare decisis, that abortion of a “principle”, demands that a decision, however ancient, must still be adhered to.

Fun having a Republic, wasn’t it? We must remember to tell our children and grandchildren of it when they get old enough to not believe a word of what we’re saying.

Oh, and how about the same sex marriage diktat? That was fun too, wasn’t it? Now gays not only can “marry”, they have a RIGHT to marry, no matter what you idiot peasants say. Yet another SCOTUS-invented right nowhere to be found in the Constitution.

Next up: They also have a RIGHT to be married in your church. And to order you to bake them a cake. Mandatory fellatio will come at a date to be determined. We’re only half joking about that last one.

So, er, goodbye to freedom of religion as well. Oh sure, you can still believe in what you want, but you no longer have a right to follow your religious conscience (right actually defined in the Constitution) if it might override gays’ right to tell you to shut up and do as you’re told (right NOT ANYWHERE mentioned, hinted at or penumbraed from emanations in the Constitution).

So tell us again how just holding our nose and voting for Jeb in 2016 is going to fix all of this, huh?


All Hail the Idiocracy

And so, in the wake of yet another subhuman scumbag murdering innocents while hopped up on government-approved psychotropic drugs, what does the nation turn to?

Debating the wisdom of force-feeding what used to be street drugs to children down to the age of 6? Perhaps the wisdom of kicking all of the terminal nutcases out on the streets in the name of “personal liberty?”

No. Surely you jest. That would be entirely too logical, not to mention inconvenient in case we end up drawing all of the “wrong” conclusions about our so-called government’s innumerable legislative criminal fuckups.

What this nation clearly needs to stop drug-addled nutcases from shooting up innocent churchgoers is a ban on the Confederate battle flag. THAT will solve everything!

So weak-kneed, spineless coward after weak-kneed, mewling coward politician has backed down and started tearing down and outlawing a piece of U.S. history in the name of whatever the Hades they’re doing it in the name of. Perhaps their pagan gods have promised them that they’ll ban murder if they offer them just one more sacrifice on the altar of censorship and oppression?

And Amazon and Walmart have already joined ranks with the superstitious cave dwellers, banning all sales of the offending, apparently lethal flag from their stores.

Never to be outdone, the Church of Apple have also bowed down to the gods of idiocy and pulled all games with the Southern Cross in them. Which is to say any and all games depicting the War of Northern Aggression, since to allow such a flag in such a game would clearly be historically accurate raycisss and immediately cause another shooting.

That last one strikes a particular note with His Imperial Majesty since he likes to play historical war games and has, for ages, been mildly annoyed at having to mod every single one taking place in WWII since developers can’t allow swastikas in them. They wouldn’t be allowed to sell them in Germany if they did, you see, because any depiction of a swastika is illegal in that lovely, “free” euro-socialist country. So you either have to grit your teeth while playing, say, a WWII flight simulator where the German planes are all adorned with whatever replacement symbol the developers could get past the jackbooted German censors, or mod history back into what’s supposed to be a historical simulator.

We used to make fun of that, but now that the idiocy has come to the nation formerly known as “the land of the free”, it’s not quite as amusing anymore.

“So what? Who really cares about whether or not some symbol is left out of a simulator? Big whooping deal, get over yourselves”, I hear some cry, but it really isn’t a “small issue” in any way. Because what’s next? Well, how about Company of Heroes 2 being banned in Russia because it depicted the Soviet commissars on the Eastern Front in WWII as being “too brutal”?

Yes, we’ll wait for you to quit laughing/picking your jaws up off the floor. Some of the most murderous, subhuman swine in all of human history were being depicted “unfairly” by showing them ordering poorly armed troops into the jaws of waiting machine gun fire, because that surely never happened, and *poof*, a market gone for a major game developer.

Unless, of course, they were to somehow “modify” history in order to placate those who are all too offended by history as it was. Guess what they’re going to do eventually?

You get three guesses, and the first two don’t count. Remember the ban on swastikas in WWII games? They didn’t happen because UbiSoft believes in the primitive superstitions of “politicians” that somehow seeing a swastika on an Me-109 is going to make somebody build a concentration camp in their back yard. They happened because Germany is a big market, and it’s a foolish business who deliberately makes their product unsaleable in such a market.

“But it’s just GAMES, you nerd!”

Sure they are, though I resent the use of the word “just”, o convenient fictional dissenter. I’d like to see you even get a historically accurately modeled Me-109 off the ground or even get through the pre-flight checklist before setting it on fire.

But where do you think today’s youngsters get a huge part of their knowledge about history from? Public Skools? Majors in Gender Studies from our neo-Marxist bastions of “higher” learning?

And even if you DO believe that the younguns are still getting accurate information from those PC halls of indoctrination in good-think, who’s to say that they aren’t next in line for a once over with the fascist airbrush of censorship?

Best of luck with that childish faith in the fascists who would be our overlords.

Hmmm… We get a sudden urge to go buy two dozen Confederate battle flags from one of the vendors who still haven’t bowed down to their new masters. Just because we can.



SCOTUS To The States….Screw Y’all !!!

Once again the Supreme Court has decided to become a law-making body in it’s ruling on the Obergefell v. Hodges case under the 14th Amendment. The 14th Amendment Privileges and Immunities clause has always teetered on the edge of encroaching the states’ rights by the expansion of the federal government. In this case apparently the court decided that abrogation of state law was necessary in protecting the civil rights of persons that were previously guaranteed by the states. This is an egregious ruling on a number of levels as it not only vacates the rights previously defined by the states but also rights defined by (the federal) congress. At issue in my opinion, is the lack of definitive enumeration of the privileges and immunities under the amendment leaving the federal government, in this case the court, in a position to vacate almost anything enacted by the state governments. In this decision the court has walked onto a slippery slope by gutting Section 2 of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, which was passed by large majorities in both houses of congress. The current court shows a dangerous willingness to ignore not only states’ rights but duly enacted legislation by congress as well. One can only be concerned that another Clinton in the White House given a SCOTUS vacancy, might further push the court into an anti-federalist stance. To be clear the ruling does not force states’ existing marriage laws into permitting gay-marriage, but requires states to license gay-marriages performed out-of-state. Nonetheless, the ruling thoroughly tramples the federalist principle that the states have the preemminent duty to protect the civil rights of it’s citizens. Here we have a derelict Supreme Court once again ignoring the separation of powers by reversing their true constitutional duty to define what the duly enacted law is not what it should be, and in that process becoming a law-making body. Let me be clear here, I fully support civil unions with equal rights and protections given to lawful marriages, but marriage throughout history and biblically has always been the union of male and female. No doubt this ruling will open the door for further attacks on Christianity.

It’s a sad day for the Constitution as envisioned by the founders. James Madison is once again spinning in the grave.

Discuss and Carry On-


Darwin Weekly Award Winner [Update]

I think I’m safe saying that we’ve all had one of those “hold my beer and watch this Bubba” moments, but sometimes even those are exceeded by something that’s beyond any sane person’s understanding. This is one of them.

This moron test subject decided to try placing a red, fire ant nest in his skivvies, allowing them of course, to 1) get mighty pissed off and 2) begin biting the bugger-all out of his tender nether regions. He made a good showing peeling down with a bit of panache, but things went downhill mighty quick when the “test” begins in earnest. The test objective is rather obscure unless it was a demonstration of his pain tolerance.

His screams to have his pals hose down his manhood, attempting to rid his groin of the ants are just priceless.

For his accomplishment we here at the Rott award him this week’s Darwin Award, with an Oak Leaf Cluster for exceptional Idiotarianism.

[Update: Well fuck me senseless. I didn't download the dang video to the Empire's media library and Youtube yanked it. Poof Gone!! My bad.]

-Carry On

JB sends from the Outer Blue Rim of the Empire….end transmission.

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