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Pamela Geller 2 – Goat molesters 0

Ya’ll didn’t really think we here at the AIR would let a juicy tidbit like the recent shootings in TX go without commenting  on now dija’ ?

H/T to Tallulah who brought us this link from Ace of Spades HQ

ISIS reportedly has claimed responsibility for the attacks of two gun men in TX at an event sponsored by Pamela Geller and the American Freedom Defense Initiative.

I figured maybe a lessons learned was in order after the events in TX. So pay attention Abduallah – class is now in session.

1. ISIS is Claiming responsibility for a failed attack on a soft target – Really? I’d probably hold off on that one …you guys need to up your game.

2. Two Jihahdi – Joes, with “assault rifles” (according to the presstitutes) managed to – shoot a security guard. In the ankle. *Facepalm* What are you guys vying for? “Worst shots ever”? How many times do we here in the Empire preach about sight picture and fire discipline people! Really!!! Sigh….Oh well, if you goat molesters ain’t got it by now – You ain’t ever going to get it.

3. Both now very dead terrorist are cooling rapidly after being taken out by a traffic cop – with a handgun. Talk about embarrassing ..out gunned and out numbered and a traffic cop kicked your asses?? I don’t care who you are – that’s funny right there. Okay, I’ll admit it,  He probably missed his morning doughnut and coffee so he was extra cranky – sucks to be you huh?

4. As one Rottie faithful mentioned -” We shoot back”. Yes indeed we do. Note to ISIS; The game’s a whole lot different when your not running around a bunch of 3rd world shit holes with an unarmed populace. Remember this, write it down, you WILL see this material again.  This is one of those ‘teachable moments” and if you don’t remember it… well I am sure the millions of law abiding gun owners here in America will be all too happy to provide you idiots with refresher training. Speaking of which, we’re damned good at shooting. Hence a cop with a handgun taking out two morons with rifles AND body armor……WE. SHOOT. BACK.

5. We here at the Empire being g_dly sorts and all, have made sure your now very dead pals in TX – are getting their 72 virgins. We cloned Helen Thomas and Rosanne Barr. 36 times each. Hey never let it be said we’re not benevolent here….have fun with that. Send more Jihadis, we’ll make sure they get their “rewards in paradise”. No really, trust us.

6. We’re not France. If you go to someplace like New York City, you might find a French Restaurant and a prissy uptight waiter – but that is as far as we go. You will not find any of those restaurants in TX. What you will find are Christians. Tons of them, and all of them have weapons. They tend to frown upon such things as radical Muslims shooting the place up.  Next time, pick a less prickly cactus. Maybe try, I dunno….someplace like  Baltimore.

7. Pamela Geller is a woman. We Americans frown on 7th century tea boy banging assholes attacking our women. Americans from TX will kill you for it. And not think twice about doing it either. None the less…..Judging from your pathetic showing there in TX, she probably would have kicked your asses by herself. Barehanded. Our women are no joke.

8. Never attack a freedom of speech event in the same place that people like Chris Kyle, Marcus Luttrel and other assorted bad asses are bred. It’s just not a fluke, Texans BREED these people called SEALS, Green Berets, and others like you people breed fucking camels. They’re good at it.

9. There is no Sharia Law in the US. Remember this. Should you survive the next attempt, we’ll still kill you. It might take the lawyers a few years to wrangle it out in court. But we WILL still kill you. We’ve killed more than one of our own for terrorist acts, we won’t bat an eye about you.

Thus concludes today’s lesson…. Class Dismissed!


Welcome to the race comrade!!

Bernie Sanders – S-VT has declared his candidacy for President.

That “S” in his qualifier is for Socialist. That’s me being 100% honest. He’s admitted it freely. The NYT and other MSM lemmings  can call Bernie Sanders an “Independent” until the very depths of hell freeze, it doesn’t make this particular leopard change it’s spots.

Let’s not mince words here. I hate this guy with a white hot fervor that makes my hatred of Obama look like a Woodstock Hippie love-fest. Like Obama He’s a Marxist / Communist in Sheep drag. Only he (Sanders) doesn’t step around the issue and claim to be a “Democrat” as Obama does, he’s outright about his socialist belief system, and massages that by claiming to be an “Independent” or  the softer sounding “Socialist Democrat”.  As if there is any difference in today’s Democrats and the moldering remains of the members of the United Soviet Socialist Republic.

I was sort of taken to task recently by Deth-Guild and others for my writing on the death of gun control advocate Sara Brady. Seems that some felt I was a wee too moderate in my comments. Maybe I was, and that’s okay – It happens, we don’t always strike that same notes as bloggers and for the most part I agree with Silver-Deth and Bill Quick. I just pulled my punches on that particular post, and I have no regrets on doing so. Nuance People – fucking Nuance !! I say that last bit in jest, alas, subtle sarcasm is so hard to convey on the intertubes…

But on Sanders – I will pull no such punches. I did not spend fully 1/4th of my life staring (quite literally) into the maw of the Soviet Bear to give Sanders or any of his ideological fellow travelers the benefit of any doubt, None.

Let’s erase any and all ambiguities as to my stance on Bernie Sanders as a US Senator  and as an aspiring Presidential Candidate. He is a national embarrassment and a fetid festering puss stain on Vermont’s status as a member of the Republic. Not harsh enough? He’s, unlike Brady alive, so he can incur the full gamut of vitriol. He should be dancing at the end of a fucking rope. How’s that for unambiguous and lack of any nuance?  That goes for the brain dead morons that keep voting for his sorry ass as well. Sanders is not the enemy at the gates, he IS the enemy INSIDE the gates.

Clear enough? Good, Let’s delve into the Old Grey Whore’s breathless announcement on Sanders, shall we? This IS a pure and unfettered case of political bias masquerading as “objectivity”. To be blunt, the Times more or less shrugged off any objectivity here, let’s call it what it is – an endorsement.

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Free Range Goodness!

It seems to be all the rage these days. Free Range.

Free Range Chicken, the cluckers get to roam around a pristine emerald green grassy field under an azure blue sky, whiling away their days bathed in lemon yellow sunshine. Right up until they are nice and plump….then  Ol’ Farmer Brown whacks their head off with an axe (humanly of course!!) and sits down to enjoy his corn-cob pipe for a spell while the body finally figures out it’s dead and has the decency to lay down in eternal rest. Well not really – but hey “Free Range”  it sounds so much better than the “poultry industry” on a package of Tyson Chicken breasts – no?

Then of course there’s “free range” beef, turkey, bacon on the hoof, and “farm raised” fishes too!! Kinder and Gentler for the masses . America – now more blissfully ignorant of where their dinners are coming from.

Free Range. What a nice touchy feeling sounding set of words. There’s even “Free Range Kids” now!! So what happens when your brain dead of an excuse of a Mayor decides that she should apply that same sort of nuanced and enlightened philosophy to you the oh so gentle tax payer?

One word. Baltimore.

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A Rottie In Need to Fight a Huge Injustice.

LC Nicki the Resident Misanthropic Bitch could use a little help for an injustice that she has to endure, thanks to a family of thieves, including a Chester the Molester who is literally squatting in her rental property with the permission of a judge.

You can read the story on her site:

On Losing Hope


The Virginia “Justice” System

Needless to say, Nicki needs our help to hire an attorney to wrest back possession of her house that she works two jobs to own.  A GoFundMe page has been set up to take donations for her legal fund.  Please donate what you can:

Help Nicki Fight the Squatters – The GoFundMe Site


Any little bit will help.  This is something that crosses all ideology, all political sides — everything.  This is about TRUE justice.

Oh and open thread, I guess.

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