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We Guess Conservatives Were Never Conservatives to Begin With

We’re not entirely sure what to make of Taylor Millard’s incoherent, seemingly inherently contradictory brain farting over Trump’s “threat” to slap a tariff on companies leaving the country and trying to sell their goods back to the nation they left for financial convenience’s sake.

Donald Trump’s threat against companies who leave U.S. is statism at its worst

He then goes on to rant and rave at length about the Carrier deal, because nothing offends “True Conservatives™” (and the Chamber of Commerce, but we repeat ourselves) more than jobs not being outsourced to Shanghai or Calcutta, none of which has anything to do whatsoever with tariffs, but cucks will cuck.

Let’s stick with the tariff on companies that decide to run for Calcutta, save a bunch of money by hiring slave labor at 3 ounces of rice/hr, and then sell it back to the U.S. (and the unemployed oafs they left behind who, oddly enough, now can’t buy their product at any price, but nobody ever accused corporate America of being particularly good at seeing past the next fiscal year before they make decisions).

How’s that “statism” and “WrongConservative™?”

Let’s turn it around. How about lowering corporate taxes to lure companies to the U.S., something that Trump has also promised to do? We were under the impression that even “TruCons™” think that’s OK. Is that still OK, or did a new directive go out from the Chamber of Commerce and NRO making that WrongThink™ lately? We’re having trouble keeping up with all the changes the NeverTrumptards make to the catechism every five minutes, depending on who or what they need to drum out of “their” movement.

Just how, pray tell, is this different from raising tariffs (no, they’re not a new thing, we have plenty of them already, but they’re the Good Kind™ that benefit the Chamber of Commerce, so they’re not statist, you filthy Dirt Person Peasant!) in order to keep them from leaving in the first place?

They’re both the exact same incentive. One is a positive one, one is negative. Both are enacted by the state.

But only one of them is “statist?”

Our head hurts.

Not that it matters. We won, you lost. Get over it, cupcakes. Go have a good hug with Kevin “kill the filthy, depraved, useless poor” Williamson.


They Told Us that Guns are More Dangerous to Their Owners…

..and they were RIGHT!

According to NBC 4, authorities with the Culpepper County Sheriff’s Department say “21-year-old Delonte Jones, of Prince George’s County, and 18-year-old Amber Eley, of Orange, Virginia, knocked on the door of a home in the 1400 block of Woodland Church Road.” When the homeowner answered the door, Jones and Eley feigned car trouble and asked for help. The homeowner sensed something was not right and refused. That is when Jones and Eley allegedly forced their way into the home.

Once inside a struggle ensued and the homeowner allegedly took a gun away from Jones and shot the suspect with it, killing him. Law enforcement officers who arrived on scene were not able to locate any other suspects.

No mention of the ethnicity of the perps, but we think we’re on pretty firm ground when we make an educated guess that a name like Delonte is definitely a typical Amish one.

If you’ll excuse us, we need a smoke and a cuddle.


We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming…

To send our prayers for a full and speedy recovery to LC & IB Sarah Hoyt.

Get well, Sarah. You’re a national treasure and heaven knows that your self-deprecating, spirited, always optimistic writing has helped His Imperial Majesty through many a dark hour during our previous 8 years of damnable occupation by Idiotarians :)


Do the LameStream Media ever read what they fucking well WRITE??

The stupidity never ends

From here

Opening paragraph

A gunfight between tourists turned deadly in Bourbon Street, in New Orleans’ popular French Quarter, on Sunday during celebrations to mark a college football tournament and the Thanksgiving holiday.

and then

but they separately arrested 12 people for illegal possession of a firearm in the French Quarter over the weekend.

Here’s the money shot

“I suppose this highlights [America’s] national issue with gun laws. Legislation needs to be implemented, but I don’t see that in the near future.


Dear stupid media, had you read your OWN article you’d be aware that those arrested were charged with ILLEGAL possession..

For the last time, you useless, worthless pack of morons, you can pass all the fucking gun laws you like, you can make them totally illegal , put them on double secret probation for all the good it will do.


God, the stupid, it burns……..

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