After all the hoopla, controversy and especially conspiracy theories, Teh Won™ has released the long-form Hawaiian birth certificate. He’s ‘puzzled and confused’ about the controversy. He said that while the press was swirling around the issue, he had ‘other things to do’. The man’s arrogance is just astounding. I do agree with him that there is a LOT of things that need attention and dopey birth certificates aren’t it. I completely understand the calls for this, as it could’ve disqualified him for the run, a sure winner for us but, we absofuckinglutely, positively must run on the issues. We need to campaign on our ideas and why they’re better, then nail our opponents with it loud and clear. It’s fucking time we conservatives get out there and do it just like the ‘Donald’, in your face. The polling shows the voting public is sick of the inside-the-beltway political games. They don’t like the demagoguery being used along with the usual bag of dirty tricks, dishonesty, half-truths and outright lies. These are the leftists’ stock and trade. They don’t have any serious answers to our problems and have to resort to to verbal attacks on our side. When you’re out of arguments pull Godwin’s Law outta’ your ass and spout the pejorative of the day. The public wants the real deal, honest truth without mucking around the language. We’re real good at that here, maybe the Rott should be required reading for our side, eh?

He’s been sitting on this all along, waiting for the right time to play the card. It’s very telling that it took the bombastic Trump to get him to play that hole card. He’s scared of an opponent that speaks the truth. The GOP better damn well see that lesson hanging out there. The public wants unvarnished, non-PC, full-on discourse. Trump is merely saying the things the way our real leaders should. Grow a pair GOP and use this.

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