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Another me-me-me-me-MEEEEE Heard From

So a nurse from Doctors Without Common Sense comes back from the pestilent Ebola center of the planet, gets put in quarantine and, you knew it, goes on an industrial grade whine rant about how horribly inhumane it is…

I am a nurse who has just returned to the U.S. after working with Doctors Without Borders in Sierra Leone – an Ebola-affected country. I have been quarantined in New Jersey. This is not a situation I would wish on anyone, and I am scared for those who will follow me.
I am scared about how health care workers will be treated at airports when they declare that they have been fighting Ebola in West Africa. I am scared that, like me, they will arrive and see a frenzy of disorganization, fear and, most frightening, quarantine.

Not near as frightening, we’d say, as dying while bleeding from arse, eyes and ear holes after a trip to the same bowling alley as another Doctor Without Inhibitions who just couldn’t bear another night without spreading germs everywhere.

But we’re probably being unreasonable here. After all, what can be more important than somebody’s feeeeeeeeeewings???

Just shut the fuck up and watch some Netflix, why don’t you?


Just One Question For the Leftards

Preznit Obola can barricade WWII vets from their monuments and ordinary American citizens from their own national parks, but he can’t barricade potential guaranteed Ebola carriers from entering our country?


PS: All Hail Emperor Misha! (May Beers Be Upon Him)

Not AGAIN???

Be advised: This is not a confirmed case yet, but it sure sounds like it might be the real deal:

Spencer, who was one of the medics working in Guinea with Doctors Without Borders, had been back for 10 days and quarantined himself after developing nausea and a high fever, sources said.

Except he didn’t, unless you count taxiing around NYC, going bowling and bumping ugly with your girlfriend as “self-quarantining.”

What fucking diploma mill in Guinea-Bissau did this “medical professional” get his sheepskin from?

Obviously one that doesn’t teach “do no harm” very effectively. Oh wait, they probably did. Like every other member of the me-me-me-me-MEEEEEEEE generation he likely interpreted that as “do no harm to my personal convenience or preferred pastimes”, because why would anybody fresh home from Ebola Ground Zero want to, we don’t know, maybe try NOT to get in contact with as many people as humanly possible?



“They Came In Peace”

At 0622 on October 23, 1983, thirty-one years ago today, a yellow Mercedes truck drove up to the entrance of the Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon; headquarters of the 24th Marine Amphibious Unit and its ground combat element, Battalion Landing Team 1/8.

The Iranian driver triggered his load of explosives, equivalent to 21,000 pounds of TNT, and 241 American peacekeepers were killed. It was the largest single day Marine Corps loss since Iwo Jima.

Minutes later a second suicide bomber hit the Drakkar building, the barracks of the 3rd Company, 1st Parachute Chasseurs Regiment, killing 58 French paratroopers.

Beirut was a place few Americans had heard of prior to 1983, and a place most can’t find on a map now. October 23, 1983 is a date most will not note nor remember.

Except for those who were there.

Beirut Memorial

You are not forgotten brothers.

Beirut Memorial (1)

Beirut Memorial (2)


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I have such a huge, raging freedom boner right now I could impregnate North Korea! Imagining the prognazi heads that would etplode when they see this is like the post-coital seegar.

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