So let’s see if we got this right:

Sunday, the Director of FIB finally reviews The Memo.

Monday, McCabe suddenly is demoted, sorry, resigns, sorry, is removed.

We’re trying to figure out if the two might be related? Yes, we know, impossible to say isn’t it?

If you’re about as dumb as a boiled peanut, that is, which means “if you’re a Prozicrat.”

But now The Memo (cue ominous music) is being released, so we guess we’ll all know what’s in it and why McCabe suddenly decided to “spend more time with his cellmates family.”

Hopefully they’ll get rid of that sanctimonious, corrupt, treasonous lying prick Comey as well. (added later for clarity: And not just as in “fired”, but as in “imprisoned.”)

We’d call him a “crooked cop” but, based on the revelations of the last year or so, we’re not sure that anybody working for the FIB has earned the right to be called a “cop”. Besides, politruk is more appropriate.


By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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