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Whiny Millennial Whining Crybaby Whines About Being Called Whiny

While brave men and women are fighting and dying, whiny, coddled, crybaby millennial college students here at home are demanding that their law exams be postponed because they just can’t deal with the emotional distress of not being granted the lynching in Ferguson that they’d set their tiny little minds on. It’s just too much to handle for the special little snowflakes, don’t you see?

One professor at Oberlin, of all places, had a delightful answer to the pleading, sniveling little turds trying to get out of taking their exams on time.

But what made His Majesty laugh out really loud was this pathetic, spineless, mewling, incoherent blather penned by a spoiled brat at Haaah-Vuhd. (That link also shamelessly stolen from Ace).

Over the last week, much has been said about law students’ petitioning for exam extensions in light of the circumstances surrounding the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner at the hands of police officers.

Much, but not nearly enough. But that will surely change if you keep it up, you petulant little unmanned brat.

Students at Harvard Law School, Columbia Law School, Georgetown University Law Center and several other schools requested that their administrations allow extensions on final exams for students who have been confronting the aftermath of the recent failed grand jury indictments of the officers who killed the unarmed black men.

Brown was armed quite credibly with his fist and his body mass, using the former repeatedly against the officer’s face while trying to take his sidearm away. But we’re sure he was only wanting to put the firearm in a safe place so nobody would get hurt. Guns are dangerous, don’t you know?

If you don’t consider a couple of hundred pounds of muscle backing up two angry fists “armed”, then you’re more than welcome to contact us for a demonstration. Provided you sign a waiver first, that is.

In response, opponents of exam extensions have declared that to grant these requests would be a disservice to the students.

It would be, but considering how worthless you millennial invertebrates have already proven yourselves to be, we much doubt that more damage can be done to you than what has already been so thoroughly achieved by your sorry excuses for “parents” and their utter failure to provide you with anything that might be mistaken for parenting.

Law students, they argue, must learn how to engage critically with the law in the face of intense adversity.

Or, in the case of your kind, any adversity at all, a concept wholly foreign to you.

Drawing comparisons to events surrounding the Civil Rights Movement and other times of intense turmoil, these opponents portray today’s law students as coddled millennials using traumatic events as an excuse for their inability to focus on a three-hour exam.

That, we believe, is what is commonly known as “an accurate description of the suspect”, a term you should be familiar with.

In essence, law students are being told to grow up and learn how to focus amidst stress and anxiety—like “real” lawyers must do.

Real lawyers out in the real world doing actual lawyering, as opposed to spoiled shitless, entitled wimps like yourself doing mainly keg stands and panty raids.

Speaking as one of those law students, I can say that this response is misguided: Our request for exam extensions is not being made from a position of weakness, but rather from one of strength and critical awareness.

Weakness is strength, ignorance is knowledge, cowardice is courage. You’ve memorized your Orwell creditably, we must say. It’s just that his point flew over your pointed head entirely, but that should hardly come as a surprise to anybody.

Although over the last few weeks many law students have experienced moments of total despair, minutes of inconsolable tears and hours of utter confusion, many of these same students have also spent days in action—days of protesting, of organizing meetings, of drafting emails and letters, and of starting conversations long overdue.

Despair, tears and confusion? What the hell have you been doing? Facing the French charge at Agincourt? Staring down a German Panzer Division? Oh, you’ve been wasting your study time running around in the streets waving signs and holding meetings, not to mention that most dreadfully demanding and heartbreaking chore: writing emails and letters!

We take it all back. Courage such as yours comes but once every thirty generations. We hold our manhoods cheap that we were safe abed at home while you fought with Noble Harry upon St. Crispin’s day in his immortal 3rd Suffolk Regiment of Letter Writers. Dammit, but you gave those infernal Frenchies hell when you did bravely face their charge, painstakingly typed out “cry havoc” and didst most courageously unleash the fliers of war!

Surely no mere mortal can deny you a postponement upon having shown such valour in the face of almost certain death and dismemberment! Indeed, let us proclaim this day a holiday and give you a ticker tape parade (provided that we use recycled, organically grown, fair price tape only, of course).

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Taking out a Raghead

Thanks to our Australian correspondent, we already have a spectacular play-by-play and continuous update on the latest muslim terror attack in Australia.

Thankfully, only 2 human beings (and one dune coon) out of two dozen died in the attack, but that is still way too many (any number of human beings above zero would be too many). Of course, the main takeaway from this, according to our ever “neutral” media, will be that #NotAllMuslims did this and that we now have to listen to endless sermons about how “Islam is the Religion of Peace™”. We might get a few minutes of remembrance of the heroes who died after this 3,629th latest senseless burst of muslim violence (and we’re only talking about this week), but we’re not holding our breath.


Just like #NotAllJapanese took part in the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Thankfully, our grandparents weren’t quite as “nuanced” in their response. Also, #NotAllGermans invaded Poland. We guess that makes the Holocaust OK too, right?

But that’s not what we want to talk about. We all already know what the knee-jerk defenders of the Religion of Mass Murder are going to say, especially with their biggest cheerleader since Mohammed still in the White House, so it’s pointless to belabor that fact.

We’d like to solicit your opinions, because more than just a lot of you have actual, on the ground experience with entry situations in a civilian environment. We only know how to do it grunt style, which means “flatten everything and fuck it all.”

So, background: The standoff in Sydney had gone on for 17 hours with the cops on the ground not knowing if dropping the raghead was safe as he might have a dead man’s switch or an accomplice. At this point, the lone sand rat dozes off, dreaming of his favorite underage goats, and the owner of the cafe decides to make a move to disable the animal. Unfortunately, the ensuing struggle ends up with the owner dead, but it does force the decision whether to go in and end it or not upon the commander of the police forces outside. You can’t very well just sit by and listen to the sound of hostages being murdered. Not to mention that the sacrifice of the owner knocks the muslim baby fucker off balance enough to create a situation where entry might be possible.

So the cop in charge gives the order (the correct one in our ignorant opinion) to enter and this happens:

YouTube Preview Image

Our question is this: We obviously don’t know squat about forced entries in a civilian setting, but we know that a lot of our readers DO, being professional LEOs. In our opinion, that’s one professional stack entering in a very creditable manner, but what do you guys think?

We’re not talking about the decision to send the troops in, we’d have done the same thing and probably sooner, being a primitive grunt, just how they made their entry.

We think they made a damn good show, and the fact that “only” one human being died in the crossfire before they shredded mohammed’s favorite goat is pretty good, considering how many people were in there. But what do YOU think, trying not to armchair quarterback the move?


Jihadi flag waves in armed cafe hold-up\

Cafe in lockdown in the middle of the Sydney CBD, broad daylight.

There are reports that two gunman have taken hostages, some of which are standing with their hands up at the windows in the popular Lindt chocolate shop, which has two or three entrances. There is also a black and white flag being held up in a window. It is believed to be the Black Standard, a jihadist flag.

Religion of Peace..MY ASS.

Party of Submission Submits Again

If one were to accept the oft-repeated meme that “Islam Means Submission”, then the GOP might as well come out and declare themselves the first Islamic Party of the United States.

Once again, they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Once again, they completely and utterly ignored a clear mandate from the voting population. Once again, the Quislings dropped to their knees and slurped the balls of King Obola.

It’s hard to use the power of the purse without holding the purse.

Republicans are making a massive mistake by funding the federal government through September 30, 2015. If the spending plan that barely passed the GOP House last night survives the Democratic Senate, Republicans lose most of their leverage to defund Emperor Obama’s executive order on amnesty for illegal aliens until at least next October 1.

Which is exactly what the GOP wanted all along.

That will give Obama and legions of federal bureaucrats and lawyers nine months to sink the amnesty decree deeper and deeper into the American body politic and this country’s socio-economic and cultural institutions.

Which is exactly what the GOP wanted all along.

Ronald Reagan once observed, “The closest thing to eternal life is a temporary government program.” Nine months is temporary enough to make this amnesty permanent.

Which is exactly what the GOP wanted all along.

Obama’s unconstitutional order will be that much harder to reverse if it becomes fully funded until at least nearly one month after next Labor Day.

Which is exactly what…

OK, you get the drift now.

They desperately want the cheap slave labor that shamnesty provides to their corporate bribe masters, and they’re in a damned hurry to get as much of Obola’s agenda passed before January next so they can whine about how “they had no choice” and “the Democrats held all the cards” and their old favorite surrender excuse: “We can’t do anything with one half of one third of the government.”

Come January, when those excuses are no longer valid (not that they’re valid now, if one has the slightest passing knowledge of how the Constitution, Congress and the passing of bills work), they need for all that King Obola and themselves want codified into law, and they need to make it so it’s impossible to reverse, should those Useful Idiots they call “voters” start getting uppity and demand that they do what they were voted in there to do.


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