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Our old friend Bill Quick nails it with that new name for the Peepul’s Republik of Kalifornistan.

A Southern California couple received a letter from Glendora city officials threatening to fine them $500 if they don’t get their sun-scorched brown lawn green again, reports AP.

We’re just scratching our head here trying to figure out what possible justification there could be for fining people for not watering their own lawns on their own property. But this is KafkaFornia, and government never needed any justification. Not to mention that the couple is watering their lawn, just not enough.

And they would just love to water it some more, actually, but they’re not allowed to, you see. Because of the same government:

They could also be fined $500 if they water their lawn too much; they’re currently only watering twice a week. With more than 80% of California in an extreme drought, according to the Los Angeles Times, the state water board voted this week to implement emergency conservation plans and gave the OK to fine water wasters up to $500 a day.

Aren’t you glad that you keep voting for government to make decisions for you that you’re too stupid to make yourself? After all, that is what government is all about: We need some brilliant Einsteins in government to make decisions for us because we, unlike them, are too damn dumb to make the “right” decisions, don’t we?

We hope you’re glad, anyway, because it’s what you got. And considering that it’s what you’ve been voting for for decades, we really can’t find much by way of sympathy for you.

Now go vote for some more Prozi Democrats, why don’t you? You know you will. Because that’s what you’ve always done before.

We guess you really are too fucking dumb after all.


Halbig etc.

So now the DC circuit court of appeals has ruled that the law says what the law says, namely that subsidies are only available for states with their own exchanges which, given the large number of states without them, would mean the death of ObamaCare or something. Of course, this was a ruling by a three judge panel and, as such, is bound to be overturned in al-Obumfuck’s favor once it’s re-heard by the full court, which has been carefully packed by the Caliph himself.

But then it’ll go to the Supreme Court and they will uphold the initial decision, right?

Especially since that IS what the law says and, moreover, the whole conservosphere is waxing ecstatic about revelations that the very architect of ObamaEuthanasia, one Gruber, numerous times stated in the past that that was exactly what the law was designed to say and not, as the regime now claims, merely a typo or an “oversight”.

So, slam dunk, right?


His Imperial Majesty is having deja vu here.

Remember how ObamaFines were unconstitutional and how all of a sudden the ObamaFines were not fines, but taxes, and it was just because those evil right wingers misread the lovely document which clearly stated it to be a tax (which it didn’t).

Remember how the conservosphere had synchronized, simultaneous ejaculations with glee when Prozi Congressmembers were caught on tape stating, for the record and approximately three hundred gazillion times in the past, that it was indeed a fine and NO WAY a tax, and how this evidence would make the SC strikedown of ObamaCare a slam dunk, pop the champagne, party in the streets and so on?

Yeah. But then along came Roberts and decided that first it wasn’t a tax, because then the SC couldn’t hear it since it hadn’t taken effect yet and then, once that argument had let him and the rest of the gang issue a decision, decided that it wasn’t a fine after all but in reality had been a tax all along because otherwise he couldn’t have ruled in favor of it.

Remember that?

Prepare for a replay.

You voted for socialism, now you’re going to get it. Once it’s inside the tent, there is no way you’re getting it out again.


Religion of Peace Orders Little Girls’ Clitori Cut Off

And the “feminist” movement in the U.S. doesn’t make a peep, because their muslim subhuman allies in bringing down the hated patriarchal cisgendered Western civilization are more important than moral consistency. Because they’re leftists. Morals don’t enter into it. They’d personally rape every 6 year old on the planet if it would bring about their socialist proletariat’s “paradise.” Because socialists are every bit as subhuman as muslims cutting up the genitals of toddlers are.

The United Nations said on Thursday that militant group Islamic State (Isis) had ordered all girls and women in and around Iraq’s northern city of Mosul to undergo female genital mutilation.

But doubts emerged on social media about the basis for the report. One document posted on Twitter suggested it may be a year old and have been issued by the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, the group’s previous name.

And pisslam might totally, absolutely have changed a policy that they’ve had in place for 1,400 years now.

By Jove’s testicles, it’s like history never happened to those disgusting, pedophile (Roman Polanski, anyone?) progressives.

Muslims are animals. Failure to kill all of them is a failure as a human being. They have had 1,400 years to evolve, they’ve steadfastly refused.

Time’s up.

Kill them all.

As well as their pedophile sympathizers over here. Hi, Barry “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

And please, CPS. remove his daughters from him before he finds a knife.


UPDATE: The religion of piss is now furiously denying that they’d ever issue such a decree, which they absolutely wouldn’t (even though it’s standard practice for a lot of their fellow followers of a certain pedophile prophet), and we all know how truthful they are, don’t we? Still, in all fairness, there it is.

Religion of Peace Spreading their Message of Love and Understanding in Paris

Or, more accurately, Kristallnachting the Hades out of the city (h/t Ace).

Riot police fired tear gas and fought running battles with pro-Palestinian demonstrators in Paris this afternoon after a banned protest march turned violent.

About 6,000 mostly peaceful protesters

And we all know what it means when a bunch of supine, nutless Brit-twit “journalists” start talking about “mostly peaceful”, don’t we? Particularly when they’re talking about the followers of the pedophile prophet Mo-Ham-Head.

…assembled in the Barbès area of northern Paris in defiance of a government ban. When the march was blocked by police lines after only 500 metres, a minority of young protesters started to hurl stones, bottles and sticks at the riot police.

A tiny minority, and don’t you forget it either! After all, the future must not belong to those who slander the name of Mo-Ham-Head, as our very own Caliph Barack al-Obambam has proclaimed, and as much as suggesting that the Religion of Peace is anything but a falsely maligned, tolerant, lovely, peaceful religion and that those of its followers who, suddenly and inexplicably, turn violent are anything but a minuscule, insignificant, tiny at the molecular level minority is slandering the Hades out of the pedophile prophet and, furthermore, a doubleplusungood thoughtcrime of the worst order!

The great majority of the protesters were of North African origin.

Those damnable Presbyterian North Africans!

So what does it look like when a very tiny minority of the most peaceful and tolerant religion in the world randomly break out in random, not at all focused acts of general violence? Well, you’d have to look to someplace other than The Independent (of Sentience) for an answer to that, because they completely avoid talking about it in the slightest. Instead we have to turn the the noted right wing extremist site, The Huffington Post, who apparently aren’t pissing themselves at the mere thought of reporting facts in this case, lest it lead to accusations of racism and worse:

France’s politicians and community leaders have criticised the “intolerable” violence against Paris’ Jewish community, after a pro-Palestinian rally led to the vandalizing and looting of Jewish businesses and the burning of cars.

It is the third time in a week where pro-Palestinian activists have clashed with the city’s Jewish residents. On Sunday, locals reported chats of “Gas the Jews” and “Kill the Jews”, as rioters attacked businesses in the Sarcelles district, known as “little Jerusalem”.

Erm… OK. So this, according to The Independent (of Morals and Reporting Standards), “random and not all that bad outbreak of violence by a tiny minority of ‘North Africans’ of indeterminate religion” is really, actually, the third focused attack on the Jewish community of Paris?

Jewish pharmacy after having been gently remodeled by a muslim Peace Molotov

Jewish pharmacy after having been gently remodeled by a muslim Peace Molotov

Jewish restaurant after a caring muslim threw a few Peace Bricks through the windows to air the stuffy old place out

Jewish restaurant after caring muslims threw a few Peace Bricks through the windows to air the stuffy old place out

Nope, nothing but peace, love and understanding here.

The Jews, for some reason, don’t seem to see it that way and are reportedly making aliyah in droves, getting out of Paris as fast as they can. Apparently they haven’t much faith in the fwench “government” doing anything to stop these pogroms and, honestly, who can blame them?

Hollande is probably too busy stroking his stiffy while watching his new muslim besties relive fwance’s glory days from back when they couldn’t surrender to Hitler quickly enough, so eager were they to help Adolf round up Jews for Dachau and Auschwitz. Soon he’ll be able to quit the pretense and put back “National” in front of his Socialist beliefs and put the armband that his father passed down to him on again.

All of this has happened before and all of this will happen again.

Just don’t expect the U.S. media to talk about it. They’re afraid to offend their Caliph in the White House’s tender sensitivities.


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