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It’s Still Alive!

At this point it would probably be a good idea for me to come out of hiding and make a note as to where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing (mainly not posting).

I’ll keep it brief, but basically what’s been going on is massive exhaustion and sleep deprivation, which eventually led to absolutely zero energy for anything, anywhere. You know it’s bad when a lovable character like myself can’t even find the motivation to be an arsehole on the Internet.

I am, however, not dead, just worn down to a nub. More importantly, I’m getting less worn down day by day as changes have been made and will continue to be made.

I do thank you all for bothering to check in with the website and not just giving up on it, I do appreciate that more than I can say, not to mention how much I appreciate the contributors who’ve been doing a good job offering content in my long absence.

Can’t thank you enough.



Your Daily Dose of PC Bullshit

Ever wonder why the chilun can’t form a coherent sentence, use the “Y” and “O” keys when spelling “you”, or know the difference between “lose” and “loose”? It’s because they have imbecilic “educators” like these.

GRESHAM, Ore. (KGW) — A 13-year-old boy was told to change his T-shirt or face discipline at his middle school.

Induce vapors and cue the gnashing of teeth! What horror, what calamity, hark the Four Horsemen cometh! A T-shirt! If only it could have been a clock, but no!

Alan Holmes’ shirt included the image of a gun, which school leaders said is not allowed.

Because such imagery will surely harm the precious, gentle psyche of the kidlets!!! Methinks it’s more of a boogieman to the gun fearing wussies in modern day academia than to any kid. Kid’s have more common sense and ability to rationally think about an issue than these pantie-waist feather merchants.

So what was the image that sent our esteemed “educators” into a fetal position psychosis? Surely it was a Crips and Blood family reunion type visage of bloodshed and carnage right? Err, not so much.

But the boy and his family argued the rifle is shown with boots and a helmet, in what is recognized as the battle field cross for fallen soldiers, and is meant to support the troops. The shirt said “Standing for those who stood for us”.

No wonder. A patriotic image honoring our nation’s military is like a crucifix to a vampire to a liberal teacher indoctrinator.

“It’s not standing for violence, I tell you that much,” Holmes said. “It’s standing for the memorial for the soldiers, who have died for us and our freedom, and I 100 percent support them because they’re supporting us.”

Somebody is raising this boy right, inculcating the values of patriotism, virtue, and sacrifice. No wonder the school administrators are in crisis mode. Can’t have the emasculation curriculum challenged, especially by a 13 year old who won’t back down.

Holmes on Wednesday said he was told by the vice principal at Dexter McCarty Middle School to put on a different shirt or face an in-school suspension. Holmes decided to keep the shirt on and call his father to take him home.

Outstanding! This kid has more testosterone than the entire milquetoast school administration. Hopefully he went home and watched “Taking Chance”, “American Sniper”, or “Lone Survivor”. He can learn more from any of those movies than an entire year of “education” in that pussy-factory disguised a school.

In a brief statement to KGW, Gresham-Barlow School District spokeswoman Athena Vadnais wrote “…we have a policy on student dress and grooming. Weapons on a shirt are not appropriate in a school setting”.

Hoax bombs, cucumber phallus, and lesbian parenting books are though. Keeping images of a gun on a shirt out of school is easy enough, real guns…not so much apparently. Unless of course they’re guns in the hands of good guys.

Hey Alan, next time wear an ISIS shirt and chant Aloha Snackbar, you’ll get an invite to the White House.

Dear God, please save our republic.

First Do No Harm?

When Bruce Jenner self-mutilated himself, to much applause and worship for his “courage” from the lefties, there were a lot of comments floating around about society enabling mental illness rather than treating it. Should people celebrate a person’s mental disorder or try and help them to lead a normal life?

“But, but, but, he was UNHAPPYY!!!!eleventy!!!! as a man. Now he can be fulfilled and live the way he identifies!!!” Bullshit, there was a time when doctors treated people who thought they were Napoleon. Now we give them swords and say “Russia is that aways. Have fun.” Tongue in cheek crack yes, but think about it. If we are told to embrace a man who mutilates his body because it fits the militant homosexual agenda, where will it end? A physician, probably a whole team of them, have overseen his “transformation” into a damned ugly broad. Plastic surgeons will perform “bod-mods” so that “otherkin” (SJW lingo there, if you’ve seen these special snow flakes on tumblr you know how screwed in the head they are) can look like cats. Why? Because that’s who they think they should be. That’s what will make them “happy”.

So just how far will it go? Well, we may have already crossed a really bad line.

Woman fulfills lifelong wish of becoming blind

You can almost hear the adulation seeping through. “lifelong wish” to be blind. But why would someone “wish” to be blind? Are they nuts? Glad you asked, because yes, yes she is.

0-year-old Jewel Shuping has Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID), a condition in which able-bodied people believed they are meant to be disabled.

Yes, a mental disorder. Now I said earlier she was nuts. Y’all know I’m not one to stray from the hyperbole and usually sprinkle it quite liberally just for a hoot, but this time I used it quite deliberately, because that is what we used to call these people. And when we did there was a stigma attached to it, a recognition that the underlying disorder needed to be addressed and the person helped. But in the age of Jenner there is no such thing as “nuts”, just people who “identify differently”, and rather than treating them, we enable them.

Shuping says that as a child she would stare at the sun for hours because her mother said if she did, she would go blind. According to Shuping, she has always felt better pretending she was blind and even learned how to read braille at the age of 20.

She always felt better pretending to be blind. Doesn’t matter what was actually best for her, such as having one of the primary senses intact, it was all about what made her feel better.

But crunch, c’mon now. This poor girl had to have gotten the help she needed. After all, Ogabecare has given free healthcare to everyone! I’m sure that this poor lady had dozens of competent doctors all willing to cure her of her awful affliction, right?


Her need to lose her sight became so strong that in 2006 she decided to blind herself – by having a sympathetic psychologist pour drain cleaner into her eyes.

Reread that. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Sympathy has replaced compassion, and enabling a persons mental disorder has now trumped treating it. A quest to be non-judgmental has lead to us embrace every perversion that an interest group lobbies for. And now this poor woman was not only allowed to harm herself, but was assisted in doing so by the person whose sole job it should have been was to try and cure her.

The psychiatrist in the video actually tries to make an ethical case for mutilating people suffering from this condition by saying that if you ‘conceptualize it as treating a condition, then its ok to do it.” Admittedly he isn’t an advocate for doing this, and the severity of the condition that would lead a person to this point is rare, I just can’t fathom how this could ever even be a considered option, let alone one a doctor would see through to conclusion. And if this can be ethically rationalized because therapy and medication didn’t work, what else can be justified and allowed to be done?

Jewel is now sharing her story to help raise public awareness of BIID and to encourage people with the condition to seek professional help.

Hopefully competent and moral help.

Where do we go from here pups?

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YouTube Preview Image

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