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What Did You THINK Was Going to Happen?

We’re not going to go into much detail about the events of Charlottesville, at least not until we find out what actually happened, an unlikely occurrence to say the very least with the current monopoly of Prozis and Cucks in charge of the media.

All we’ll do is ask, as in the headline: “What, exactly, did you think was going to happen as a consequence of letting Prozi fascist hordes run free, rioting, burning, raping and killing with nary a consequence in sight? Did you honestly think that there would be no backlash ever, contrary to every single thing that history has taught us?”

We suspect that they knew very well, and the utterly predictable outcome is exactly what they wanted, all along.

We, “we” meaning “everybody with sufficient intelligence to successfully boil water”, knew very well that it would come to clashes eventually, people will only be put up with being gassed and hit over the head with bike locks for so long while law “enforcement” sits idly by and does nothing, and we also suspected very strongly that when it inevitably did happen, the Prozi left would be the only ones not blamed for the mess.

As the Imperial Mother always taught us that it takes two to have a fight, but not in these dis-United States of America, it would appear. At least not according to the Prozimedia and the ever surrendering cucks.

What little we know at the time of writing about the events in question is hardly flattering, and more than a little bit worrisome.

We know that law “enforcement” forced the right wing protest to pass, single file, through a raving, screeching violent mob of bloodthirsty Prozis. We also know that, when the inevitable happened and fights started, law “enforcement” not only stood down entirely, making not a single effort to stop the violence before it escalated (it was being committed against the “right” people, after all), but then moved to disperse the outnumbered defenders after the up until the “anti”-fascist fascists started a fight peaceful protest had been declared “illegal.”

One can only wonder at whose orders, right?

So spare us the “it was all their fault” nonsense.

Once again, for the particularly dimwitted, it takes two to tango.

And it wasn’t the “violent” right who wanted to dance.


Don’t be Google

So this guy at Google puts out a very polite, forelock-tugging, “pardon me for existing” internal memo, questioning the SJW fascist GroupThink policy (he words it much more politely), stating that the Prozi Gleichschaltungspolizei are promoting an oppressive, authoritarian workplace where people fear being fired for as much as talking about certain subjects.

Google then promptly fires him for talking about certain subjects.

They just couldn’t wait to prove his point, could they?

But the story may not be over yet:

Damore said that he was exploring all possible legal remedies and that before being fired he had submitted a charge to the US National Labor Relations Board accusing Google upper management of trying to shame him into silence.

“It’s illegal to retaliate against an NLRB charge,” he wrote in the email.

Oopsies, Google!

Pardon us while we try to shove our massive, throbbing Schadenboner back inside our toga.

But no, there is absolutely nothing fascist about leftists, nosirree!

We’ll just lean back and enjoy the popcorn while Google continues on its inevitable trajectory into the ground. Wholly self-inflicted and utterly deserved.


Question for the day

Q: Whats the capital of Venezuela?

A: About $1.25.

I’d feel sorry for them, but…



Got nothing.

Fuck ‘em all.


YouTube Preview Image

No I dont remember how I found it. No I dont know what else they made.

I am not sure I want to know.

Open thread.

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