No more music on this site.  The server here can barely serve up a text page, let alone a jukebox.    Misha either needs to find a new server host or just let this thing go.  In the meantime, I will post headlines and a funny video until this thing collapses.

Headlines for Tuesday, September 19, 2023

A Funny Video:

How low can you go?


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By Your Sock Puppet

"Well, ya gotta have someone to yell at"

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  1. DJ and all t he rest that still hang around here.  A request for a pet project I have been thinking of for many years. May have mentioned it once before, but here goes.

    Post a list of every song that relates to cars/driving/on the road experiences.  For example, two of my favorites are Radar Love by Golden Earring and Going Mobile by the Who. Others – Baby You Can Drive My Car – Beatles, Eagles Take it Easy etc..  There are countless more in every genre, rock, country, blues, even comedic such as the Little Nash Rambler   or the guy that built a multi year Cadillac etc. – might have been Johnny Cash, my memory is not what it used to be.

    I am planning a long road trip and think it would be fun to have the compilation on the MP3 player and hope that others would enjoy it too.   Don’t need the actual links to music though that would be a bonus, just a list of song names that I can build from.

    Smile a lot, makes everyone wonder what shenanigans you are planning. 😉

  2. I used to have a jukebox on this site.  I’ve got probably a hundred thousand titles.  Maybe I could revive that?

  3. I’ve listened to  lot of music over these past 60 years and still find that there is stuff I have never come across.  Good work DJ.  7, 10,, 11, 16  and 17 were totally new to me.  Maybe some might be west coast local?  Thanks for a fun Sunday morning.

  4. New jukebox just went up.  The older jukeboxes can be found in the top menu.


  5. I thought I would leave a meme for JP, since she seems to be ‘upset’ about how the Taliban are back in power in Afghanistan…

    For the record:  Joe Biden may have wanted out of Afghanistan just as much as anyone else, but HE had nothing to do with ANY of the negotiations that led up to our eventual evacuation.

    That was ALL Donald J. Trump.  He didn’t give a flying fuck about what the government we propped up was warning him about releasing 5000 Taliban and ISIS fighters from prison.  He just wanted to pull up stakes and get out, leaving any and all refugees and allies behind.

  6. Nice cartoon, and yeah, RINO uniparty directed effort, nothing will come of it. Then again, we could all be shocked if the D party faction that wants him gone piles on. Pass the popcorn, this whole next year is going to be a clown show.

    1. In all honesty, the only real reason Joe Biden is not retired and enjoying his basement and celebrating his grand children is because Trump is in the race.  I am surprised that you guys haven’t picked up on that yet.  I mean, Biden has literally come out and said this on numerous occasions.  He envisions himself as the “Trump Slayer”.

      Caption This

      We’ve all see the various polling:  Both Biden and Trump are “too old” and additionally, “Trump lies too much and  is corrupt”.  Both are polling in or near the toilet when it comes to general election polling.

      Even with the massive attempt to paint Joe Biden as “corrupt” based on the actions of his son, it really isn’t landing any blows.  I see this faux impeachment effort as a sign that the House will change hands again in 2024 because Republicans in the House have proven they are — and have been for years — unable to actually govern.  Instead they have been spending all of their time trying to bloody up Joe Biden and not really getting anywhere because Joe Biden isn’t the loose cannon Donald Trump is. (in a literal sense)

      Look, Donald Trump could have easily sailed into a second term with a fairly high approval rating if it hadn’t been for his MOUTH.  The man doesn’t have enough sense to shut the fuck up when he needs to.  It’s his mouth that has gotten his ass into all the trouble he finds himself in today.  I know that <strong>readerjp</strong> doesn’t want to talk about the elephant in the room, but 91  (!NINETY-ONE!) felony charges against Trump is going to take up all of his time in a few months and he WILL be convicted on <em>something</em> that will prevent him from taking office ever again.  I’d almost be willing to bet that he will eventually end up resolving his criminal jeopardy by pleading guilty to something that may give him home confinement time and bar him from public office.

      On the other hand, I am currently giving Joe Biden a 45-55 chance of dropping out of the race before March of 2024, if not sooner.  He probably won’t drop out if the alternative is Kamala Harris.  (if you think Biden’s numbers are low, check out Harris’)

      I think that most of America would love to see a completely different match-up in 2024.  I see some signs of things moving that direction…


    “I – you might say raised in the synagogues in my state. You think I’m kidding. I’m not,” he claimed.

    Biden, on a call with rabbis before the Jewish High Holy Days: “I was, you might say, raised in the synagogues of my state. You think I’m kidding — I’m not”

    Don’t forget to fast on Monday, Joe.

  8. For better context:

    “But back in Wilmington, Delaware, Beth Shalom was the home of countless friends for me:  Rabbi Kraft — led by Rabbi Kraft, Rabbi Geffen, Rabbi Beals, who all became dear friends.  We shared many deep conversations about faith and purpose.  And there’s always been — you’ve always been there for my family in difficult times as well as happy times, just like all of you are always there for your congregations and everyone in the neighborhood, Jewish or not. “

    Sometimes people don’t talk in literal terms.

    1. Yeah, some of his best friends are Jewish.

      But will he examine his personal morality on Yom Kippur?  What personal morality?

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