ToTUS Rails against guns….Fred Sandford falls asleepzzzzzSnort!!

Huh What? Oh yeah, I’m awake jus’ resting my eyes.

President Barack Obama launched a rhetorical assault on guns in one of the most gun friendly states in the nation while speaking at a town hall event in Columbia, South Carolina, Friday.

That’s not all he’s been launching – but that’s a whole ‘nother argument.

“As long as you can go in some neighborhoods Ghettos and it is easier for you to buy a firearm than it is for you to buy a book, there are neighborhoods Ghettos (brought to you lock, stock and barrel by Democrats, LBJ’s ‘great society” and 60 years of Liberal douche bag fucktadry) where it is easier for you to buy a handgun and clips than it is for you to buy a fresh vegetable, as long as that’s the case, we’re going to continue to see unnecessary violence,”

Fixed it for you, no charge. Judging from North Charleston SC where I lived and worked (and carried oh yes I did, religiously ) for a miserable 11 months, I have to concede the point. Only because of the fact that – the library doesn’t deliver. Hood rat’s do… and Shanaynay ain’t about to be bothered to go to the library. “No-one got time for dat yo!” I guess there’s that little complex up there on I-26 – covers something like 60,000 sq feet that might give the hoodlums a run for their money when it comes to which is “easier” to get  – a gun or a book. It’s called Amazon and they do deliver.

On the fresh veggie point – same thing sadly he might be right there, I don’t think Amazon delivers those…yet, give them time. Oh you can go down to the corner, (assuming of course the corner joint hasn’t been recently robbed and the po-po aren’t swarming…. by the same ‘disadvantaged yut’ that just got out of the clink for robbing the place 3 weeks ago)…and get yourself a 40 and some papers to roll your next blunt. Oh, and some Cheetos on your EBT card, sho nuff’ but veggies, that you’d actually have to get off your dead ass and go to the grocery store for. Or, Oh heaven forbid – plant them yourself and enjoy the fruits of your labors….the mind boggles at such “out of the box thinking”.

On the other hand, What is it with ignorant liberal democrats that send this fool out into public and can’t even get his damn speech verbiage right? It’s a magazine. For the millionth and tenth damn time…M-A-G-A-Z-I-N-E… Not a “clip”. A “clip” holds your hair – Which I’ve heard from some G.L.O.R types around here ….are generally pretty damn useful after a ladies night in the Imperial Dungeon drinking bottom shelf rot gut. As a handgun accessory – not so much.

“I thought after what happened at Sandy Hook would make us think about it,” Obama said. “You would have thought that’s got to be enough of a motivator. But we couldn’t get it done.”

Constitution thingy is a real thorn in your ass isn’t it Barrak?
Oh well…like your buddy Rahm always says….Never let a good crisis go to waste – Especially when you can ghoulishly  use the cold dead bodies of children to advance your Anti- Constitution agenda!!

Newsflash. We the people DID think about it. Hard. We as most logical people are wont to do, weighed the evidence and carefully measured our responses to your pearl clutching and whining and found your argument lacking and without merit. Then we blew up our Senators and CongressCritters phones, E-mails, and fax machines. But, Let’s go over this again. None of the guns used in Sandy hook were illegal. They were all purchased by Adam Lanza’s mother… Legally with the background checks required by law. The Ammo was legal, the guns were legal.

The children of Sandyhook died because Adam’s mother was an idiot and failed to secure her weapons properly knowing damn good and well her son was a raging mental defective. She paid the price for that negligence with her life. End. Oh wait, but that’s not nice! Tough shit. It’s the root cause of the whole issue here. Guns didn’t kill those Kids and teachers. Adam and his idiot mother did.

Obama said without legislation at the state and federal level, “it is difficult to reduce the availability of guns.” In the absence of a bill from Congress, he said, “We’ve tried to get as much done administratively.”

As well it should be difficult to “reduce the availability” of guns. “Shall not be infringed”…It’s called the 2nd Amendment, look it up. Simply put, you cannot reduce the “availability” of guns. Period, Well at least the legal ones for those of us that don’t drink your nightshade infused Kool-Aid, that is.

“Our homicide rates are so much higher than other industrialized countries,” he added, and blamed the accessibility to guns for that.

Chicago, Detroit, Memphis, DC, LA… I can go on and on and on, but the numbers don’t lie Barrak….Everyone of the places mentioned has some of the most restrictive “accessibility to guns” laws on the books, YET THEY CONSTANTLY RANK HIGHER IN VIOLENT CRIME THAN PLACES WITHOUT THE GUN CONTROL. Why is that?

Of course, since you want to go international with your sorry ass argument – care to explain things like violent crime rates going up in places like the U.K, Australia, France, and others once those evil guns were banned? Go on, I’ll wait.

BTW, Those “homicide rates” wouldn’t happen to include things like – knives, blunt instruments, ropes, baseball bats, etc.etc. would they? Oopps, guess what – in study after study – report after report, death by firearms isn’t the weapon of choice. There goes that narrative, I guess.

Hey I know…..Maybe you need to take a page out of one of your liberal cohorts play books there ToTUS – It’s the thug culture stupid!

He further mocked some gun rights activists.

“In some places it goes the opposite direction. People say we should have firearms in kindergarten and have machine guns in bars. You think I’m exaggerating,” Obama said. “You look at these laws that come up. Despite those frustrations, I would say it is still within our control to reduce the incidence of handguns violence by making sure your young people understand that that is not a sign of strength.”

Yes, you are in fact exaggerating – let’s see those people. You said, it now PROVE it. Let’s see the quotes and attribution of these gun owners demanding we have “machine guns in bars”. And in kindergarten …..Welllllll? I’m waiting.

Not a sign of strength is it? Oh how wrong you are, take 99% of these kids, hand them a fire arm – TRAIN them in it’s proper use, give them a sense of duty, of patriotism, of responsibility for themselves and others,  and you have what?

The U.S. Military.

In fact, despite your pathetic assertion otherwise?  Being a responsible gun owner IS a sign of strength, if you’re doing it right. And by right I mean being a legal gun owner, with all that comes along with that. Like keeping your nose out of the hooskow, by avoiding the drugs, and crime that goes hand and hand with it. By being a civil minded citizen and not a hoodlum…..But hey,  let’s not talk about THOSE people, they don’t fit the narrative. Isn’t that right Barrack …

Enough! There’s no sense in arguing with a tree stump, and as Fred Sanford says…You big dummy!

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