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Blood Was Inevitable

It doesn’t matter whose blood, or who fired the first shot. Whether it was fired by an eager patriot, a nervous redcoat, or a drunken hunter not even on the field, is immaterial. What matters is that the shot was fired and the road to a new nation was trod. The path to this point had been tumultuous, and it was far from set in stone, even after blood had been spilled, but it was now a different path than what had been. No longer would they entreat their king for redress of grievances with lengthy tomes. Now they would speak with the ferocity of black powder and cold steel, and the hot blood of patriots.

The afternoon of April 18, 1775, Dr. Joseph Warren, considered by Governor Gage as the most dangerous man in the colonies, had seen five British officers on horseback returning to Boston along Charleston Neck. Their mission had been to reconnoiter the route for an armed excursion into the countryside to seize militia arms and arrest Sam Adams and John Hancock, two of the most vocal and radical of the patriots agitating against the long line of usurpations of King George III. The reconnaissance had been designed to prevent raising alarm among the colonists. Instead Dr. Warren mounted the steeple of the Old North Church and lit two lanterns, launching Paul Revere and Richard Dawes on their famous Midnight Ride.

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The Naked, Unvarnished Truth

If there’s a Rant Hall of Fame, this one should be right up there in the Pantheon of all-time greatest hits. Before you go and click on the link, be sure to empty your bladder, grab a fresh beverage to sooth your throat from shouting “Fuck YEAH!”, over and over, as you read the post. It’s a loooooooooong read, but worth every damned second that you’ll spending reading it. We’ll give you a teaser, but you simply MUST go over and read the entire post.

The Founders set out to create a limited government. They did not create a Constitution that spelled out what the government may not do, they created a Constitution that detailed exactly and precisely what the federal government MAY do, and nothing more. This far, and no further. All other powers were specifically and deliberately left to the individual states, and to the people themselves. The Bill of Rights was added at the insistence of several of the Founders to protect the individual citizen from future tyranny and avaricious government.

Yet today, our government has no compunctions about monitoring all my communications, tracking my movements, deterring my business success with punitive taxes and onerous regulations, accessing my banking records, compelling my participation in an ill-conceived healthcare system that will most assuredly give me substandard care and higher prices and may violate my personal wants and perhaps even my religious beliefs, and regulating almost every aspect of my day-to-day life, right down to the type of the car that I may drive, the lightbulbs I am allowed to buy, and the kind of toilet I am permitted to shit in. And thanks to the NDAA, if my government deems me to be a terrorist, I can be black-bagged and zip-tied, arrested without warrant or charge, held incommunicado without legal representation indefinitely, and perhaps even tried by a military tribunal in secret and summarily executed.

So tell me again… just what are the limits of my so-called limited government?

I feel like I have been ripped off. I recognized at a very young age that I had won the lottery; of all the millions upon mllions of people born on this planet the same year as I was, only a small segment of them were lucky enough to be born Americans, and now, a small group of lying and avaricious politicians and leftist activists have stolen my birthright.

All I want is the government that I was promised by my ninth grade civics teacher… a government of laws, not of men, a government with checks and balances, lawfully enforced to restrain and contain the government from infringing on the rights of populace. But all of this has been swept aside in my lifetime; now criminals like Eric Holder and Charlie Rangel and Al Sharpton and Lois Lerner and Jon Corzine suffer no sanction or consequence for openly and nakedly breaking the law. They are now part of a protected class, when 250 years ago, they would have been lucky to only have suffered being tarred and feathered.

I would be content with an ordinary and ultimately forgettable life. I’ve strived for excellence from a young age, but never been consumed with the pursuit of wealth, fame, or power. I would be satisfied with enough money to take care of my family, to send my progeny to college, to live in modest comfort and to enjoy a few vacations and indulgences here and there, and to leave my children with a better life than I had. I am a simple man with simple needs. I would like to die in my bed at the age of 106, surrounded by my children, grandchildren, and my 22 year old second wife, with a couple of old guns in the closet, now rusty and dusty from disuse.

But I don’t think that is going to happen. I truly believe, deep in my heart, that I am going to need those guns before I die, and not for a burglar.

I see only two paths for America today. First, some miracle will happen in which a couple hundred constitutionalists like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and Trey Gowdy will be elected to the House and Senate over the next few election cycles, and something resembling the Founder’s republic will be restored, but given the current climate of relentless progressivism, massive bureaucracy, government dependence, and voter ignorance, that seems like a very remote possibility.

The second path is that complacency, ignorance, and indifference will allow more progressives and communists to be elected, the federal government will continue to grow and amass power unchecked, and one day very soon, we will we will witness the birth of a police state that will make the Gestapo, the KGB, and the Stasi look like pikers and dilettantes.

And that, folks, is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Go read the rest.


I giant H/T goes out to Wirecutter.

Oh, is that so, You Old Pederast?

Harry Dingy Screed, the most perverted, corrupt, lying, thieving, felonious piece of shit to ever disgrace our nation is now up there calling patriots “terrorists” because they foiled his land grab in Nevada by daring to disagree with FedGovCo thinking it has the right to “own” 87% of a sovereign state.

“Those people who hold themselves out to be patriots are not. They’re nothing more than domestic terrorists,” Reid said during an appearance at a Las Vegas Review-Journal “Hashtags & Headlines” event at the Paris. “… I repeat: what went on up there was domestic terrorism.”

We really don’t have much time for the opinions of pederasts like that creepy old waste of skin, but seriously? “Terrorism?” You ain’t seen nothing yet, you commie-loving traitor child rapist (allegedly). If this was really terrorism, we very much doubt that you’d be leaving your house without a cordon 800 yards wide of your Secret Service whores and prostitutes, selling what little honor they have for a few pieces of communist silver, because the sun wouldn’t set on you one more time.

The senator said he spoke with Attorney General Eric Holder, FBI leaders and Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie. Reid said he understands there’s a task force being set up to deal with Bundy, and Gillespie is involved as well.

“It is an issue that we cannot let go, just walk away from,” Reid said.

What’s this “we”, coward? You’re not going to do fuck all, you yellow-bellied, piss-streaked pile of cowardly communist shit. You’re going to leave it to your retard Nazi henchmen who have even less honor than you have, being willing to follow the orders of puling, totalitarian swine.

Come and get it, diddler, or are you too chickenshit to come after something more manly than your granddaughters?

Yes, that was a rhetorical question.

Dear G-d in Heaven, please grant us the joy of living long enough to see that fuckhead’s noggin explode into a fine, pink mist on live TV.


Oh, and Nevada: Thanks a fuckload for returning that swine to the trough again and again. You richly deserve the desert you live in. It’s a great pity it’s not radioactive too.

Thought of the Day

In the vain hope that this won’t turn into a pissing match among kids wanting me to referee their personal grievances, which I have absolutely no interest in. I have quite enough of that with the Imperial Heirs, thank you very much, and at least they have the legitimate excuse of NOT being adults who ought to know better. One might even go as far as to say that they are, indeed, entitled to a bit of refereeing, seeing as how they’re pretty new to this being a human being thing and all and, as such, might reasonably expect their own father, who played a part in throwing them into this world, to help them out in such things.

In the whole Bundy affair, I hear a lot of “well it’s the law, so he’s in the wrong” etc. and so forth.

The argument has some merit. But then you have to consider when the law is moral and just as opposed to being immoral and unjust.

And should you just follow it regardless because “it’s the law?”

If that is your opinion, then you should probably brush up on your high school German, because it sounds so much better in that language. They have tradition behind them, after all.

As to myself, the only law I recognize, apart from G-d’s, is the Constitution. And if something is in violation of that, then it’s not law. It’s certainly not something that I have an obligation, morally or otherwise, to follow. I seem to recall having sworn an oath to that effect and, it may be due to my ancient roots in a culture where such things as honor, duty and oaths actually mean something, oaths can’t be revoked just because Befehl ist Befehl.

It seems to me that we fought a revolutionary war over stuff like that. Obviously that doesn’t matter anymore, because if the law says something now, then you’re automatically wrong if you don’t follow the orders set down by said law.

Which is interesting. Because you know, slavery was once very much the law. I suppose that those evil terrorist rabble rousers who thought that it wasn’t right for people to OWN other people had no legal leg to stand on, so fuck them. Because they were against The Law™. In Germany, and it’s sad that we have to keep bringing this up, it was once very much legal to cart Jews off to camps, so I suppose that the Germans who were against that really deserved all of the Gestapo raids they got as a result. Because fuck them. It may not be RIGHT to steal the Jews’ property and send them off to labor camps, but it was the LAW, so who were those assholes to oppose it?

Or take the slight misunderstanding of 1776. King George was doing nothing wrong. He was just trying to enforce The Law™, but those pesky colonialists, rather than resorting to peaceful means (that they also didn’t have because the deck was stacked very carefully against them too), insisted on not respecting The Law™.

The bastards! If only they’d been all hanged, every single one of the Founding Fathers, because they clearly had no right to do what they were doing.

In fact, all of you doctrinaire respecters of the Rule of Law™ owe Britain a big, huge apology and a “please will you forgive us and accept us as a colony again?”

In the unlikely event that you want to be consistent in your argument, that is.

I’m sure Her Royal Majesty will be amused, if a bit befuddled at your sudden request to be welcomed back into the fold again.

Hey, you might even get to enjoy cricket. With a bit of effort. OK, a lot of effort.

As to myself, “it’s The Law™” won’t ever be sufficient. I guess I’m too much of an extremist for that. It has to be moral and just as well and, for starters, it would be nice if we could at LEAST agree that it has to be CONSTITUTIONAL before we’ll even consider the legitimacy of it.

But obviously that has been bred out of this nation too.

Too bad. I thought we’d taught you better through our colossal fuckups “in the name of The Law™”. I guess I was wrong.


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