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Everyone must be out “Marching for their Lives” or something.  So here’s an open thread to get a Management™ type to hurry back and post something deep and thought-provoking…

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Hold My Beer

I am told that in a few days….

…a bunch of glitter headed idiotarians will parade on stage, hand each other gushing words and meaningless awards for pretending to be other people, prate and virtue signal about all their “noble causes” and “great issues that MUST be addressed in the name of equality and social justice”, then climb back into their expensive cars with their goodie bags worth thousands of dollars apiece, be driven back to their mansions in gated estates surrounded by armed guards…

..meanwhile, thousands of miles away, soldiers from many nations will hunker down for the night, sleep as best they can, check their weapons and gear in the morning, and set out to make the world a better place.

They wont worry about if a microphone “might make their dress ride up” , they worry if they will come home safe to those they love.

They dont worry about “social justice”, their calling is freedom and peace, which they have sworn to defend, placing their bodies between their homes and the war’s desolation.

There is one major difference between the soldier and the celebutard.

One is a band of brothers, who know firsthand that their duty, their sacrifice, their courage in the face of an enemy that hates all they stand for..will change the world for the better.

The other is a group of vapid morons from Hollyweird.

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Too Funny to Not Post

From the Raconteur Report. Thatisall.

Teenage Camera Whore Comes up With New Excuse for Truancy

We’re talking, of course, about CNN’s new boy toy, that rat-faced freak David Hogg, who just can’t keep furiously flogging his meat to the deaths of his classmates, blaming everybody except the shooter who did the deed and the four Cowards of Broward who were hiding with their guns and uniforms in the shrubberies outside

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Misha has kindly given me a set of keys to the place. I used to write a blog on medical issues and this was the first post I wrote and the first one linked by Misha.  He was a real patient. Some people are born to be examples. Others are born to be warnings.  You

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Our breathless wait (yawning isn’t breathing, is it?) for a conclusion to Herr Müller of the Gest… er, FIB’s “investigation” into Trump/Russian COLLUUUUUUUSION™ has finally ended as we learn that Herr Müller of the Reichssicherh…, er, FIB has heroically indicted no less that 13 (THIRTEEN)… Russian Facebook trolls. Yes, that’s right boys and girls, after

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Well, In My Defense I Was Left Alone…

… And I could no longer in good conscience leave Helen Thomas at the top of this page. Besides, I crack up every time I see this photo.  I knew it was only a matter of time before someone took the troll dolls from fifty years ago and update it like this.

Journalistic “Standards”

When I teach a concealed weapons class I always stress to my students to be extremely wary of how the presstitutes describe new firearms laws when they roll out, and to read the statute for themselves. For example, if a person relied solely on the “media” in Florida for their knowledge of firearms laws, they

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