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Why So Hysterical?

In which His Imperial Majesty allows himself the luxury of engaging in wild speculation, so no need to point it out. We know.

You surely know the old saying: “If you’re catching flak, you’re over the target”.

So one thing that we’ve been scratching our head about for the past couple of days in the precious few moments that we have time for such things is “why the hitherto unprecedented amounts of flak and hysteria over the Helsinki meeting and press conference?”

We don’t know and, unlike all of the self-appointed geniuses of the world, we’re not afraid to admit that we don’t know, but that never stopped our hyperactive mind from wandering whither it wants to go in the past.

And it’s not just the quite honestly pathetic hysteria post-meeting. One thing that caught our attention was the silly ham sandwich indictments of last Friday. “Russian spies spy, news at 11, clear the headline!”

We mean, seriously. It’s not like those indictments contain anything groundbreaking or new, they could have been true billed a year ago or in six months, so why last Friday? It’s also not like they’re ever likely to lead to any actual court cases that might have to be prosecuted, but Droopy McBassettHoundFace Mueller does seem to like those. Except when they blow up in his face like with Concord Management who, unexpectedly, answered the summons. Oops. But we digress. So why even bother?

If our “intelligence” agencies wanted to inform and advise their Commander-in-Chief prior to the meeting, then the responsible and perfectly adequate way would be to inform him, personally, and then let him use the information as needed during the meeting, but they didn’t. Instead they chose to go public, right before a historic summit between two powerful nations who haven’t been this close to a shooting war since the worst days of the Cold War.

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Dumber Still…

Yes, we know, we can’t hardly believe it ourselves either, but every time we think those Prozi fascists can’t get any dumber, they prove us wrong.

Such as the communist “working girl from Yorktown Heights” bint, Alexandria Occasional-Cortex, who is, allegedly, a super bright bachelor in economics and everything Prozi New Hope:

“Unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs,” she said. “Unemployment is low because people are working 60, 70, 80 hours a week and can barely feed their family.”

Yes, we know. Math is HARD and stuff, but surely not THAT hard?

Obviously too hard to be part of a bachelor’s in Economics in this country.


President Refuses to Take Dictation from Journalist, Media Screams “Treason!”

So this clown from the enemedia gets up in front of Presidents Trump and Putin after the two have concluded hours of what they both referred to as fruitful and successful talks, daring the former to call the latter a liar to his face based on no actual presented evidence, we’re still waiting for that, as well as telling the latter to “not do it again, young gentleman, or it’s no supper for you!” (we may have paraphrased a bit there).

And the world ends for the, what?, 15th time this month?

“He’s a traitor!” (interesting mainly for the fact that we were, last we checked, not at actual war with Russia, although the Cucklicans and the other fossils from the Cold War, along with the Prozi Party, would dearly love for us to be. Treason against the United States? By doing what, exactly? Offering aid and comfort to which enemy power, exactly?)

“He threw the intelligence community under the bus!”

What intelligence agencies? You mean the ones so ably led, at various times, by messrs Mueller, McCabe, Strzok, Comey, Brennan, Clapper et al, the intelligence agencies that have, for going on TWO FUCKING YEARS now, tried to overturn the results of their own nation’s democratic and wholly legitimate election, ALL WITHOUT ONE SCINTILLA OF ACTUAL EVIDENCE PRESENTED!

THOSE intelligence agencies?

In that case we have to conclude that the complaint is that he, instead of compliantly throwing himself under the bus that they’ve been trying to run over him, turned around and gave them a nudge in return.


Do any of those talking head clowns actually know how this thing called “diplomacy” works?

Pro-tip: Do NOT call your negotiating partner a lying liar who lies in front of the world in a condescending fashion without having at least one shiny little iota of evidence to back it up with.

But not only did he not take dictation from that blustering little turd with a press badge, he also openly questioned why at least one of those “intelligence agencies” has never shown any interest in checking out the DNC server that was, allegedly, “hacked” by the nefarious President Putin and his 133+ H4X0rZ, something that most people intelligent enough to boil an egg would consider relevant to an investigation of hacking of said server.

It’s almost as if the DNC was concerned what the FBI might find and that the FBI agreed that it would be best if they didn’t find it. Almost. As a matter of fact, quite a bit. Almost certainly, we’d say.

But again, if President Putin really DID hack the DNC servers, that would be a perfect place to look for, there’s that word again, evidence that he dunnit, wouldn’t it?

And then President Trump concluded by saying, backed up by Putin as well, that if Mueller and his Flying Klown Kirkus really want to investigate the Potemkin indictees of last Friday, then Russia was perfectly willing to let them come to Russia and interview them.

Check, and mate.

Hey, Mueller? Is that you running down to the courthouse to beg for a another postponement? Why are you running so fast, Droopy? Don’t you have bags to pack? Moscow is truly beautiful this time of year, we promise!

Fucking disgrace.


Dumbest Thing We’ve Seen All Day

Yes, we’re a bit buried here, but just to put something out there, there’s this, which we stole shamelessly from LC & IB Bill:

We’re going to say something that we thought we’d never say:

We can’t… EVEN!

Where to even begin?

At least we now have a better idea of what happened to all of those window-licking kids riding the short buses when we were young. “Where are they now?”

Working in a “newsroom” near you.


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