There, we said it. Run for the hills, you fucking lying, slandering, blood libeling, swinish, fascist liberals. Be sure not to piss your knickers while you’re at it.

Let’s see if we got all of this right. First the Left Rag Media, in its entirety, spends two days blood libeling the Tea Party in general and Sarah Palin in particular (not to mention that moon-faced halfwit Paul “Enron Adviser” Krugman who threw in Michelle Bachmann for good measure), throwing out accusations based entirely on, well, nothing in the way of evidence, as a matter of fact all of the evidence at hand pointed in the exact opposite direction and then, when Sarah Palin dares speak up in defense of herself against their blood libel

Fuck them all with a 2×4 wrapped in rusty razor wire and rolled in swine shit.

Howard Kurtz, who would be a sentient being if they could graft the brain of a rat to his own, whines about how she’s somehow in the wrong for not just sitting down and taking it:

As someone who has argued that linking her rhetoric to the hateful violence of Jared Loughner is unfair, I can imagine that the former governor was angry about how liberal detractors dragged her into this story. But after days of silence, she had a chance to speak to the country in a calmer, more inclusive way. She could have said that all of us, including her, needed to avoid excessively harsh or military-style language, without retreating one inch from her strongly held beliefs.

Except, perhaps, from every decent human being’s (that specifically excludes YOU, Howard the Half-a-Brain) strongly held belief that when you’re demonstrably innocent, you shouldn’t cop to claiming responsibility, however marginal, for something you had fucking absolutely nothing to do with.

“How fucking DARE she point out that she’s innocent?! She’s dragging the debate down by pointing out what’s bleeding obvious to every sentient being (that, again, specifically excludes YOU, Howard) on the planet!”

And if you think that’s the pinnacle of pompous fatuousness in Howie’s babble, you’re wrong:

With her defiant video, Palin continued—no, escalated—her war with the press,

Look! He said “war!” STONE HIM! But that’s not the worst. SHE “escalated” her war with the press? What. The. Fuckity. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Have. You. Been. SMOKING? You utter retard, and we say that knowing full well that we have mortally insulted retards all over the world.

The entire fucking press has spent days accusing her, no, CONVICTING her of mass murder yet SHE is somehow in the wrong for defending herself? SHE is “escalating” things for standing up for herself?

Torquemada would have thrown you guys out of the Inquisition for being too radical. And dumb.

But he’s not done yet:

One thing that Palin’s comments have done, judging from the early coverage, is to take the spotlight off the victims and make this about her

Just exactly fucking WHO made this “all about her”, because we sure as a lazy fuck with a syphilitic porcupine don’t remember HER inserting herself into the debate until she’d been thrown into the center of it by the witch hunting primitives of the Left Rag Media.

“Shut up!, they explained.”

Oh, and then there’s the usual hysteria when liberals get called out for doing exactly what they’re doing:

Blood libel, for those who are not familiar, describes a false accusation that minorities—usually Jews—murder children to use their blood in religious rituals, and has been a historical theme in the persecution of the Jewish people.

Which, of course, means that nobody else can use it because that’s just unheard of, even if it’s true. Except, well, Howard is full of shit again.

Apparently “blood libel” isn’t a term reserved for Jooos and hasn’t been for quite a little while. Which, of course, anybody with access to Google or Lexis-Nexis and the brains that G-d gave cucumbers could have told that cocksucking, cretinous clusterfuck Howard Kurtz. Not that he should feel too bad about it, because the liberal cheerleaders managed to get the ADL to come out and decry the incivility of using the term. They can always be depended upon to suck liberal cock when needed.

Strange, however, that even they weren’t aware that the term had been used a lot of times in the past and even stranger that they didn’t take offense until a conservative gave their liberal socialist masters a cock-slap in the face with it. Strange, that is, if you’re a complete and utter moron.

And we won’t even touch the irony of somebody calling themselves the “Anti-Defamation League” rushing out to run interference for one of the most massive attempts at defamation in the history of politics.

There used to be a term for traitors like that, obsequious swine who’d do anything to please their masters, including betraying any shred of human decency they might still have. It begins with a “K”, ends in an “O” and has the letters “a” and “p” somewhere in between. Or “George Soros”, if you’re looking for a synonym.

We could go on with examples of other leftist assholes like Howard, but what’s the point? They’re all singing off of the same sheet, they all got the same Talking Points in their email, and they’re howling them as loud as they can, in utter defiance of facts and reason.

Short version, according to them:

1) Sarah Palin and the Tea Party are monsters and responsible for the Tucson massacre as well as any other “coarsening of political discourse”, absent any evidence to support the claim and contrary to every single shred of actual evidence disproving it.

2) Sarah Palin and the Tea Party are even more guilty of the above for daring to defend themselves instead of just shutting up and accepting responsibility for something they’ve already been convicted of without the benefit of a trial.

Jared Loughner is an insane son of a bitch without a doubt.

But he’s not alone.


By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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