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So Who’s This Khashoggi and Why Should We Care?

We don’t have a lot of time for things like that these days, but we did some digging anyway, just to see if we could figure out what the big hubbub was all about.

So who is/was he?

Well, apparently he was a terrorist-sympathizing “journalist” for the Washington Compost who was Muslim Brotherhood, pro-Sharia and used to pal around with one Osama bin Laden. He was also allegedly killed by a bunch of Saudis, according to our “allies” in Turkey. You know, the same allies who screwed us over royally (or tried, at least) during Gulf War II by changing their minds about our troops being stationed there right in the 11th hour before the start of the war. Also the same “allies” who held an American Missionary and his wife hostage for ages for the “crime” of breathing while Christian.

Yeah, those “allies.” Why would we ever doubt a word that spilled from their impeccably honest lips?

As to the second question, “why should we care?”

We don’t know. We’ve got nothing there.

A foreigner who was a pal of Osama’s got killed by some other foreigners in a foreign country.

Nope, still nothin’.


P.S.: Yes, we admit it, and we’re not ashamed either: We do not have any sort of sympathy regarding any sort of accomplice, associate or acquaintance of Osama’s, the mastermind behind the most murderous attack on the United States in history, the subhuman beast who murdered thousands of wholly innocent civilians. We freely admit to a bit of bias against such individuals, and we make no excuses for it. Nor do we have any intention whatsoever of changing that in any shape, form or fashion. As far as we’re concerned, any random Joe could have grabbed Khashoggi in full view of the public and then fed him into a wood chipper, feet first, and we’d barely be able to muster a bored shrug. Serves the pig right.

The Prozi Left Can’t be Parodied

They ARE a parody.

We remember when this was hysterically funny:

OK, so it’s still hysterically funny, but back then, that was ALL that it was. And it was hysterically funny because surely, certainly, no WAY could anybody actually human, in real life, ever say something as patently ridiculous as this.

Not so much anymore.

Also, we just noticed that apparently the latest Prozi/Twatter hysteria is over a new meme comparing SJW Prozis to NPCs. To those among you who aren’t much into gaming, an NPC (Non-Player/Playable Character) is one of those rambling villagers/city dwellers etc. “persons” wandering around in role playing games and the like. You can interact with them in some cases but they, being nothing but code, can only respond in certain, scripted ways, limited by the amount of coding that went into them.

Anybody who tries to interact with them beyond what the game’s developers had in mind will find that the responses are repetitive, canned and, in most cases, completely nonsensical.

You know, pretty much exactly like any member of a Prozi lynch mob picked at random from the street.

As far as memes go, this one has to be among the best anybody ever has come up with. It’s funny AND it’s absolutely smack dab on the money accurate.

So of course Twatter-Jack and his crew of Prozi censors have battened down the hatches, manned battle stations and are banning users by the hundreds if they as much as dare use said meme.

Can’t have anybody laughing at the Narrative, don’t you know?


Give them a shovel and no matter how deep the hole, they’ll grab it and start digging deeper furiously.


Another Fake Caught Lying

This fake Mexican being less Mexican than Lizzie “0.001%” Warren is American Indian:

Of course, in all fairness, the same could be said for Biff “Cruisin'” Kristol and any number of other “life long Republican” Cucklicans, so there’s that.

Speaking of Fauxcahontas, Slate is now all up in arms about the right’s “anger” at her for stepping on 1/1,024th of a rake:

Why the Elizabeth Warren DNA story has united the right in anger and mockery.

Sure, Slate. This is our “angry” face:

You’re dead on about the mockery, though.


Open Thread

More Kibble

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