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Just noticed that the login and register links don’t work anymore. The login from the left sidebar works (but the register/lost password links are missing), but if you’re anywhere else and needs to login/register, it just takes you to a “Denied” page.

Hopefully I can figure out what the Hades is going on with that before I light myself on fire and run nekkid down the street.

I find myself missing Blogspot at times.


Secretary of Defense Mad Dog Mattis


MOAR Russians!!!

The cuck clowns over at Fetid Flatulence are getting ever more desperate, now calling for congressional investigations into how the Russians helped Trump win.

What’s that got to do, though, with whether or not this is a gravely serious infringement on U.S. sovereignty and something that the country’s representatives should investigate aggressively?

Nobody’s saying that we shouldn’t investigate just how “Russians” managed to hack into Felonia von Pantsuit’s illegal, private toilet server. We could start by maybe enforcing the law that states, quite clearly, that it’s a felony to keep a private, unsecure, easily hacked toilet server with confidential information on it.

Then we could give the felons of the Prozi Party lessons in basic server security from, say, “Internet Security for Terminally Retarded Fuckwads who Really Should Have Been Euthanized Years Ago”, vol. 1.

What we’re saying is that there isn’t much to be “investigated” here along the lines of “how”, provided that you’ve used the Internet for more than five minutes and are more than 5 years old. But sure, let’s waste some time on “investigating” for months on end how on EARTH somebody managed to log into a server that was three orders of magnitude easier to “hack” into than the public computers at the local library. Let functionally retarded computer illiterate Congressional twatmolds pontificate for weeks on the subject, hanging their complete inability to understand even the basics of the late 20th century, much less the early 21st, out there for all to see.

It should be entertaining.

As Rick Wilson said, what would be happening today in an alternate reality where the CIA claimed that Russia had intervened to try to help President-elect Hillary Clinton?

Would that be the same Rick Wilson whose learned, adult response to Ann Coulter during the election was to ask her whether Donald Trump paid her more for anal? Why yes, yes it was.

If you’re going to appeal to authority, Analpundit, you could at least try for somebody who mentally developed past first grade, no?

Try again. Or give up. You’d probably be better off just cutting your losses while you’re behind.

The only objection I’ve seen to holding hearings that’s grounded in the merits, rather than pure “but this might embarrass Trump!” partisanship, is the idea this is all based on nothing more than some random unnamed source whispering to the Washington Post. Er, no. Read the Post story. They have multiple sources,

Oh? So Jeff Bezos’ fake news blog has more than one unsourced voice in their heads? Holy crap, Batman, that’s some impressive shit right there!

Not that it matters and, once again, if we absolutely must waste weeks “investigating” why Prozis are too fucking dumb to keep every 7 year old script kiddie on the planet out of their unsecured computers, let’s do it. It’s bound to be extremely embarrassing for the too clever by half mentally stunted thugs of the Prozi Party, and we can never have too much of that!

But, as we’ve said before a million times, what damage those leaked emails did to Felonia von Pantsuit’s campaign and the future of the Prozi Party wasn’t due to anything “the Russians” did, it was due to THE CONTENT OF THE GOTT-DAMMED EMAILS!

“The Russians” didn’t keep confidential information on a toilet server in blatant violation of the law, “the Russians” didn’t rig the Prozi primaries to keep Bernie out, “the Russians” didn’t collude with the Fake News Media (aka the Prozi Steno Pool) to sink the Republican candidate…

Do we really need to go on?

Just shut up, Anal. You lost. Get over it, cupcake. Suck it up.


Still Not Quite Sure About Calling them “Prozis?”

At LC & IB Fran’s place, we find this “charming” poster put up by the National Socialist Democrat Workers’ Party’s Sturmabteilung “AntiFa” (“anti-fascist”), Kreis Seattle:


We’ll leave aside the darling little brownshirts’ spelling deficiencies, as this is nothing new. Fascist street bully organizations don’t tend to attract people with high school diplomas.

Just imagine anybody putting up posters stating that whites shouldn’t date, well, anybody who isn’t white? Imagine the outrage!

Come to think of it, that isn’t anything new either:

Jews have always been race defilers.

“Jews have always been race defilers.”

Can we call the “progressives” by their real name now, perhaps?


More Kibble

Look, More Russians!!!

Things are getting sillier and sillier as the Prozis try to come up with excuses for the massive rejection they just suffered at the hands of the voters (via Doug Ross): The latest batch of moonbattery stems from the New York Times and Washington Post who are now quoting mysterious and secret sources, within the

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On This Day, Which Shall Live in Infamy

We remember our fallen heroes. Never forget! Thatisall.

(p)resident Zero Decides to Rub it in One Last Time

Apparently in an attempt to make sure that no Prozi “Democrat” will ever be able to walk down the street without being spat on. Good. Keep it up, you America-hating heap of rhinoceros shit, keep digging that hole so that no American may never forget just what a useless, worthless sack of abused skin you

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We Guess Conservatives Were Never Conservatives to Begin With

We’re not entirely sure what to make of Taylor Millard’s incoherent, seemingly inherently contradictory brain farting over Trump’s “threat” to slap a tariff on companies leaving the country and trying to sell their goods back to the nation they left for financial convenience’s sake. Donald Trump’s threat against companies who leave U.S. is statism at

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They Told Us that Guns are More Dangerous to Their Owners…

..and they were RIGHT! According to NBC 4, authorities with the Culpepper County Sheriff’s Department say “21-year-old Delonte Jones, of Prince George’s County, and 18-year-old Amber Eley, of Orange, Virginia, knocked on the door of a home in the 1400 block of Woodland Church Road.” When the homeowner answered the door, Jones and Eley feigned

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We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming…

To send our prayers for a full and speedy recovery to LC & IB Sarah Hoyt. Get well, Sarah. You’re a national treasure and heaven knows that your self-deprecating, spirited, always optimistic writing has helped His Imperial Majesty through many a dark hour during our previous 8 years of damnable occupation by Idiotarians Thatisall.

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