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Things The Evil BooshHitler DIDN’T Do…

From the always excellent Doug Ross:


Speaking of Heinrich Holder: What might he be up to, now that he’ll be spending more “time with his family?”

How about… Supreme Court Justice Heinrich Holder?

Think King Putt and his Progressive Socialist (Prozi, for short) Party wouldn’t dare?

Why not?

The Quisling Party would do their usual tap dance of voting for cloture, after which they’d bang their sunken chests muchly and grandstand greatly while voting “nay” on the final confirmation, knowing full well that their handlers in the Prozi Party have the simple majority they need to make their symbolic “nay” votes irrelevant and thus hoping, like the good trained seals they are, that their Prozi masters would throw them a fish for clapping their flippers so loudly and arfing so obediently.

And the ProziMedia would still call them “racists”, of course.

“It would never work, he’d be impeached almost immediately!”

Ha. Sure, Darrel Issa and his merry band of jesters would surely put on a good show of studiously doing absolutely nothing that might discomfit Ear Leader and his Prozis, just as they’ve been doing for nigh on six years by now, but that would be just about all of it. And the sheeple, having been entertained by those willfully impotent gestures, would throw up their hands and say “they did what they could, but it was a lost cause”, and go on to vote Quisling again. And again. And again.

So explain to us again where the downside for the Prozi Party in all of this is. Please.

Because we’d like to sleep one day again.


Murderous Paleswinian Terrorist Pardoned by King Putt Gets Sent to Hades

Thanks to LC & GLOR readerjp, who sent us these wonderful news.

As you may recall, the Paleswinians kidnapped and brutally murdered three teenagers earlier this summer for the “crime” of “hitchhiking while Jewish”. The perpetrators, Marwan Kawasme & Amer Abu Aysha, one of whom had been released earlier in one of King Putt’s pardons, excuse us “swaps” (in exchange for nada).

They have now been sent to the pedophile goat deity that they worship by the IDF. Unfortunately, the article can no longer be found on the Jerusalem Post, but here are the salient facts:

Hamas members Marwan Kawasme and Amer Abu Aysha, the two Palestinians who kidnapped and murdered three Jewish teenagers on June 12, were shot and killed by the IDF in an exchange of fire on Tuesday in Hebron. IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz said, “There is no comfort for the families in their heavy mourning and pain, but I hope they have a little relief in the knowledge that we got to the murderers of their sons.”

…and G-d will take care of the rest of the punishment of the subhumans.


Challenge Accepted!

But first off, allow us to apologize for being even more off the radar than usual. We’ve had some issues with the Imperial Health (no, nothing that serious, so quit arguing about the lines of succession, at least for now) which have left us pretty much laid up in dry dock, getting our hull scraped for barnacles. Slowly. At any rate, we feel a bit better now.

The “Challenge?” We well understand why our dear Imperial Military Historian didn’t want to delve into that black hole of Incandescent Stupid he links to below. Not, obviously, because of lack of courage, he’s a Marine after all (which, as a bonus, also eliminates any risk of brain damage as it would require… Alright, we’ll just stop digging right here), but because of… “WHERE IN THE NAME OF PLUTO’S COCK TO BEGIN?”

We, on the other hand, can’t let such a target sit ***TRIGGER WARNING*** unmolested, even though we fear that we’ll end up being even more long winded than usual, even for us. So if you need to go pee, you might as well do so now, because we’ll be a while…

No one is coming for your guns … yet

You might want to rethink your “clever” use of “yet” in that headline. Some of us have a bad… reaction to it.

I’m sure I lost a lot of readers right off the bat with my headline,

One or both of them? Assuming that you have any, of course.

but for those of you who are willing to hear me out (and if you are still reading I am going to assume that you are), let me explain my position to you.

Oh please do!

Gun control is an absolute joke in this country.

So move.

Background checks are all well and good, but if you can turn around and sell the gun to your neighbor without one, they’re utterly pointless.

Does the law require you to ID everybody who bums a smoke off of you? We guess those laws are pointless too.

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I Have No Words

Seriously folks (or as Algore would say “Serially”) I am at a total loss for words to fisk this heaping pile of…of…you see, speechless. I’ll just leave it here and allow you pups to have the honor. But do, please, read all the comments in the link. It will give you back some of the IQ points you lose after reading the…the…black hole singularity of stupidity. I do so wish I could see all y’alls faces as you read it though. Who knew G.H.W. Bush won a second term?

No one is coming for your guns … yet

I’m sure I lost a lot of readers right off the bat with my headline, but for those of you who are willing to hear me out (and if you are still reading I am going to assume that you are), let me explain my position to you.


Gun control is an absolute joke in this country. Background checks are all well and good, but if you can turn around and sell the gun to your neighbor without one, they’re utterly pointless. Assault weapons being sold to the general public is ridiculous. Nobody needs an AR15 to shoot a deer. And this whole open carry movement just terrifies me.


It seems to me that while some people are so adamant about their Second Amendment rights, they’ve forgotten all about my First Amendment ones — specifically my right to life. Sorry, that should trump your “right” to sling a semi-automatic weapon over your shoulder and sit in the booth next me at a restaurant.


Gun control is a political platform utilized by both parties to pander to the masses and garner votes. It sickens me that human lives are the cost of winning an election nowadays.


Because this is a column, inherently an opinion piece, I’m not going to pull out a bunch of stats and quotes to support my cause (although they are abundant.) But there is one that I can’t let go. The majority of people I talk to seem to think that President Obama is “out to get your guns” when in reality, the first Bush administration had stricter gun laws.


In fact, two of the most critical gun control measures that ever passed took place in the 1990s: 1993’s Brady Bill and 1994’s Assault Weapons Ban — both passed by a Republican president (George H.W. Bush) with the help of strong vocal support by former President Reagan.


The reality is that our forefathers in 1791 had no idea about the weapons technology we would have in the future. The notion that the constitution is static is absurd. This is why they are called “amendments” so that they can be amended to keep up with the times.


Mass shootings have almost become common place in today’s media, and every time one happens the same rhetoric is replayed: “Now is a time of mourning, and not an appropriate time to discuss gun control.”


So, my question is: when is the appropriate time? When do we as a society decide to finally catch up with the rest of the modern world and say enough? What exactly are you defending with your “well regulated militia?” Because I guarantee that whatever you may have in your personal arsenal is a joke compared to what the most well funded military on the planet has to bring to the field.


As much as I would like to, I am not calling for the complete disarming of the American public. What I would like to see are some reasonable restrictions put into place.


For starters, registration. This seems obvious to me. When you sell your car, the registration of the car follows it from owner to owner — it should be no less for firearms. Licensing to own a gun would then logically follow. I don’t have a problem with hunting rifles or family heirloom pieces either.


I’m not overly fond of handguns, but I’ve learned to pick my battles. This “open carry” nonsense has to stop. Everyone wants to strap on a six shooter like Wyatt Earp, but they forget that the gunfight at the OK Corral took place because Earp was trying to enforce the town’s ordinance banning guns.


America, for all her technological advances, is in reality a very young nation. Perhaps in time, as our country grows in age and experience, we will finally see the error of our ways and begin to make amends. If we can only get through this rebellious teenager phase, we might even stand a chance.


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