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Is This The Ballsiest Thing We’ve Ever Heard of, Or is This Guy Just Nuts?

Go forth and read, as LC & IB Angry Webmaster pretty much says it all.

Short version: Guy is about to jump from a plane at 25,000ft with no parachute, no wing suit, and attempt to land in a net.

Yeah, you read that right.

Insane? Indubitably. Ballsy? Well, as they say, “the difference between incredible courage and stupidity is often determined by one, well-aimed bullet” or, in this case, by a not-so-well-aimed jump, even if it’s only off by a foot or two.

Our first, OK, second thought (our first was “suka blyat’“) was, due to us being a “bit” of a military history buff, that during WWII our B-17s had trouble at times hitting targets much larger than the net he’s jumping into, and they had Norden bomb sights and were doing it from 15-20,000 feet instead of 25,000! Presumably some sort of “bomb sight” will be on this gentleman’s plane as well, but still…

We wish the gentleman every possible amount of luck that can be granted to a mere mortal and hope that he’ll be walking away with the bragging rights from a successful stunt that will be one HECK of a bitch to surpass!


Kermit’s Kernels of Klue


Shamelessly stolen borrowed from Irish.


Those Were Some Bitchin’ Yoga Routines!

So, Trump jokingly suggests that the Russians, in case they happen to have also hacked the 30,000 or so emails that her FBI lapdog Comey couldn’t quite find, release those as well. To which the increasingly deranged Prozi Campaign responds:


Erm… OK. So those same yoga routines, wedding plans and harmless “private” emails (those were Cankles’ own words during the sham “investigation”, not ours) are now a national security issue, according to the Cankles Campaign?

Or maybe they weren’t just all “yoga routines”. You decide.

The World’s Smarterest Womyn sure walked right into that one as well, didn’t she?



Meanwhile, Salem Media and Hot Air continue banging the “look over THERE! Russians! Quit talking about the utterly corrupt cunt Hillary, dammit!” drum.

At this point, PMSNBC must be getting worried that they’re about to lose their jobs as the foremost JournoList/DNC spokespuppets.

No, John Sexton, we don’t care two flat farts whodunnit at this point. It could have been a couple of script kiddies out of Sheboygan, as far as we care.

We are, however, at least mildly interested in why you consider it your mission in life to avoid talking about the core issue, which is the deep and abiding corruption and tyranny in the Progressive Socialist Democrat Party.

No, you don’t have to answer. We already know. Carry on.


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