It would appear that perhaps Nancy Reagan was well ahead of her time with the slogan “just say no” (to drugs). This applies equally to anything being “forced” by a government that exist at the behest of the American citizen.

Either amendments four

, nine and ten mean something or do not. The very fact that this regime is trying to force vaccine mandates on federal and private employees , is grounds for removal from office of the entire cabal, including the heads and deputies of those departments engaged in such unlawful acts.

As a refresher, here are the amendments, originally written so as to be free of penumbras and other hidden meanings (attention Roberts, am looking at you!). And while we are at it, let’s get the 16th and 17th repealed

, with the 16th reverting to prior language and 17th eliminated completely to be replaced with a 10% fixed flat tax at point of sale for finished goods. Yes, I bring this latter up repeatedly, it is a bug that has pestered me for years.

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The United States Bill of Rights

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