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Well they did it

In what was a foregone conclusion, the sore loser Democraps voted to impeach.

Polls for the President are soaring, as anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together (which of course is two more than the average Dem politician) saw this coming. Saw it for what it is, and always will be.

In Aust its a given sentiment, the US system is corrupt, Washington is corrupt, the Dems are corrupt, your entire political system is rotten to the core.

Impeachment talks started the day the President was inaugurated. Thats what the Dems have been aiming for from day one.

But this is the reality. This is what is coming in 2020.

Fuck ’em.

The end.


Well well…what have we here

Though the House adopted two articles of impeachment charging Trump with abuse of power and obstruction of congressional investigations, it must pass a second resolution formally naming impeachment managers to present the case in the Senate. That second vehicle triggers the official transmission of articles to the Senate.

By delaying passage of that resolution, Pelosi and top Democrats retain control of the articles and hope to put pressure on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to adopt trial procedures they consider bipartisan.

Two chances..none and Buckleys. The longer they stall a Senate session, the weaker their case will get

McConnell has boasted that he has closely coordinated the planning of the trial with the White House and has repeatedly predicted Trump would be acquitted. He’s also suggested Democrats shouldn’t be allowed to call new witnesses as they attempt to present their case. The White House lashed out at the move. “House Democrats have run a fatally flawed process with fake facts, and now they want to deny the President his day in court with another procedural maneuver that proves anew they have no case,” said Eric Ueland, Trump’s top congressional liaison to Congress.

What do you call a case where the plaintiff refuses to face a court?

Answer: Bullshit.

Some Post-Halloween Entertainment

Schiff-for-Brains Calls on U.S. Officer to Offer His Feelings on Contents of Phone Call that Everybody Has Transcript To.

Damn, that failure theatre that the Demorats are putting on just keeps getting funnier and funnier, doesn’t it?

So now they’re calling on an officer, decked out in full kit to use as a shield against criticism, to offer “testimony” on how he feels about the President’s conversation with Ukraine President Zelensky.

Not testimony on any of the actual contents of the phone call, that wouldn’t fly too well since everybody interested has had access to the full transcript for four weeks plus now, but testimony about what he thinks was in it.

What a joke.

And the Enemedia, suddenly caught in a sudden and uncharacteristic for them blaze of patriotism, are going absolutely nuts howling about how it’s un-American and borderline treasonous to as much as think about criticizing an actual, uniform-wearing, bona fide hero of the Soviet Union nation. He’s wearing a uniform!!! Treason!!!!

Yeah. So was other “heroes” such as Nidal Hassan, Bradley Manning and Bowe Bergdahl and so on and so forth.

We’re not in any way comparing Lt. Col. Vindman to those sad wastes of protein and traitors, we’re merely pointing out that wearing the uniform doesn’t mean that you’re forever above any sort of criticism, no matter what you do or say.

Not to mention pointing out the usual double standards of the execrable excuse for a “press” we have in this country. Their situational patriotism isn’t exactly a new phenomenon.

But it’s nice to see how the Demorats and the Enemedia are doing all that they can to ensure a landslide win for President Trump in 2020.

Keep it up.

It would, after all, be terribly rude to interrupt an enemy while he’s busy making a mistake.


Pest Control, Updated

Looks like Abu al Dead Baggy just got his arse smoked while trying to hide behind three kids in a tunnel, choosing to blow himself up rather than being chewed to death by an infidel dog.

Reports state that he died crying, pissing his pants, whining like a whipped puppy and generally doing what cave-dwelling savages do when they realize that they’re about to get dead.

The Enemedia’s response was prompt and predictable:

We won’t get into the many inspired parodies of the Compost’s beclowning, but personally, our first thought was Bezo’s hobby blog eulogizing Adolf Hitler as a great community organizer, artist, environmentalist animal-lover suddenly and unexpectedly passing away at 56.

The less notable responses from the Enemedia were along the expected lines of “killing terrorists will only make them stronger” (an interesting prospect, if you’re a teenager with the IQ of a cucumber) and the old “well I NEVAH!” from the Enemedia, NeverTrumpers (but we repeat ourself) reaction about the “lack of decorum” shown when the President referred to a diseased animal being put down as “a diseased animal being put down.”

After all, don’t we owe child rapists, animals who burn innocent people alive and broadcast the gruesome details globally the respect of an honored enemy?

According to the likes of Bill Kristol and his Jonahs, we obviously do.

And then the hysteria over the President not briefing SchiffHead and Pelousy prior to the op so they could leak the details to their friends in the Enemedia and allow al-Toasty an opportunity to escape so they could impeach him for failing to get the guy.

As if anybody smart enough to boil water wouldn’t know that telling SchiffHead anything is only slightly less effective than just calling your intended target right away.

Personally, being born elsewhere and thus used to how nobody on the western side of the pond appear to be frightened of the consequences of not keeping your lips zipped (understandable, since said consequences can usually be summed up by “7 figure book deal and a permanent sinecure as a contributor on a major news channel” rather than “life sentence and eternal obscurity”), we’re just amazed that an American intelligence organization managed to keep their eternally flapping lips shut long enough for an op to be actually carried out before some arsehole traitor in the “intelligence” community, safe in the knowledge that treason has no consequences in the United States of America other than riches beyond avarice, had the details posted on the front page of the New York Times.

Who knows, maybe the Donald has actually managed to finally make “Top Secret” great again, even in this blabbermouth country, where nobody seems to be able to keep their mouthes shut for more than ten seconds.

If so, good for him.

And, more importantly, good for US.


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