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Hed stolen from LC & IB Bill Quick:

FONTANA, Calif., Feb. 10 (UPI) — A team of scientists with California-based research outfit 21st Century Medicine has successfully frozen and recovered the brain of rabbit.

No news as to whether they’ve proceeded to put it back in Mitch McConnell’s head.


Return of the Superdelegates

“Superdelegates.” Remember those? Those are the “delegates” that Democrats use to make sure their preferred candidate always wins regardless of what the voters say in their sham “democratic” primaries, because why would the People’s Party give a shit about the people and their actual votes?

Unlike normal delegates, the kind that get elected in real democratic processes (not the Prozi Party way), “superdelegates” don’t have to vote at the convention according to anybody and anything other than which candidate paid them the most for the vote under the table.

It was loads of fun back in ’08, as we recall, with much rancor and general huffing and puffing.

So here we are. The Cankled Hildebeest squeaked out a tie in Iowa, got crushed 60-40 in New Hempshirt, and the delegate standings are (drumroll):

Hildebeest : 394
Commie Sanders : 42

Democracy? You’re doing it wrong, Prozi Party.

Not that you ever cared about that, comrades. We’re just kidding.


P.S.: It IS going to be hilarious, or should we say “hillaryous”, though, when the BernieBros and SanderSnatches discover at their convention that their nominee, after having curb stomped Queen Hillary! in voting booths all over the U.S., is…


Careful What You Wish For…

We didn’t mention it at the time because it was hard for us to type after having punched numerous holes in every drywall we could find (our Imperial Palace now looks like a very large Swiss Cheese. Quite chic, actually), but it looks like the case of the notorious Prozi Prozecutors of Harris County, TX, has taken an unexpected twist.

We are, of course, talking about the case where the fans of infanticide in Harris County (formerly Sodom & Gomorrah) responded to the whistle blower case exposing Planned Infanticide trafficking in baby body parts by indicting the whistle blowers. Because reasons. More specifically one count of using fake ID and one count of trying to purchase human tissue.

Number of indictments against Planned Genocide for breaking federal and state law against the trafficking in human tissue? Zero.

We shouldn’t have been surprised, really, and to tell the truth we weren’t. It is Harris County, after all, and one of the DA’s prosecutors, Lauren Reeder, is, interestingly enough, a Standartenführer for Planned non-Parenthood, Gulf Coast Sonderkommando. But no conflict of interest to see here, of course.

And then David Daleiden, the indictee, went and ruined everything for the local Allgemeine SS:

Harris County prosecutors offered David Daleiden a plea deal. He didn’t take it. Bravo.

Why “bravo?” We’ll let the author explain:

If Daleiden were to go to trial, the videos he made along with Sandra Merritt and the Center for Medical Progress exposing Planned Parenthood’s baby body parts operation would certainly enter into evidence. And they’d be found to be truthful. And Planned Parenthood officials would be subpoenaed to testify at the trial. And they’d be found to be lying.

It’s that simple.

When the Harris County Grand Jury handed down the indictment, I wrote that this could be a huge favor for the pro-life cause. How could they possibly charge someone with attempting to purchase human tissue if there was nobody selling it? Did he force them to offer up the tissue for cash despite their objections and then offer up the video as proof of his crime?

Oops, Harris County and Planned Extermination and All Hours Baby Body Part Warehouse. That didn’t quite play out as you’d planned, did it? He was supposed to take the damn plea deal!

Fuck you, you sick, Nazi fucks. Fuck you with the 76mm barrel of a T-34 wrapped in razor wire and dipped in four alarm chili sauce.



The Fix is In…

OK, “only” about 40% of precincts reporting, but it looks pretty solid, according to AoSDD:


Bernie Sanders 59,577 votes (–) 60.5%
Hillary Clinton 37,750 votes (-21,827) 38.4%
Other 1,103 votes (-58,474) 1.1%

We don’t envy the Prozi voters. We thought we had it bad with “hold your nose” candidates, but they’re stuck with choosing between Felonious Granny and Cranky Commie. We’re sort of surprised that guy “Other” didn’t pull more of the vote.

What? Is that? Why, we do believe that it is! Behold: The Throbbing, Majestic, Imperial Schadenboner!


Donald Trump 36,236 votes (–) 33.6%
John Kasich 17,951 votes (-18,285) 16.6%
Ted Cruz 12,696 votes (-23,540) 11.8%
Jeb Bush 12,401 votes (-23,835) 11.5%
Marco Rubio 11,433 votes (-24,803) 10.6%
Chris Christie 8,103 votes (-28,133) 7.5%
Carly Fiorina 4,760 votes (-31,476) 4.4%
Ben Carson 2,632 votes (-33,604) 2.4%
Other 1,686 votes (-34,550) 1.6%
Jim Gilmore 58 votes (-36,178) 0.1%

First place isn’t exactly a surprise here, unless you’ve been living under a rock. Which, come to think of it, doesn’t seem all that unappealing to us at this moment.

We are, however, a bit dismayed at Cruz’s weak third place. We’d expected (and hoped for) him to do at least a bit better than that. Still, it’s New Hempshirt, so what it says for the rest of the race is hard to say.

Still, seeing Marco “The Liar” Rubio kicked down to fifth does salve our wounds quite a bit, so we’ll take that.

And it was really nice of Gilmore’s friend to show up and vote for him.


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