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“Whatever They Say, They’re Lying, We Tells You!”

We laughed and laughed and laughed.

Fetid Vapors’ John Sexton is still hunting Russians under his futon, assisting the National Socialist Democrat agitprop distraction campaign 24/7.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is among those sounding that alarm, echoing security experts

Unnamed, unknown, unsubstantiated “experts”, mind you, which translates to “something we just made up out of thin air.”

who say Russian security services have been known to doctor documents and images or bury fictitious, damaging details amid genuine information. For hackers to resort to such tactics would be highly unusual, but security specialists say it’s a realistic extension of Moscow’s robust information warfare efforts.

And who wouldn’t believe that fount of veracity, Nancy Stretch Pelousy when she pre-emptively starts shrieking that “whatever those darned Russkies say about me next, they’re lying, LYING!” It’s not like she has a motive or anything. Other than her life-long dedication to truth and honesty, of course.

We can’t help but wonder what it is that the National Socialist Democrats must have done to piss off those nefarious, vindictive, eeeeeevuhl Russians so much, but it clearly must have been something major.

Or maybe they’re just making the whole thing up.

Nah, that couldn’t be.


Those Damned Russians!

Now they’re evilly hacking into that heroic Nazi collaborator George Soros’ private email as WELL! Will this horror never END?

(Yes, George Soros is an actual collaborator of ACTUAL Nazis, not the kind that own golf courses and say naughty things about terrorists while going to all the wrong parties, who helped facilitate the murder and robbery of Jews during WWII. But the DNCMedia won’t ever tell you about that).

The files of George Soros’s Open Society Institute have been hacked over a period of years, with 2,576 just published on the mysterious DCLeaks site. Soros, the master manipulator of governments who pulls the strings at the State Department, will face unprecedented scrutiny. Alex Pfeiffer of the Daily Caller summarized the range of material.

Of course, since Georgie boy is also extremely tight with the National Socialist Democrat Party (old Nazi lovers never change their stripes), we can now expect pro-Hillary Cuck site Hot Gas to go positively apoplectic about those evil Russians hacking emails.

Because the content of those emails is of no importance at all. What’s important is the Russian Menace™. And making sure that nobody wastes time talking about stuff that might help that awfully uncouth silly looking guy with a toupee who will most assuredly be storming his Panzers through the Ardennes immediately after being sworn in.

We fully expect poor John Sexton at Hot Hillary to almost be dying from exhaustion at this point, trying to keep up with this while simultaneously searching under his coffee table for Russians waiting to hack his email.

Is the hacking of email accounts worrisome? Sure it is. We’d surely hate for our predilection for Malaysian Midget Pr0n to become public knowledge, but that’s what even halfway competent security was invented for. Obviously that’s not something that the National Socialist Democrat Party and their minions care too much about, considering that, at this point, they apparently can’t book a table at the Four Seasons without a burly Russian Gopnik deleting it and showing up in his track suit four minutes before they arrive for their lobster bisque.

Should we be concerned about foreign entities, and we have to stress at this point that all “evidence” of Russians being behind this amounts to “anonymous sources”, “some experts” and the laughably corrupt and unbelievable FBI (thanks, Comey!), influencing our national elections? We absolutely SHOULD. But perhaps we should ALSO be a bit concerned about just why such revelations about the National Socialist Democrats’ internal communications can influence anything at all. We mean, if everything that those “Russian hackers” intercepted had to do with Hillary’s yoga routines and Sturmbannführer Soros’ dinner preferences, it’s not really all that likely that it would influence anything, is it?

But let’s not talk about that, because that might lead to people debating what was in the emails, rather than the much more pressing question about who got a hold of them and how they did it, right?


We find it highly informative just how eager the Cucks are to join hands with the National Socialist Democrats in deploying those weapons of mass distraction. You should, too.

Overall, we find this revival of the Russian Scare™ quite amusing and a bit silly too. Maybe that has to do with us having served back when the Russians really were scary. We have to admit, our main worry back then had less to do with our email intercepted by them, perhaps because email wasn’t really a thing back then, than it had to do with being incinerated in a sudden shower of gamma rays.

It’s not so much that the neo-cons are latching on to it, they’ve been searching far and wide for a scare since the Soviet one dissipated, it’s their raison d’etre, so to speak. We understand it, even, to a degree. We felt a bit lost, too, back when the enemy that we’d spent years training to fight suddenly just rudely packed up his tents and went home to make pop music. It’s just that we moved on. There are plenty of new and scary enemies to focus on today. They don’t seem to have figured that one out.

But what we find really amusing is that the most loyal allies of the former Soviet Union, the National Socialist Democrat Party, are now the most frantic enemies of anything Russian. Now that they’re the ones who might be in the sights of their former besties. If only they’d been one tenth as suspicious about the Bear back when it really mattered, then this world would be a much different place. Instead they were busy sucking Soviet dicks in order to throw U.S. elections.

And now we’re all supposed to get up in arms because the Russians are, ALLEGEDLY, based on no named and documented sources, trying to influence an election against the National Socialist Democrat Party?

Don’t make us laugh.

What’s pathetic is that the Cucks are joining hands with them but, then again, what would you expect?

We’ve already determined that, whatever side the Cucks are on, it’s not the side of the U.S.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, right?

We won’t forget.


Just Another Choir Boy

So, “innocent choir boy black kid” gets shot down by cops in Milwaukee and riots ensue from the usual Only Black Criminal Lives Matter crowd. Multiple injuries, massive vandalism, arson, destruction etc. from the race war that the National Socialist Democrat party and their media propaganda arm created.

No news there. Nor is it in any way news that the choir boy may have skipped a few recitals in his illustrious career as an outstanding citizen:

The Milwaukee Police Department has reported that the armed man whose death sparked rioting over the weekend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, had a long police record and was even the subject of a case of witness intimidation.


Such a nice kid. If Princess Precious Perfect of the Immaculate Pants Crease had had a son, this is surely what he would have looked like. Look at him? Wouldn’t you have loved to have a “national conversation about race” with him? Oh, and he was armed in the altercation with the police that led to his “tragic” demise too.

All we can say is that in the view of this, it is our civic duty to unite with our Cuck fellow citizens to ensure that we can have at least four more years of the same. After all, that Hitler fellow running against Her Cankles is just right out. Have you seen how he dresses? And his just plain atrocious way of speaking. Why, it’s quite clear that if he isn’t stopped before he eats another baby on live TV, he’ll be invading Poland three hours after he’s sworn in!

As to the owners of the O’Reilly’s and the gas station that were burned down by the righteously indignant “mostly peaceful” protesting citizens, not to mention the masses of clearly guilty random whiteys beaten up in said riots. Well, check your privilege, people. You had it coming.


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