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Princess Perfect C*ntface Obama Update

We’ve been seriously amiss in talking about the imbecile in the White House and her petulant, pre-K dealings with Israel. Yes, we know.

That doesn’t mean that we haven’t been paying attention. Attention with a mixture of horror and amusement.

Amusement, as when Bibi, in spite of Princess Hussein Obama’s best attempts at swinging the election against him (say, wasn’t that illegal at some point? Oh no, of course not, that’s only the case when a Republican is president, in which case it’s a war crime against humanity and little fluffy bunnies), won in a landslide. In the midst of our relief learning that Israelis aren’t quite ready to commit suicide and our joy at learning that Bibi will stay in power, we got to learn about our own Petulant Princess of Foot Stomping refusing to call Bibi to congratulate him.

Call various and sundry dictators around the world to congratulate them? Sure. Princess Hussein is your ever reliable whore when it comes to that. Congratulating the leader of one of our most steadfast allies? Not so much. Princess PeachBama got her widdle feeewings hurt. Go get a spa treatment, why don’t you? You’ll feel better afterwards, Princess.

We weren’t quite as amused when we learned that Princess Jew Hater declassified the documents detailing the Israeli nuclear program, however, which also happened to coincide with Bibi’s reelection. Sure, everybody already knew that Israel had one, but nobody knew the exact extent of it. Until Princess Prozi Perfect found out that Bibi wouldn’t invite her to the prom, that is, at which point she did everything short of providing the Ayatollah with the GPS coordinates of Israel’s nukes. But we’re sure that she’s done that too behind the curtains (and in between blow jobs).

She’s just that perfect.

Remind us again, Prozis, about how your Nobel Peace Prize winner made peace in the world, would you? Then tell us how the Shoah was perfectly justified because Adolf Hitler once got snubbed by a Jewish baker. Then kindly go die in a fire. All of you who voted for that monster.

And we weren’t entirely amused either when we learned, much to our non-surprise, that Princess PeachBama of the Prozi Church has been acting as the mouthpiece of the Ayatollahs in the laughable nuclear “negotiations” going on. How do we know? Because Iran’s own media liaison defected in the middle of the talks, stating just that. Also, just by studying Princess Hussein’s every single action since she took office, which is a task that the so-called “media” in this country religiously avoid paying any attention to.

But all’s well, and we can assure you that the Republican party, whose candidates you absolutely MUST vote for or be called a Prozi traitor yourself (according to Prozi traitors calling themselves “conservatives”) will be right on it.

Right after the rapture. Or the heat death of the universe, whichever comes first. But right now, they just can’t be bothered.


A Question For The TransQueerLesboWhateverTheFuckThey’reCalling ThemselvesThisWeek Community

If you’re so fucking “brave”, “progressive” and “inclusive”, why don’t you “tolerant” fuckweasels go and try to force a Moose-slime bakery or a mosque to cater to your “marriage” demands?

We’ll be waiting, with incredibly bated breath, for your “enlightened reasoning”.


Damn, a Whole Lotta Birthdays!

And on a beautiful, sunny Sunday in Texas, no less.

It is our pride and delight to announce a few birthdays in no particular order:

Our very own LC 0311 Sir Crunchie I.M.H., K.o.E., who looks not a day older than 60. He will, no doubt, be celebrating it in Uncle Sam’s Misguided Childrens’ inimitable ways, So if you’re anywhere in the vicinity of his gubernatorial mansion, we’d advise keeping a low profile, as well as keeping any booze and daughters/wives/other lifeforms of the female persuasion firmly under lock and key.

Just saying.

Also, also our very own FrJim, Imperial Chaplain, whom we shall refrain from insulting gratuitously, as he has a direct line to the man upstairs and, while certainly resolute in the face of adversity, His Imperial Majesty is not clinically, suicidally insane.

Many happy returns to the both of them, and kindly don’t puke all over the freshly installed Mediterranean marble in the lobby. It stains horribly!

Last, but not least, it is ALSO the birthday of Saint John Moses Browning (blessed be his name)’s venerable 1911 design. A design that, more than just about any other design, has stood the test of time. 104 years later and it still remains one of the most respected, popular and all-round badass designs of all time! Also, the merest sight of one makes a Prozi Pussy wet its pants AND cry, so that’s a bonus.

Speaking of hip howitzers, the Texas Open Carry bill just got out of committee in the Texas House, and is expected to fly through with no trouble, and then onward to Governor Abbott’s desk, where it has already been promised a prompt signature.

Not bad for a Sunday, we’d say.


So, Er, Hi?

Yeah, I know, it’s been a looong, looong time, and I really can’t come up with any excuses for it.

Just a bit worn out, I suppose?

I keep telling myself: “OK, now THIS I must write about”, and then, before I’ve even had a chance to finish a thought in my head, much less put it down, sixteen other outrages happen. So which ones to cover, which ones not to cover? Most of them you’ve probably already read about on at least ten different sites who still regularly update and, at the end of the day, what can I possibly say about scandal X and exactly why it happened, not to mention what will happen next which, if the perpetrator is a Prozi, is a resounding nothing. Just like the previous 25,000 times.

And if it’s the Establishment once again stabbing their own voters in the back, turning the knife while laughing gleefully, what more can I say that I haven’t already said several hundred times? Should I say it again regardless? If so, which ones should I focus on and which ones shouldn’t I?

So I throw my hands in the air, mutter “let it burn” and promise myself that tomorrow, TOMORROW will be that glorious day when the Muse will come back and it all will come together.

Meanwhile, the site languishes for which I’m deeply sorry. This site and you, dear readers, mean the world to me. We’ve been through a lot together, and just pulling the plug just isn’t something I can do. On the other hand, if I don’t pull the plug, then I owe it to your weary eyeballs to at least occasionally put something new up here to read.

I suppose I could start posting funny cat photos ;)

Kidding! But seriously, sometimes I wonder if I shouldn’t just let politics take a hike and start writing about whatever. It’s not like anything is about to change. At this point, the Junta in DC and their RINO allies could lock up the doors to a nunnery, set it on fire and make s’mores, and all that would happen would be the usual few days/weeks of “something needs to be done” followed by “oh look, another scandal about which something needs to be done!”

So what do YOU think? Should we change focus, tone, stay the same, activate the self-destruct button or something else entirely.

After all, without you all, this site would have never been A Thing™, and I have always valued your input, even when I can’t seem to get through the spam trap that is my inbox on a regular basis.

Open thread!


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