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Still Not Getting It, Are You?

A most excellent post from Mike at Cold Fury, one of our oldest friends in the Blogosphere (to whom, by the way, you should lend your full support if you have a few shekels to spare as there aren’t that many of us left and he’s by far one of the best), in which he goes over the protestations of yet another “sure, but he just isn’t our KIND, you know” #Nevertrumper. Not a rabid one, mind you, just one of the ones who gets where those of us who’ve had it with the Uniparty come from, but can’t just get himself to get on board.

Read it, please.

OUR point is this: No, he isn’t one of “your kind”, he doesn’t spout Hayek and von Mises out of his every pore, he’s uncouth, arrogant and at times infuriating, he’s not really “one of OUR kind” either, but he’s all we’ve got. Unless you prefer Hitlery, of course, in which case we really don’t have anything else to discuss.

WE’RE not looking for a new Cato or Cicero, although we’d dearly love to see one, WE’RE just looking to survive so that we at the very least have something left worth fighting over in four years.

And “you go to war with the army you’ve got, not the one that you wish that you had.”

What we DO know, and we know precious little about what President Trump would be like, is that we’ve got somebody who has made all of the right enemies and, moreover, has managed to shake the destructive Uniparty system of “the Ruling Class of DC gets everything they want, the plebs get to deal with the consequences because we’re quite alright within our super rich, gated communities, thankyouverymuchly” to its very core. We’ve never seen the filthy parasites of Berlin on the Potomac so shaken to their very core with terror as they are now.

And that is a GOOD thing, no matter what might follow. And what might follow might be bad too, we’re not exactly Pollyannaish in our outlook, but it’s that little word, “might.” Because we know what WILL follow if we allow the likes of Ryan and Reid and their comfortable circle jerk to continue until it all crashes down on OUR heads, NOT theirs. Just as they’d planned it all along.

We’d prefer to see them all, no exceptions, dangling from lamp posts, but terrified will have to do for now.

WE are not in the slightest interested anymore in an “understanding” with the powers that have done nothing but to systematically destroy, for decades now, everything that once made this country great.

WE are only interested in one thing for now, and that one thing is their total, utter destruction and unconditional surrender.

Not because, again, that we harbor any hopes that Teh Donald is our savior, we very much doubt that he is, but because we need, on an existential level, for the destruction of the Uniparty that has been going on for too long now, to at least pause. Pause, so we can go about reorganizing and planning for the next step.

Or we can suck our thumbs in righteous indignation along with the #NeverTrumpTards and declare that it’s better to burn down the whole nation that to ever allow somebody as uncouth as he is to supplant Saint Hillary in the White House.

Those are your choices, those are OUR choices.

Whatever you choose, choose wisely.

And be prepared to live with the consequences without a complaint, without a cry for compassion and without a single, solitary shoutout of “but who could possibly have known?”

You know, alright. If you’re the ones we’re talking to, you’re far more than just merely “intelligent enough” to know.

Whether you choose to acknowledge that extremely uncomfortable fact is entirely up to you.


This..has to be seen ..and heard…to be believed.

H/T LC Virago, who prompted me to go find this.

This young lady…all I can say is….Misha, she puts you to shame

YouTube Preview Image

She also has a few things to say to Donald Trump.

YouTube Preview Image

and she asks this question, one I hope he..and the voters in November, take with them when they vote.

“”Mr Trump, is this price tag one you feel you can afford?”

Open Thread


“Whatever They Say, They’re Lying, We Tells You!”

We laughed and laughed and laughed.

Fetid Vapors’ John Sexton is still hunting Russians under his futon, assisting the National Socialist Democrat agitprop distraction campaign 24/7.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is among those sounding that alarm, echoing security experts

Unnamed, unknown, unsubstantiated “experts”, mind you, which translates to “something we just made up out of thin air.”

who say Russian security services have been known to doctor documents and images or bury fictitious, damaging details amid genuine information. For hackers to resort to such tactics would be highly unusual, but security specialists say it’s a realistic extension of Moscow’s robust information warfare efforts.

And who wouldn’t believe that fount of veracity, Nancy Stretch Pelousy when she pre-emptively starts shrieking that “whatever those darned Russkies say about me next, they’re lying, LYING!” It’s not like she has a motive or anything. Other than her life-long dedication to truth and honesty, of course.

We can’t help but wonder what it is that the National Socialist Democrats must have done to piss off those nefarious, vindictive, eeeeeevuhl Russians so much, but it clearly must have been something major.

Or maybe they’re just making the whole thing up.

Nah, that couldn’t be.


More Kibble

Those Damned Russians!

Now they’re evilly hacking into that heroic Nazi collaborator George Soros’ private email as WELL! Will this horror never END? (Yes, George Soros is an actual collaborator of ACTUAL Nazis, not the kind that own golf courses and say naughty things about terrorists while going to all the wrong parties, who helped facilitate the murder

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Just Another Choir Boy

So, “innocent choir boy black kid” gets shot down by cops in Milwaukee and riots ensue from the usual Only Black Criminal Lives Matter crowd. Multiple injuries, massive vandalism, arson, destruction etc. from the race war that the National Socialist Democrat party and their media propaganda arm created. No news there. Nor is it in

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What a Hateful BIGOT!

Just came across this: "Those who are guests in our country that are preaching hate will be asked to return home immediately." – Trump — Fox News (@FoxNews) August 15, 2016 Now, we have to tell you this, Cucks, you were right all along. This Trump fellow is not only Hitler, he’s ten times

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Elsewhere, in Europe

The NEUropa dictators of Brussels are flailing about ever more desperately as the peasants start to get restive: EUROPE’S baltic states have slapped down Brussels bureaucrats by REFUSING to accept their migrant quotas. “If you don’t take your rapefugees, you can’t have any pudding! How can you have any pudding if you don’t take your

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That’s Some Strange Company the Hildebeest is Keeping

We’re sure you’ve already heard about this one, but we had to mention it anyway because, seriously… Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton held a campaign rally on Monday in Kissimmee, Florida, a town just 30 minutes south of Orlando, Florida. She spoke to the crowd about the victims of the massacre at the Pulse nightclub.

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Hildebeest, Defender of Child Rapists

More news you have to go abroad to read about, because the ClintonMedia sure as Hades aren’t going to talk about it. Heartwarming story about how Superdefender of Womyn and Children everywhere, Hildebeest Rape Defender, made a 12-year-old rape victim out to be a slut whore who deliberately wanted to be fucked all the way

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