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This is Not a Drill

Meet Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant. This is a rare photo of her looking nice, normal, and reasonable, which should give you an idea what she is like most of the time.

I am not giving away too much when I consider her to be a CUNT in the most extreme definition.

Sawant is a Socialist.

Not a ‘socialist’ in the small “s” description, but a full-blown Marxist Socialist with all of the nasty connotations that might bring up.  (there IS a difference between having some ‘socialist’ views on some things and being an actual, card-carrying, Karl Marx-worshiping “SOCIALIST”)

It was never really any secret about Kshama Sawant’s socialism.  She wears it like a huge badge of honor.  Her constituents of District 3 knew her political views — and they voted her into office, much to the shagrin of the rest of the city.

But what they didn’t know was this:  Kshama Sawant gets her marching orders from a closed group is known as Socialist Alternative, with a stated view pointing toward “the global capitalist system as the root cause of the economic crisis, poverty, discrimination, war, and environmental destruction.”

She doesn’t listen to the people who voted her into office.  Instead, she gets instructions in the form of memos to tell her how to vote and what positions she must take.

Check it out here.



Art Imitates Life?

Sixty years ago, an episode of a TV showed called “Trackdown” told the story of a conman named Trump who warns people that the world will be destroyed and that only he can save them … by building a wall.

President Donald Trump it is not, but rather the purely fictional character, “Walter Trump.” And it’s not the “Hollywood elite” or “fake news media” out to expose him but instead Robert Culp as Texas Ranger Hoby Gilman.

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Just Do It

Alien Probe Problems

Bash a Fash

And this time it is an actual fash being bashed. It’s a thing of beauty, we tell you, courtesy of Ace, and we promise you that it will put you in a festive mood for the holiday! Now go feast your eyes on a fascist bastard get what’s coming to xim. (Yes, we’re still here,

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Well That Was… Unexpected

OK, so not entirely unexpected, it’s a long standing “tradition” for the party of the sitting President to lose seats in the first primary after the inauguration, but we’re not going to pretend that “we knew all along” because, well, we didn’t. We were cautiously optimistic that the House would hold and we were, to

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Remember, Remember, the Sixth of November

GET OUT AND VOTE!   Thatisall.

The Children’s Crusade

See also: “Historical Follies, vol. 12-34” So the order has been given to deploy troops to the border as it becomes increasingly obvious that Mexican Presidente Labrador-Retriever has no intentions of keeping his lofty promises to stop the invading army of peasant rabble and MS-13 gang bangers, accompanied by the occasional Saracen wannabe splodeydope. Oh,

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