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Do the LameStream Media ever read what they fucking well WRITE??

The stupidity never ends

From here

Opening paragraph

A gunfight between tourists turned deadly in Bourbon Street, in New Orleans’ popular French Quarter, on Sunday during celebrations to mark a college football tournament and the Thanksgiving holiday.

and then

but they separately arrested 12 people for illegal possession of a firearm in the French Quarter over the weekend.

Here’s the money shot

“I suppose this highlights [America’s] national issue with gun laws. Legislation needs to be implemented, but I don’t see that in the near future.


Dear stupid media, had you read your OWN article you’d be aware that those arrested were charged with ILLEGAL possession..

For the last time, you useless, worthless pack of morons, you can pass all the fucking gun laws you like, you can make them totally illegal , put them on double secret probation for all the good it will do.


God, the stupid, it burns……..

War? Sounds Like a Plan

Kellogg’s has decided that they won’t advertise with Breitbart because Breitbart is not sufficiently anti-Trump.

That sounds an awful lot like something Hitler would say.

That’s the game that Kellogg’s wants to play? Fine.

For once, it’s a company that our family actually does business with, or used to do business with, and they’ve just declared us the enemy. Fine. We don’t do business with our enemies, so fuck you very hard, Kellogg’s.

Like Ace, we’d much prefer for corporations to stay the fuck out of politics, it would be a smart business decision for one, not that American businesses are known for being smart. Having attended business school in Europe, we have to wonder why people in this country getting an MBA don’t just buy vodka and weed with the money instead, because MBAs over here aren’t worth the sheepskin they’re printed on. But mostly because businesses are, or should be, in business to make money. Another thing that schools offering MBAs in this country appear to not understand.

Declaring a huge portion of your customer base an enemy doesn’t seem like a smart business move to us. But, then again, we were taught by people who weren’t idiots, like the “professors” in this country. If it wasn’t for the solid foundation that this nation’s predecessors built, we would make Venezuela look like an economic powerhouse based on the idiocy that is taught in American business schools.

Thing is, if they want to engage in the culture wars, they should get what they want. Burn them down. They like to sic their mobs on people who have the nerve to think differently, we have mobs of our own. We never mobilized them before since we’re rational human beings, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t.

If you’re Levi’s and you “respectfully” ask me to leave my guns out of your stores, I’ll certainly comply. But, since my guns are attached to me, that will also keep me out of your stores. Great business model. You must have been taught by the imbecilic Neanderthals teaching business in idiot American “colleges.”

And if you’re Kellogg’s and you declare me your enemy, I’ll most certainly stop doing business with you. I wouldn’t want to fund my own destruction, would I?

One thing’s for sure: If either one of my heirs wants to pursue a business education, I’ll make sure to send them to a foreign university, because I’d like for them to succeed. And there’s fuck all of a chance that they will if they “learn” from the retards teaching in this country.


More Tolerant Liberals

Prozis, actually, but let’s let them play with the “liberal” label some more:

Thursday morning employees of Wells Fargo in Minneapolis came to work and found Dakota Access Pipeline protesters holding a large banner that read, “Wells Fargo funds genocide.” Another group of protesters locked themselves together and blocked access to the building’s elevators, preventing people from getting to work.

That’s our bank. Not the branch we go to, since we’re Texan, but it’s still our bank. Just saying this in case you “tolerant” brownshirts get froggy:

If you ever, EVER as much as TRY to block us from doing business with our bank, there WILL be violence.

And it will be the kind of violence that will require big, black plastic bags with zippers on ‘em.

You have been warned.

We will happily execute as many as we can of you without a moment’s remorse if you try to prevent us from minding our own fucking business, you sloped-forehead troglodytes. And we have plenty of ammo and firearms to back it up.

Think about it. Then think about it some more, you stupid apes.


An Imperial Reversal of Opinion

You all well know how your beloved (right? RIGHT????) Emperor feels about flag burnings.

And then we saw this over at Treacher’s place:


Oh dear G-d, help us. Our Imperial, principled resolve is weakening. Must say it, MUST SAY IT:

All burning of Old Glory is wrong, no ex… no exce… NO EXCEPTIONS, dammit!

There, we said it.

(Could we call it a “mercy killing” in this case?)


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They Told Us That If We Voted For Trump, Neo-Nazi Hordes Would Be Running Jewish Businesses Out Of Town

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Racist Nation

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You Ring a Bell, the Bitches Start Drooling

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Phew! Dodged Another Bullet

And just as we were getting nervous, the fake news blog Politico reports: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi swept aside a challenge from Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan Wednesday to win another term atop the Democratic Caucus, ensuring continuity for Democrats despite their poor performance on Election Day. Pelosi beat Ryan in a 134-63 vote, securing

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Literally Hitler!

The president-elect of the United States has secured a deal to keep 1,000 Carrier Corporation jobs in America two months before he takes office. “President-elect Donald Trump and Carrier have reached a deal that will keep nearly 1,000 factory jobs in Indiana, the company said on Tuesday,” Indianapolis Fox 59 local news station reported. Carrier

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Live By Identity Politics, Die By Identity Politics

So, the Dem Cong are beginning to vaguely realize that maybe telling every single white person in this country that they don’t matter, being the disgusting, racist, misogynistic, backwards cousin-humpers that they are, might not be working out too well for them, electorally speaking (dammit! Not true! Keep being you! PLEASE!!!) One of the results

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