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We TOLD You You Wouldn’t Like the New Rules

…at least not when we started applying them to YOU! (via Vox Popoli):

Sarah Sanders @PressSec
Last night I was told by the owner of Red Hen in Lexington, VA to leave because I work for @POTUS and I politely left. Her actions say far more about her than about me. I always do my best to treat people, including those I disagree with, respectfully and will continue to do so

And whoo-boy did the Prozi shitlibs have a Prozi shitlib shitfit!

You know, the same shitlibs who are cheering the Prozi fascists terrorizing Kirstjen Nielsen and her family, the same shitlibs who show up at baseball games to shoot Republicans, the same shitlibs who bankrupt, harass and terrorize bakers who won’t bake cakes for gay weddings. THOSE Prozi shitlibs.

Kathy Griffin @kathygriffin
A small business owner makes a decision that she doesn’t want a liar who contributes to the hate in this country to dine at her establishment and Sarah from her official White House account attacks her. Punching down is what the White House does.

Still trying to get back some relevance, are you, Kaffy? Ran out of “tasteful” gags to pull off?

Very big and respectful of SHS to openly name and shame the restaurant—knowing full well what targeting people will now do—because she got her fee-fees hurt.

— Andrew Kirell (@AndrewKirell) June 23, 2018

Well, at least she didn’t sue them into penury or sic the IRS on them, so there is THAT!

And what’s that with the “targeting people will now do?” Projecting again, are we? We predict that the worst that will happen is that a bunch of people will decide to eat elsewhere. We also, confidently mind you, predict that what will NOT happen is a “discrimination” lawsuit that puts the Red Hen out of business, doxxing of the Red Hen’s owner and employees, camping out on their lawns, terrorizing them all night long or anybody showing up and using the Red Hen’s staff for target practice.

You know, like YOU lot has been doing for decades.

At least we pray that nothing of the sort will happen. More importantly, so should YOU!

We fully support the Red Hen’s decision to associate or not associate with whomever they bloody well please. It’s their business, after all, it’s not called “The People’s Red Hen” (although perhaps it should be, to stay in character). We also fully support any other prospective customers’ decision to maybe not associate with the Red Hen in return.

See? It’s really very simple how this works.

Don’t want none, don’t start none.

You really should start paying attention, because the way you’re carrying on, you’re not half going to be surprised when it truly becomes time to reap the whirlwind, you complete berks.


Oh, It’s Just Like Auschwitz!

We’re still trying to desperately to figure out why we should care one iota about the Trump Administration enforcing laws that were signed by Bill “Put Some Ice on That” Clinton, and we’re still failing utterly.

Of course, it doesn’t help that the “horrific” pictures of “children in cages” came from pro-open borders demonstrations where they’d put their own children in cages that they’d brought with them, all for the photo-op revealing a “greater truth” and all that nonsense.

Bottom line, we don’t care that much at all. It’s not like President Trump placed the kids in the situation they are now, faced with being “locked up” in facilities with medical, psychological and whatever else support, along with entertainment, room and board and three solid meals a day, something that we doubt they had before, at least if their “parents'” stories about the horrors they spent several thousand miles “escaping” are to believed.

It’s their parents, acting in ways that no responsible parent would ever behave. Particularly not knowing, as we do, that the “coyotes” charging horrendous fees from the “destitute refugees” aren’t exactly averse to a bit of child-raping, much like the Progressive Socialists’ (Prozis’) new allies, the muslims.

But neveryoumind, it’s all Trump’s Fault!

It is not at ALL the fault of their parents using “their” children (numerous cases are known where said children are in no way related to their “parents” at all) using the kiddos as human shields, much like the Progressive Socialists (Prozis) allies, the Islamofascists of the middle east or, indeed, the Prozis here at home using the corpses of children not yet cold to “argue” for disarming law-abiding citizens here at home ever chance they get. No sir, not at ALL, and if you as much as think otherwise, you’re a RAYCISSSS!

This whole “separating children from their parents is JUST LIKE THE NAZIS!” bullshit reached, to us, peak stupidity when Planned Genocide Parenthood chimed in. Colour us supremely misinformed, but isn’t the whole raison d’etre of Planned Infanticide to separate children from their parents? Preferably by jamming scissors into the brains of the children in order to not damage the organs and limbs of them, all of which can then be sold off as spare parts.

Is Planned Euthanasia so upset because the President isn’t slicing up the kids in nice, easily FedEx’ed portions for them to sell for medical experiments?

We don’t know about you lot, but to us criticisms coming from an organization known for being responsible for more than ten times the murders (all of the victims being babies) of the bloody NAZIS might not be a criticism that one should take all too seriously.

Nevertheless, after having fruitlessly tried to explain to the terminally ignorant Prozis that his administration was only enforcing a law that, oddly enough, wasn’t apparently a problem when his predecessor, Chocolate Jeebus, was busy enforcing it, President Trump “caved in” and said “oh heck, so we’ll just throw the kids in the slammer with their “parents”, just so’s not be be separating them. That’s what you berks want, isn’t it?”

Only to have a “Hawaiian judge”, as we shall forever refer to “judges” who have absolutely no business judging anything, no matter where they might hail from, immediately state that giving the Prozis exactly what they were pretending to demand was a “constitutional violation.”

So separating them from their criminal parents while their cases are being investigated is LITERALLY WORSE THAN HITLER, and NOT separating them is, well, we suppose ALSO LITERALLY WORSE THAN HITLER!

Pardon us if we’re having a really hard time even pretending to pay attention to their hysterical nonsense.

Of course, all of this could be resolved in a hurry if Congress would repeal the law that MANDATES separating the kids, but that would A) not suit the Prozis’ purpose, which is to keep the catch and release program going and B) not suit the Cucklicans’ purpose, which is to do… pretty much the same thing, only they’re doing it for their pimps in the Chamber of Cheap Slave Labor, er, “Commerce”, whereas the Prozis are doing it in order to replace the Deplorable Electorate they currently have with a more Chavezque new one.

Of course the President, being somebody just about as impatient with sub-retarded cretins as we are, except that WE would be more inclined towards using firing squads than he appears to be, pointed that out to the Cucklicans in a closed meeting:

“Why is this coming up now? I mean, it’s so obvious am I right? Mitch knows. The economy, jobs, North Korea, there’s so much great news they had to do the fake news. I’m not saying the pictures aren’t bad. They’re bad. Certainly not good. They make it look bad. You have to do something. You have to work together. It could be such a big, beautiful thing if you did that. The Democrats won’t help. We all know that. They think this is good for them. We’ll see about that. But doing something, working together, isn’t that why you’re here? It should be. And if you don’t do that and November doesn’t work out for you then I’m sorry but you shouldn’t be here. Go do nothing somewhere else. You bring me something (a bill) that makes sense and I’ll sign it. It’s so simple. It should be. But it has to make sense. It has to be good for the American people. This isn’t rocket science folks. It really isn’t. Figure it out.” [Emphasis ours – Emp.Misha]

“You refuse to do your jobs? Well then go not do your jobs somewhere ELSE!


You’re FIRED!

As much as it is possible for a theofascist, straight, patriarchal white male to say this: We effin’ love that man!

That should keep old Turtle McDurdle wondering why chairs are suddenly so damned uncomfortable for quite some time. At least until he finds an arse donor of his own phenotype.


It is Wednesday.

“Alexis?  Shoot the bad guy.”

Space Force

Trump directs Pentagon to create military Space Force

President Trump officially directed the Pentagon to establish a sixth branch of the U.S. military in space on Monday. Speaking at a National Space Council meeting at the White House, Mr. Trump called for a “space force” to ensure American dominance on the high frontier.

Not that there is anything wrong with this, per se.  It’s just that when I first heard the reports yesterday, this song started going through my head:

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