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Welcome to the Imperial Presidency

And no, sadly, not the Imperial presidency of His Imperial Majesty, Misha I, but that of His Colossal Ineptitude, princess Obola I.

So Empress Obola, safe in her knowledge that nothing would happen if she did so (nothing ever happened on the umpty-million times she took a piss on the Constitution and ruled by fiat in the past, after all), made good on her threat of ruling by decree if she couldn’t have her way.

Presumably she’s doing it for the “two thirds what didn’t vote”, whom she assumes would all have voted for her.

Short aside: That reminds us an awful lot of something we saw rather a lot of back in the wild days of flame wars on UseNet (if you remember that, you’re as old as we are): Somebody would be getting his arse handed to him on a regular basis and would then, in a final act of desperation, resort to using as an argument that “all of the many people who never post email me to state that they support me!”

We called that pathetic tactic “the lurkers support me in email” and it was an automatic SPNAK!!!1!!!, which was UseNet-speak for “you did not merely lose, you are now the laughing stock of all who might read anything you ever typed or will type.”

How utterly fitting that a useless twit and narcissistic psychopath like Obola should resort to that, but we digress…

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Ask, And You Shall Receive…

And His Imperial Majesty is so very much in!

His Curmudgeonly Eminence, Francis Porretto, has gone forth and established the following:


Not only that, he has set up a website for it, which shall forthwith be found on the Imperial Blogroll. Now we just need to figure out the code to our own site well enough that we can put that beautiful logo on our sidebar.

All we need now is for the ORIGINAL Outlaw Blogger, Jeff Goldstein, to grace us with his presence.

He was, after all, Outlaw before Outlaw was cool.

UPDATE: Speaking of Jeff, his mother just passed away. That would be enough sorrow to enter a man’s life, but Jeff has also been cursed with a thief of a brother who greedily seized for himself all of her assets, including but not limited to life insurance policy, sale of home etc., leaving Jeff to hold the baby as far as funeral costs and such go. So we’re sure he could use a bit of encouragement in any shape or form you might have it.



Operation Galvanic, the code name for the invasion of Tarawa, was not the bloodiest battle in total numbers, 953 Marines and sailors KIA, 29 MIA, and 2,296 wounded, but when that casualty figure of 3,301 is out of a total landing force of 11,000, it’s one of the highest rates in the Pacific. Of the 4,707 Japanese Special Landing Force sailors (Jap marines, rikusentai), 4,690 were killed. Only 17 were captured alive, most all of them too wounded to carry on the fight or commit suicide.

Betio was the main island in the Tarawa Atoll and was less the two miles long and 600 yards wide at its widest point. In this space smaller than Central Park, over 20,000 men would slug it out at point blank range. More than 5,600 men would die there, and four Medals of Honor would be earned in the first assault against a heavily defended, fortress beach head of WWII.

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Of This and That…

First off, His Curmudgeonly Eminence, Francis Porretto, has a few words to add to the ShirtStorm (as well as some other excellent points that you really ought not to miss).

Looks like he, ourself, Jeff Goldstein, Mike Hendrix and Sarah Hoyt, just for starters, ought to found an Outlaw Blogger Gang dedicated to not giving a damn inch to the Prozi thought police and the spineless wankers on the “right” who like to submissively urinate all over their own bared tummies every time the Glittery Hoo Has give them the evil eye. The logo on our colors could be a one-fingered salute offered by a scantily clad female suggestively hugging a gun. Or braining a baby seal.

Of course, the real challenge would be to convince Her Imperial Majesty that her Royal Husband really needs a bike. If we took out a $4 million life insurance it might work.

“Now I’m Just Somebody That You Used to Know…”

That ought to be the soundtrack of the following video neatly encapsulating, in two minutes, what GruberGate is all about and how the lying liars in the Lie House are once again lying about the lies they lied when they lied about their previous lies.

Herr Gruber ought to read up on Vince Foster. It might come in handy for him in the upcoming weeks.

YouTube Preview Image

The lying liars in the ObolaMedia and their handmaidens in the Prozi Blogosphere are busy pretending that nothing in the above was ever said and that, besides, Herr Gruber, the “most brilliant economist in the universe” who, until recently, was “the architect behind ObamaCare”, is no longer anything but an unknown somebody who never had anything to do with ObamaCare at all, for which the Lie House paid him $400,000 and change.

The wheels of the Obola Bus go round and round…

Quit Calling Me Mean Names!

Kaci “Ebola Mary” Hickox who absolutely would not, under any circumstances, muster one single solitary fuck about her potentially infecting Americans with Ebola is now terribly upset that Americans won’t muster one single solitary fuck about her being upset about being called names.

Terribly sorry (no, we’re not, but our exalted station requires that we be able to at least pretend to decorum occasionally), Lady Kari of Ebola, but last we checked your hurt feelings don’t quite rate on the same scale as the potential for seeing innocent Americans bleed to death from their eyeballs just because you can’t be arsed to take three weeks off work with pay to watch Netflix.

We’d be happy to meet you halfway by not calling you “nurse” anymore, however. After all, being a nurse requires no small amount of consideration for your fellow human beings, not to mention at least a modicum of understanding of the dangers of infectious diseases, how to combat them, the precautionary principle and basic epidemiology, none of which are in evidence in your selfish, arrogant, narcissistic behavior.

So how about “Ebola Kaci?” “Ebola, E-b-ola Ebooola…” “Kaci the Ebola Snatch?”

Pick one.


More Kibble

We’re Winning, and They’re Losing… It…

One of the clear signs of a Prozi (aka “modern liberal”) being pushed into a corner, knowing that it’s at the end of its rope, is that its mental faculties will start to melt down completely and it will start to lash out in ever more angry and insane ways. A perfect example would be

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King Obola: “I Just Read About This Gruber Guy in the Newspapers!”

Filed as “most unsurprising headline of the year.” “I just heard about this,” Obama said at a new conference, after wrapping up two days of meetings with world leaders here at the G-20 Summit. “The fact that some adviser who never worked on our staff expressed his opinion that I completely disagree with — it

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So There I Was…

As our Imperial Vileness will attest to, I have a vast repertoire of stripper stories. This is mainly due to the fact that for many years before I met Bangie Thing I was known to occasionally, only occasionally mind you, frequent gentleman’s clubs. This was done purely for altruistic reasons, but we’ll just leave that

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More Schick L. Gruber Videos

(Our thanks to LC Xystus for the new name for the smarmy, lying, Prozi bastard architect behind the Unaffordable Care Act) They’re coming out thick and fast, they are. Video after video of Herr Schick L Gruber laughingly explaining how he and Obola really got one over on the idiotic, simpleton U.S. voters who really

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Statism, Continued

You might say it’s a pet peeve of ours, having at least some experience with statism. We trust that you are, by now, familiar with our love of the British Understatement. If any might think that the state, the self-anointed elite, has anything but the utmost contempt for We The People, meaning you, I and

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Veterans Day

This year Veterans Day shares the week with the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, a moment that started the end of the Cold War. It was a moment that many of us didn’t see at the time for what it was, our victory over the Evil Empire. We had won. But

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