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Social Distancing?

It’s been about six weeks since I meandered in here to do some maintenance.  It seems like everyone has taken the summer off to go work in the banana stand or something.  I would have expected more during the American ‘silly season’.

Y’alls been upgraded, cleaned out, and all the fluids are topped off.  You should be good for another month or so.

Consider this an open thread.

Australia was a free its a dictatorship.

The right to protest removed under threat of arrest, massive fines and imprisonment.

Curfews. Yes, CURFEWS, where adult CITIZENS are told be inside or be arrested.

Right to travel limited to 5km or be arrested and fined.

Allowed one hour of exercise per day…convicted prisoners get 90 minutes.

Closed borders.

Requiring a permit to go to work “papers please”.


Close any premises

Direct people and groups to enter, not enter, remain at or leave any premises. The authorised officers must give a period of time, of under four hours, for the direction to be complied with

Enter any premises without a warrant to search and seize “any thing that is necessary for the purpose of investigating, eliminating or reducing the risk to public health”. The officers can only use this power if they “reasonably” believe there may be an immediate risk to public health

Require “any information” needed.

Require people to provide their name and address, inspect any premises, require the cleaning or disinfection of any premises “where the risk to public health may arise”, require the destruction or disposal “of any thing”
Direct any other person to take any other action the authorised officer considers necessary

I am sure that the police go home at night, comforted by those immortal words

“Befehl ist Befehl”

We were a free nation once. No more. I wish with all my heart at this time I was an American.

You Are Not Allowed To See This

Millennial Millie (Millie Weaver) had not hit my radar much until I heard last week that she had been arrested, and as I dug further into the story, I learned that her arrest came one day before she was planning to release a documentary she was calling “ShadowGate”. Apparently an associate of hers was able to publish the video over last weekend while Millie sat in jail, and Millie herself was released yesterday.

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So now we know their plan

Biden picks Kamala Harris as VP.

He wins.

He then resigns early claiming ill health and she takes over.

In your hands. Get out and vote.

More Kibble

One Minute to Midnight on the Civil War II Clock

Look at these LARPing morons, and despair for the end of racism in our lifetimes. These proud products of inner city public school systems were marching in Atlanta yesterday. They style themselves as a Black liberation militia, and are known as NFAC, which I understand is short for Not Fuckin Around Coalition. They are led

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On tearing down statues and the current victim industry

We have all seen it. We have all seen where this may head. Black armband history, screaming mobs baying for blood in the name of “racist pasts”. Statues being torn down in the name of ” racist acts in history”. Revisionist history. Professional victimhood. From Bradbury’s classic novel: “Colored people don’t like Little Black Sambo.

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On a lighter note, this is what not to say as a cop

Cop pulls a driver over for speeding and sarcastically asks her for her pilots license. So she said sure officer, here you go. And handed him a valid and current airline pilots license. Cop stands there for ten seconds, goes bright red, hands it back to her and walks back to his patrol car. He

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This comment was on Reddit

Everyone needs to take a knee. No. Fuck you. Take your “intersectionality” , your hivemind Leftist white guilt horseshit and shove it up your ass. Sideways. With barbed wire attached. I bow my head and bend the knee to God and to no other.

Tim Poole on the current situation.

No editorial comment from me, I am in no position to speak. Just listen to what he has to say. Rotties, from your overseas brother, be safe, be careful. God keep you in the palm of His hand. – LC Bren.

Meet PC Plod. Policing UK style

This is the kind of “community policing” that has become the face of this useless Chinese Lung Pox™ lockdown. She was of course “counselled” that she was abusing her power and that she , in fact, had NO AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER to order people out of their own front garden. “The virus doesnt stop at your

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